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Self-service software for telcos, ISPs and their customers

We are the leading European technology company for digital self-service solutions in the telco industry. Our software products allow customers of the Internet service provider (ISP) to independently manage all aspects of their Internet access and home network.

From the automated setup of all Internet access technologies, the simple management of all devices in the home network (modems and repeaters, smart home devices etc.) to analysing and optimising the home network, our software covers all needs of an Internet user. Our self-service solutions improve the customer service of ISPs and reduce their support costs at the same time.


Reducing service costs of the ISP

Reduction of support costs (fewer calls, shorter handling time), on-site services and exchange of modems


Increasing service quality of the ISP

Massive increase in customer satisfaction in all customer groups of the ISP and, as a result, a measureable boost of the NPS


user education

Assistance for Internet users that helps them understand and independently manage their home network

Our operating range

  • Setup of all Internet connections and devices
  • Managing, analysing and optimising of home network and Wi-Fi
  • Remote control for all modems and smart home devices at home
  • Fully automated error detecting and problem solving

Our solution: a modular standard product

Short time to market
delivery within just a few weeks

Innovative and future-proof
via current technology and regular updates

Branding and customisation
tailor-made for every ISP and telco

Just one solution
for all modem manufacturers and smart home devices

We complete the ISP ecosystem

ISPs usually don't have insight into the home network with all its devices, even though problems often arise in it. The customer then has to solve them alone and views the ISP as responsible for the "bad Internet".

m2suite solves this dilemma, as the software is directly installed on the customer's mobile device or PC and, this way, can offer support from the perspective of the user.

More than 15 years of knowhow and industry expertise

Through more than 15 years of cooperation with leading international telecommunication providers, our knowhow and experience have grown steadily. We are proud that in the entire industry our name stands for state-of-the-art technologies and outstanding software solutions.

Knowhow hardware communication

  • Deep knowledge about the communication with web-enabled devices within the home network
  • Successful integration of all standardised communication protocols, e.g. TR-064, HiLink etc.
  • Support of already 500+ hardware models

Knowhow integration ISP systems

  • Our products function independently, integration into the ISP systems is optional
  • If needed, any API can be integrated: our solutions contain already standardised access for common interfaces
  • Typical application scenarios: backend linking via middle layers (ACS, microservices), BSS/Billing systems, OSS, data lake, ad server and customer login, authentication systems (e.g. via OAuth 2.0, Carrier Line or RADIUS)

Knowhow project realisation

  • Qualified experts: we offer project management, design, programming, quality assurance and more in-house
  • Tried and tested: quick achievement of all project goals due to efficient structures
  • Resource saving implementation because of standardised project material and long-time industry experience