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A1 Telekom Austria is Austria's leading provider of telecommunication services, encompassing 4.9 million mobile communications customers and 2.3 million fixed access lines. The company was created out of the merger between Telekom Austria and mobilkom austria in July 2010. Our customers benefit from a global package of offers for voice telephony, Internet access, data and IT solutions, value added services, wholesale services, to mobile business and payment solutions. The product brands Telekom Austria, A1, bob and Red Bull MOBILE represent quality and smart services.
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A1 Telekom Austria is up-to-date (Launch: August 2017)

The maintenance releases of our successful m2suite ensure that our customers always offer their users state of the art products. Therefore, we developed a new version of the A1 Servicecenter, which has already reached the end users. With this release the Internet users of A1 are able to not only enjoy the latest and secure state of technology, but are also well equipped for new home network challenges.

Every maintenance release is based on the latest m2suite version, our core product and the technical foundation for every customer project. We constantly improve and continue to further develop the product. These new features and improvements are offered to our customers as maintenance updates as part of new releases. The following features are a selection of the extensive revisions and innovations to support the user with all Internet and Wi-Fi topics.

It has never been easier to connect to Wi-Fi

With the all new and redesigned “Wi-Fi connect” flow the user gains a better overview of all the available Wi-Fi connections. Clear and easy to understand symbols help to differentiate between open and secure Wi-Fi networks, and indicate the personal Wi-Fi of the end user. The connection can be established automatically via WPS or manually with a password. This simple and easily understandable flow is designed to help beginners as well as experts.

  • Wi-Fi list
  • Wi-Fi connect

Wi-Fi settings and Wi-Fi detail view

  • Wi-Fi settings

The setting options of the application now offer even more possibilities: The user is able to customise how Wi-Fi information is displayed in the suite, change the refresh interval in the Wi-Fi list and choose from different options for the Wi-Fi signal strength (percent or decibel-milliwatts). With these enhanced options we want to provide all users the right tools for their individual needs.

  • Wi-Fi detail view

The new Wi-Fi detail view also helps every single user to gain more information and now displays all available Wi-Fi channels. Both the optimal Wi-Fi channel and the user’s currently used channel are highlighted in different colours. With this functionality more details and insight are provided, which is an important feature for expert users. Beginners, on the other hand, gain a graphical overview of the factors that influence their Wi-Fi; optimising their Wi-Fi is just a click away.

Along with these enhancements, the two self-care solutions offer the following new features and improvements:

  • support of the latest A1 CPEs, e.g. the hybrid modem HA35-22 from Huawei and new AVM devices
  • full support of macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • extensive design changes to unify the look and feel of the different customer support solutions of A1, including the possibility to change the window size of the A1 Servicecenter
  • download A1 Servicecenter
A1 WLAN Manager App Release 2 (Launch: December 2016)

A1 WLAN Manager App Release 2

Following the launch of the A1 WLAN Manager App in March 2016, the mobile self-care app has now been expanded to a new level.

The features of the first version (automatic calculation and selection of the optimal Wi-Fi channel, easy connection to Wi-Fi via QR-Code, display of current Wi-Fi and modem data) were extended to include Wi-Fi management, Wi-Fi security evaluation and, finally, the integration of LTE modems (3G/4G modems).

WLAN Manager Functions and Menu

A1 WLAN Manager – New features at a glance

Configure and improve your Wi-Fi settings

The already existing and frequently used Wi-Fi widget within the m2suite has now also been adapted for mobile use. It reads out the most important Wi-Fi data (e.g. Wi-Fi name, Wi-Fi password and encryption) via an interface (TR-064, HiLink) for both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bands and clearly displays the current settings. Furthermore, the new Wi-Fi management now enables users to directly configure their Wi-Fi settings on their mobile devices.

WLAN-Configuration and Security Rating

Security evaluations and tips

When configuring the Wi-Fi settings, the user receives targeted support by the A1 WLAN Manager App. The current security status of the Wi-Fi name, password and encryption is evaluated by the app and explained in more detail to the user both with a color code (red for unsecured, green for secure) and a notification (user education). The password strength is labeled red should the password be rated as low. Additionally, users will be advised to perform an optimization. Apart from providing tips to manually create a secure password, the new password generator helps users to determine a secure Wi-Fi password and to set it directly on the modem.

