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"Indeed we have to say, mquadr.at did meet our high expectations. Particularly we have to point out, a fast realisation, the persuasive results for the cablecom application as well as an excellent price-performance ratio."

Antonio Patruno, Product Manager Internet cablecom GmbH, Zurich

Cablecom is the largest cable network operator in Switzerland and provides its customers with services for cable television, broadband Internet access, and mobile and fixed network telephony. As of June 30, 2009, the company had over 1.5 million television customers, of which 357,000 made use of the digital service, 485,000 were Internet customers (hispeed) and 307,000 were telephony customers (digital phone).
source: www.cablecom.ch

Wi-Fi Optimizer (Launch: December 2014)

Wi-Fi Optimizer (Launch: December 2014)

With the Wi-Fi Optimizer, upc cablecom offers its customers an easy to use software to analyse and configure the optimal Wi-Fi channel.


This self-care solution developed by mquadr.at helps to treat overloaded Wi-Fi channels and regain the full performance of the Wi-Fi home network. At the same time it ensures a stable Wi-Fi connection, fast independent problem solving by the users and higher customer satisfaction.

Technical details and features

  • Look & Feel in the ISP’s corporate design – transfer of the brand through individualized design
  • Automated configuration of the Wi-Fi router – over LAN and Wi-Fi
  • Dual band support – The Wi-Fi infrastructure is analysed for the 5 GHz and 2,4 GHz frequency band.
  • The optimal channels can be configured together for both frequency bands or individually.
  • Expert view: detailed graphic of the Wi-Fi surrounding and capacity of the Wi-Fi channels

Horizon Assistant – configuration of the Horizon HD Recorder by upc cablecom (2012)

Horizon Assistant by mquadr.at – configuration of the Horizon HD Recorder by upc cablecom

Customers of the leading provider of cable-based services in Switzerland receive a unique set-top-box solution – combining modem, Digital TV box with streaming-services, HD recorder and router into a single product: the Horizon HD Recorder.

Customers receive a quick and easy to use guide for the configuration process: the Horizon Assistant by mquadr.at. The Horizon Assistant is based upon the acclaimed » Internet-setup software m2webalizer and redesigned with a brand-new customized user interface. upc cablecom guarantees a perfect customer experience deploying the Horizon Assistant, getting the most out of an exceptional product.

In order to provide further assistance, the entire configuration process – including all instructional videos – is viewable on the web and can be accessed easily from smartphones and tablets.
» Horizon Assistant on the upc cablecom website

Horizon Assistant for upc cablecom

The Horizon Assistant serves an important function: to perfectly assist new customers of upc cablecom, who decided for the Horizon HD Recorder, in the process of setting up and configuring their Horizon HD Recorder, installing Digital TV, Internet access and telephony. All of that is an integral part of the self-install package. Horizon Assistant will be provided on a separate DVD included in the packaging of the Horizon HD Recorder.
The Horizon Assistant is tailored carefully to perfectly fit Horizon’s branding standards and look & feel. New customers can easily set up all included services (Internet, Digital TV, telephony): Once the DVD is inserted, the Horizon Assistant guides customers quickly and comfortably through the process of installing all provided services as well as configuring the selected browser and email client. Furthermore the Horizon Assistant is shipped with a variety of useful tools and written manuals. The Horizon Assistant also fully supports all four languages currently in use by upc cablecom (German, French, Italian and English) – customers may switch between these languages at any given time.

All instructional videos are also available online

All animated video instructions explaining the setup and installation process of the Horizon HD Recorder are also available for online access from a web page. Using any smartphone or tablet (iOS on iPhone or iPad, Android phones and tablets) you can view these instructions at any time and from anywhere. Readily available instructional videos ensure both, a flawless installation process and a perfect customer experience.

upc cablecom assistant – fast and comfortable installation of Internet, digital TV and telephony (2012)

upc cablecom assistant – fast and comfortable installation of Internet, digital TV and telephony

upc cablecom, the largest cable network provider of Switzerland, supports its customers in the installation and configuration of Internet, digital TV and telephony in all combinations – with precise animated cabling visualisations, video tutorials and automatic hardware installation in a single software application. This application is a customised version of m2webalizer, the do-it-yourself Internet installation software. The upc cablecom assistant is available for both Microsoft Windows® and Mac OS X.

