mquadr.at (mquadrat, m2, m2) is the leading European manufacturer of self-installation and configuration software for broadband internet connections. The company specialises exclusively on this sector and its products are in operation with more than 30 well-known Internet Service Providers (ISPs), serving over 22 million end-users all around Europe (→ references).

For mquadr.at, alongside the continuous development of existing internet software products, research into new technologies and solutions with future potential is the highest priority. In this process the focus is the needs of the user, i.e. simple operation, speed and security.
mquadr.at is privately owned/operated and 100% self-financed.

By the way: the company name »mquadr.at« is pronounced [ɛmkvadr:ɑt] and originates from the German expression for m2, standing for the first letters of our company founders’ names. That is why you can find the 'm2' at the beginning of every product name.


Following the corporate philosophy of reinvesting a large part of profits earned, into research and product innovation, mquadr.at's main focus has been, and will be in the future, on new, innovative technologies within the broadband internet sector.
This applies for example to convergent solutions for network management (multi-network technology → m2connectionmanager) or consistent circulation of data from the consumer PC (client) to the provider's server farm (→ m2acs).

Additionally – thanks to the many languages our products are available in – the number of markets mquadr.at is active in should increase significantly in the near future.

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