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Self-service software
for Telcos, ISPs and
their customers

Empowering your customers
to easily manage all aspects of their
Internet access and home network

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Key product features

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Getting the
user online

Automatic setup for all
Internet access technologies
& value added services

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Optimising the
home network

Easy management for
all devices & optimum Wi-Fi
for all Internet services

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in-home problems

Intelligent diagnosis,
automatic repair & sustainable
customer education

Benefits for Telcos and ISPs

  • Check markMassive savings on call center expenses (less volumes, shortened AHT)
  • Check markSignificant reduction in CPE swaps and truck rolls
  • Check markImproved customer satisfaction and reduced customer churn
  • Check markQuick time to market and high ROI

Trusted by leading ISPs

Used by millions of end customers

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Hybrid Internet – introducing a new technology

An emerging technology in a nutshell

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