One DVD for all new customers – self-installation of all products

upc cablecom has decided to opt for a solution by mquadr.at to support all new customers in the installation of all products. No matter what product needs to be configured: just insert the DVD into the drive, and the upc cablecom assistant guides the end user through the installation and configuration of all the products and hardware. Additionally, the installation DVD provides useful extra software, written help guides, additional services and the option to automatically connect further computers through Wi-Fi. In addition, the customer may choose any of the four languages supported by upc cablecom (German, French, Italian, English) at any time.

"Triple Play"

The application offers full support of so-called "Triple Play", the combination of Internet, digital TV and telephony. The upc cablecom assistant as a single application covers the configuration of any product and any combination of products and hardware. Due to the clearly arranged pre-selection and automatic detection of connected hardware (modems, set-top boxes), only relevant cabling guidance is shown to the end user. Detailed guides and animations are available for set-top boxes as well.

Video tutorials – for Internet, digital TV and telephony

The upc cablecom assistant contains more than 250 different animations in order to account for any possible combination. The animated cabling instructions are dynamically compiled, based on the following factors:

  • product (any combination of Internet, digital TV, telecommunication)
  • number of rooms (1-2)
  • set-top box (TV mediabox, TV mediabox recorder)
  • Internet hardware (modem, modem with integrated WLAN, modem & router)
  • TV plugs (2 or 3 pins)
  • TV cable (HDMI, SCART)

All animations have been designed for easy web implementation (for example on a support website).

upc cablecom installer for Mac (2011)

upc cablecom installer for Mac

The internet installation and configuration software designed by mquadr.at for Swiss cable provider upc cablecom is now available for Mac users as well. The application has the same features as the Windows® version:

  • Basic configuration of the operating system (incl. network adapter, airport/WiFi, etc.)
  • Hardware configuration (including comprehensive animations for correct hardware wiring)
  • Automatic setup of the cable internet connection
  • Automatic WLAN router setup and airport/WiFi configuration
  • Configuration of the standard browser and set up of the upc cablecom e-mail address
  • Integrated, context-sensitive help (multilingual)
  • Configuration of upc cablecom Phone
  • Setup and configuration of the upc cablecom TV Mediabox

Additional functions:

  • Monitoring and recovery of all internet and e-mail settings
  • Connecting computers to an existing upc cablecom WLAN

It is optimised for Mac OS X (version 10.6 and higher) and available in 4 languages (German, French, Italian. The software supports Safari, Mozilla Firefox and all current e-mail clients: Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird (versions 3.x – 5.x), Microsoft® Entourage (Office:mac 2008) and Microsoft® Outlook (Office: mac 2011).

With this new version of the upc cablecom installer, Mac users are provided – for the first time in Switzerland – with a complete automated internet setup routine that contains hardware, WLAN and e-mail configuration alike. The software matches perfectly with the upc cablecom E-Mail Assistant, which has already been in use for a year now. With these two tools, upc cablecom offers its Mac customers a carefree package for easy setup and trouble-free operation of their internet connection and all related services.
Both versions (Windows® and Mac) are available for download on the upc cablecom portal; they will also be delivered on a hybrid DVD.

cablecom E-Mail-Assistent for Windows® and Mac® (2010)

cablecom E-Mail-Assistent for Windows® and Mac® (Launch: November 2010)

After releasing the newest version of the Internet setup software developed for cablecom by mquadra.at, the “cablecom installer 2009 – hispeed disk 5.6,” mquadr.at designed an e-mail assistant for the Swiss firm that will be launched in November 2010.
The cablecom E-Mail-Assistent is available from the service section of the company website, and enables users to easily set up e-mail addresses.
After download it starts automatically and takes consumers in easy steps and in four languages (German, French, Italian and English) through the configuration process. After a cablecom e-mail domain has been selected from a drop-down menu, the E-Mail-Assistent locally sets up one or more e-mail addresses, as soon as the customer data has been checked – and the program doesn't even have to be installed (it can also remove all traces of itself from the user's system on completion of a successful setup, if so desired).

