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Liberty Global, Inc. ("Liberty Global") is the leading international cable operator offering advanced video, telephone, and broadband internet services. They operate broadband communications networks in 14 countries principally located in Europe, Japan, Chile, and Australia.

UPC Austria is the largest cable television operator in Austria. UPC Austria provides analog & digital cable video, broadband internet, and traditional & digital telephony services (VoIP) to 725,000 customers as of June 30, 2009. UPC Austria also offers mobile telephony as part of a bundle and DSL services in the majority of the country. In addition, UPC Austria offers a range of voice, data, lease line, and asymmetric digital subscriber lines, or "ADSL", services to business customers throughout Austria.

Wi-Fi Optimizer for several subsidiary enterprises of Liberty Global Inc.

Wi-Fi Optimizer for several subsidiary enterprises of Liberty Global Inc.

Due to the rapidly increasing number of devices connected via wireless LAN at home, a strong demand for a Wi-Fi management and optimization tool has recently emerged.

With the Wi-Fi Optimizer, offers an easy to use Self-care solution, that helps to treat slow and instable internet connections caused by overloaded Wi-Fi channels in a few, simple steps.

For the subsidiary enterprises of Liberty Global, has provided several Wi-Fi Optimizers:

  1. Unitymedia
  2. Ziggo
  3. UPC cablecom

Wi-Fi Optimizer (Launch: February 2015)

Wi-Fi Optimizer (Launch: February 2015)

This solution aids in reducing help desk calls and delivering excellent customer experience. The Wi-Fi Optimizer is a user-friendly tool that calculates the best Wi-Fi channel for fast internet surfing and configures the optimal settings for the user automatically. In a few simple steps, users are able to optimize their Wi-Fi connection on their own.

The Wi-Fi Optimizer examines all networks in the vicinity and identifies the ideal channel for the user. If interested in more detailed information, the user is provided with an expert view where all the possible channels and their current capacity are displayed. Here, additional rooms or locations can be analyzed in order for users to enjoy a smooth Wi-Fi connection everywhere in their home.

UPC International

UPC Broadband - UPC Fiber Power Optimizer for Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® Vista, Microsoft® Windows® 7 (launch: March 2009)

UPC International & a fast connection!
In the spring of 2009, UPC offered a new product to its customers: UPC Fiber Power a high-speed Internet connection via fibre cable.

With the launch of this new UPC Fiber Power product (and its download speed of 60 or 120 Mbps), it was also necessary to adapt the PC systems used by end customers. Since Microsoft Windows® has certain speed restrictions inhibiting full performance of UPC Fiber Power products, UPC Fiber Power Optimizer with all its TCP/IP optimisation features was designed to optimise end customers' systems.

mquadr.a's Fiber Power Optimizer for UPC optimises the operating system to gain the maximum possible speed for UPC Fiber Power products. The settings within the operating system, for example, TCP/IP settings, are optimised automatically so that end customers do not need to change any settings manually.


  • Automatic detection of the installed operating system
  • Supports Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 ( with individual adjustments for each Microsoft® operating system)
  • Separate installation and de-installation, enabling the customer to reset all entries to the previous settings
  • System configuration according to the UPC Fiber Power settings (for example, TCP/ IP, Registry, etc.)

UPC Fiber Power Optimizer was delivered as a standalone application and was also integrated in's installation routine m2webalizer ensuring end customers have full Internet speed right from the start.

According to UPC standards, UPC Fiber Power Optimizer was delivered as a multilingual application and currently supports the following languages:

  • German
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Slovak
  • Czech
  • Italian
  • French
  • Polish

UPC Ungarn

upc netstart and upc startcenter (lanuch: December 2008)

During the winter of 2008, UPC Hungary launched the promising Internet configuration software upc netstart. This tool, which is based on's m2webalizer, ensures that even a novice user can successfully set up a UPC Internet connection. It makes no difference whether an ADSL or cable Internet connection needs to be established; upc netstart also performs the complete configuration of a wireless network connection.

upc netstart automatically carries out all the necessary steps for an active Internet connection, the user merely has to enter his/her user data and connect the hardware to the computer. The user does not require any knowledge about the hardware and how to connect it because this step is illustrated by comprehensive animations. The software is, of course, also available in the national language Hungarian which makes it easier for everybody to use the tool.

Additionally, dr. net, a support tool of UPC Hungary, and m2startcenter are also included and installed within the software package. Nested in the taskbar, the thin and neat m2startcenter allows the user to access the most popular Internet applications with a single click on an icon. Whether the user wants to read his/her e-mails, surf the Internet, or get information about products, FAQs, etc., m2startcenter is the perfect first point of contact. Of course, it is delivered entirely in UPC's look and feel.

The thorough HTML help for the user and the reporting functionality for the ISP complete the powerful Internet configuration package of UPC Hungary. With upc netstart, has created an application based on m2webalizerthat is technically up to date and, thanks to the Hungarian user interface, a speciality in the IT world.

Product features:

  • Automatic configuration of ADSL and cable installation
  • Vista ready
  • Automatic WLAN/WIFI setup
  • Easy adding of an additional computer to an existing WLAN
  • Dynamic language switching between English and Hungarian
  • Firefox 3.0 support
  • Complete e-mail configuration and setup
  • ?Recovery Installation?: recovery of a working Internet connection
  • Optional installation of the m2startcenter and software by third party vendors
  • Detailed animation and illustration of the UPC Internet hardware and cabling
  • Thorough html help
  • GUI has the look and feel of UPC Hungary


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