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About Ziggo

The Ziggo Group is a national media and communications services provider and the largest cable television operator in the Netherlands. Ziggo offers video, broadband Internet, and fixed-line telephony to 9.9 million service subscribers and serves approximately 7 million households, represented by 3.1 million broadband Internet customers, 4.3 million digital television customers and 2.6 million telephone subscribers. Ziggo is part of Liberty Global, the largest international cable company with operations in 14 countries including brands such as Virgin Media, UPC, Unitymedia, Kabel BW, Telenet and VTR.

Wi-Fi Optimizer adapted for Ziggo (Launch: April 2015)

Wi-Fi Optimizer adapted for Ziggo (Launch: April 2015)

After UPC Netherlands has merged with Ziggo, the recently implemented Wi-Fi Optimizer is now offered by Ziggo for all its customers. Thus, this software tool by reaches even more internet users across the Netherlands.

How does the Wi-Fi Optimizer work?

The Wi-Fi Optimizer is a solution to the common Wi-Fi problems. This unique and proprietary algorithm optimizes the Wi-Fi connection in three simple steps:

  1. automatic network analysis directly from customer’s device
  2. automatic calculation of optimal channel
  3. automatic channel selection and direct transfer to the customer’s modem

The Wi-Fi Optimizer calculates the optimal channel by taking these three factors into consideration:

  1. Overlapping
  2. Signal strength
  3. Congestion

With the Wi-Fi Optimizer users are able to surf the internet faster and without interferences. This solution delivers excellent results, thus reducing help desk calls and improving customer experience.

Ziggo now offers the Wi-Fi Optimizer for download on their website.