The cablecom E-Mail-Assistent works on both Microsoft Windows® systems (from Windows XP, SP 2) and Mac OS systems (from OS X). It is the first application in the Swiss ISP sector to be available for both platforms.

Under Microsoft Windows® the assistant supports the following e-mail clients:

  • Microsoft® Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail / Windows Live Mail
  • Microsoft® Office Outlook
  • Mozilla Thunderbird

The following ISP requirements, among others, have been implemented:

  • Support for several cablecom e-mail domains (hispeed.ch, balcad.ch, swissonline.ch) via drop-down menu.
  • POP check prior to creation of the new e-mail account, to ensure functionality. In this way for example the creation of e-mail accounts with incorrect e-mail addresses or user data is avoided.
  • Integration of an “I forgot my password” link - the answer is provided by the cablecom Customer Centre to the consumers phone via text message.
  • Integration of the “setup additional cablecom e-mail addresses” feature in the end screen - if chosen the program does not close, instead it jumps back to the selection screen.

The same functions are available under Mac OS and the following e-mail clients are supported:

  • Apple Mail from OS X (from Version 10.5.6)
  • Entourage from OS X (from Version 10.5.6)
  • Thunderbird

This lean application does not require any knowledge on the pert of the user and will contribute considerably to minimising support enquiries about e-mail accounts.

cablecom installer - hispeed disk 5.6 (2009)

Cablecom installer 2009 - hispeed disk 5.6 (launch: November 2009)

The "cablecom-installer", developed by mquadr.at on the basis of our internet setup wizard m2webalizer and successfully in use for many years, has been continuously expanded and adapted not only to the technical advancements of mquadr.at but also to the altering requirements of cablecom. The basic features and the functionality of this Internet- installation software will be described below. Here you can quickly find an overview on the latest developments:

The most recent software release of the Internet- installation- assistant of cablecom mainly includes the following new features and hardware:

  • Support of Microsoft® Windows (all versions)
  • Support of the new e-mail client " Windows Live™ Mail "
  • Integration of a new hardware- set:
    • Motorola Surfboard modem
    • Ubee modem
  • Sitecom router and corresponding Sitecom USB WLAN stick
  • Updated accessory- software, which can be installed together with the internet-installation
  • Latest version of F-Secure (hispeed security package)
  • UPC Fiber Power Optimizer (for Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista and 7)

The new hardware was, on the one hand, integrated into the software in the form of clear Flash- animations and, on the other hand, a technical integration was carried out, namely the automatic configuration of the router, in order to make the installation of a wireless LAN as easy as possible for the customer.

The next expansion stage of the cablecom- installer is already being implemented. With this release (end of 2009), the following devices will be supported:

  • Netgear Router and corresponding netgear USB WLAN stick
  • Multi Media adapter: Through the visualisation and animation of the correct connection of the Multi Media adapter from cablecom, TV-consumers also receive step-by-step instructions on how to connect and use their digital TV- box besides their modem and router cabling.

The cablecom installer disk is a brilliant example of the great acceptance of automatic Internet- installation- software by end- users. Through the automation of all essential installation- processes and constant technical development, as well as through timely adaptation to new operating systems, browsers and e-mail clients and the exact adjustment of the software to the requirements of cablecom, the cablecom installer ensure higher customer satisfaction and reduction in support cost.

cablecom installer - highspeed disk 5.3 (2008)

cablecom installer 2008 - highspeed disk 5.3 (launch: October 2008)

cablecom's Internet installation software, created by mquadr.at and proving itself in the field since 2007, has been enhanced and improved. The latest upgrade, version 5.3, includes the following features and adaptations, driven by the technical advancements of mquadr.at products and by extended requirements of cablecom. Thus, numerous improvements have been included simply for reasons of usability, providing cablecom customers with increased comfort as well as a fast and secure Internet connection set- up.

  • Enhancement to the integrated HTML help with regard to the installation of hot- fixes and service packs
  • Automatic activation of network adapter if it has been deactivated
  • Updating of USB drivers
  • Integration of new hardware (Siemens Gigaset USB stick 108) inclunding new animated graphics
  • Integration of the latest WiFi™ 4.5 technology for wireless setup and configuration
  • Integration of new e-mail components
  • Support of Mozilla Firefox 3.0
  • Support of Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista
  • Integration of an improved monitoring functionality (based on the product m2reporting): Through a Web- interface, cablecom has continuous, independent access to current statistics and evaluations on software usage. From the number of installations to the distribution of operating systems, antivirus programs and firewalls, through to comprehensive evaluations on configured browsers and email clients everything is clearly laid out in tabular and graph form.

Thanks to the existing software maintenance agreement, the majority of improvements could be integrated without additional costs for cablecom.

cablecom installer - highspeed disk 5.0 (2007)

cablecom installer 2007 - highspeed disk 5.0 (launch: October 2007)

mquadr.at created a new Vista-compatible "cablecom installer" for the Swiss provider cablecom GmbH, which installs its cable-based Internet access products with a variety of innovative features and functions.

This solution enables quick and easy installation of the cable Internet access products, including the set-up of e-mail addresses (client side) and their automatic registration (server side), as well as the easy set-up and configuration of a "wireless network connection". Particular attention was paid to secure, easy and quick installation, as well as to helpful additional features such as the installation of additional software or the fully automatic WLAN configuration.

The most important features are as follows:

  • Quadrilingual, dynamic switching of languages
  • System check in silent mode (inclunding installation of missing protocols)
  • Automatic USB check & installation if required (modem driver active, modem connected, etc.)
  • Security settings check (firewall, antivirus, file and printer sharing)
  • Integration of m2animate - hardware setup instructions (animated graphics)
  • Automatic network interface card configuration (including check to which NIC the modem is connected), connection tests (ping, IPconfig), e-mail tests, etc.
  • Support of Internet Explorer and Firefox (standard- /-user-specific set-up) inclunding browser configuration, bookmarks, start page, etc.
  • Installation of additional software (m2volumecounter, etc.)
  • Storage of Internet settings for subsequent backup functionality
  • Configuration of WLAN -connection inclunding fully automated entry of WEP key (no user interaction necessary)
  • Readout of all modem/router/VoIP hardware settings (access presumed) and automatic configuration if required
  • Support of Outlook Express 4.x-7.x, Windows Mail and Microsoft® Office Outlook 2000-2007
  • Direct registration of standard e-mail address via integrated Web interface and automatic creation of this e-mail account on the client's PC (including automatic storing of e-mail password)
  • Monitoring functionality within the cablecom installer for standard reports on:
    • Total installations
    • Distribution of operating systems
    • Browser and e-mail client distribution for first- time installation
    • Firewall and antivirus software, etc.

hispeed volume counter (2005)

hispeed volume counter (launch: November 2005)

In the course of introducing a volume-based Internet access product, Swiss cable network operator cablecom presents its consumers with the download version of the new hispeed volume counter application. This innovative application is based on mquadr.at's m2volumecounter and on the one hand was specifically adapted to cablecom's requirements as far as design and functionality are concerned, and on the other hand has undergone major changes as regards the underlying measurement technology.

hispeed volume counter always offers cablecom users an optimum overview of their current data volume, is designed in four languages which can be switched dynamically and includes a series of individual settings: Within its general settings, consumers can select the connection that is to be measured, choose their preferred language, as well as individually define a maximum monthly data volume capacity and optionally request a warning message on reaching the limit. A permanently visible status window displays the transfer volume of the current Internet session; an integrated link enables cablecom consumers to quickly access the online customer centre on the cablecom portal for further information on the actual monthly data transfer.

Undoubtedly, the most significant technological innovation is the new measuring technology which is being used for the first time with the hispeed volume counter: The application measures any data transferred via the user's network connection based on "packet filtering". This brand-new measurement technology analyses any data transfer on packet level, filters packets that are not wanted or not relevant for invoicing, such as all ARP traffic, and consequently does not display this type of traffic within the measurement results. As a result, the information presented by the hispeed volume counter corresponds more accurately to the data cablecom uses for invoicing.

As from now, hispeed volume counter is available as a download on the cablecom portal. For cablecom customers, it is an ideal tool for administering their transfer volume capacity.


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