Integration of LTE modems

With this release, the A1 WLAN Manager now also supports mobile modems (LTE, 3G/4G router) such as the A1 Net Cube and A1 Internetbox. The data are read out via a HiLink interface, which ensures that all features included in the A1 WLAN Manager App (display of Wi-Fi and modem data, Wi-Fi data management, security assessment of Wi-Fi settings, Wi-Fi channel optimisation and Wi-Fi setup via QR code) are now available for LTE modems.

The integration of the promising LTE technology marks an important stepping stone for future expansion stages and the integration of further new technologies (e.g. Hybrid), which will follow shortly.

Further new features of the A1 WLAN Manager App

  • enhanced performance within the Wi-Fi expert view
  • seperate identification of known Wi-Fi networks
  • improved usability and editorial content

The A1 WLAN Manager App is now available for Android (4.0.3 up to 6.x9) and iOS (8 and 9) and can be downloaded on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

m2suite Self-Care App for A1 (Launch: April 2016)

m2suite Self-Care App for A1

The Wi-Fi self-care app is a high quality software solution, which transfers the successful concept of m2suite to smartphones and tablets, thus also offering targeted digital support to the increasing number of mobile Internet users.

The A1 WLAN Manager app for Android and iOS complements the comprehensive support tools of the “A1 Servicecenter” (m2suite desktop solution for Windows and Mac) expanding to mobile services for Wi-Fi setup, maintenance and optimisation.

m2suite Self-Care App for A1

A1 WLAN Manager – Features

Mobile self-care in A1 look & feel

The self-care app by mquadr.at is a smart and modular solution and can be adapted perfectly to the services and needs of ISPs and MNOs. Along with a selection of technical features and compatibility with the providers’ modems the customising also embraces the customer specific branding (corporate design and wording, app name, logo integration, branded start screen etc.).

Automated Wi-Fi optimisation

A simple click flow, for which absolutely no previous technical knowledge is required, guides the customer through the optimisation process and helps to find the optimal Wi-Fi channel. Subsequently, the optimal channel can be set automatically on the modem.

Wi-Fi expert view and manual channel adjustment (Android)

For technically advanced Internet users, the Wi-Fi expert view offers a more detailed view of the Wi-Fi environment and the capacity of the radio channels. It shows the current load curve of the individual channels and suggests theleast used one as the optimal channel. The user can set the recommended channel or choose another channel and directly set it on the modem.

Automatische WLAN-Optimierung

Easy Wi-Fi setup with QR-Code and WPS

The menu item “Connect with Wi-Fi” offers several easy possibilities to set up a Wi-Fi connection. The available Wi-Fis can be selected from a clearly arranged list. The current Wi-Fi connection is highlighted and its most important facts (connection status, signal strength, transfer rate etc.) are displayed.

Additionally, WPS (Android) and QR-Code represent further options to setup the Wi-Fi quickly and securely without entering the Wi-Fi data manually.

Wi-Fi and modem data overview

The A1 WLAN Manager also offers a useful overview of the current Wi-Fi and modem settings (Wi-Fi name, Wi-Fi password, device name, firmware version, connection status and IP address), which are read directly from the A1 Wi-Fi box and displayed on the appealing GUI. The Wi-Fi password can be copied and saved. If the Wi-Fi encryption is too weak, the customer is advised to select a better encryption.

The next expansion phase will bring further security and maintenance options such as the configuration of the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password.

Tips & tricks for a better Internet proficiency

Like all mquadr.at products, the Wi-Fi self-care app sets further emphasis on customer education in order to support customers’ long-term Internet proficiency when interacting with Internet products.

For this purpose, the A1 WLAN Manager offers a tutorial for an easy introduction as well as a section with tips & tricks, which supports the customer with additional advice.

A1 Servicecenter now with Powerline module and extended customer services (Launch: April 2016)

A1 Servicecenter now with Powerline module and extended customer services (Launch: April 2016)

Powerlan, the quick and stable Internet directly from the socket, and a perfectly linked comprehensive customer support are the focus of the new A1 Servicecenter release.

Following the new A1 Servicecenter based on m2suite in June 2015, the product’s first expansion stage has now been carried out successfully.

Powerline in A1 Servicecenter

Powerline is a technology using in-house powerlines to transmit Internet data. Thus, an excellent Internet connection can be ensured even at the farthest parts of customer homes or those being blocked by walls. This way, Powerline provides a great Internet performance throughout the entire household.

The new Powerline module of A1 Servicecenter guides the user through all steps necessary to set up, configure, and extend their Powerline network. Powerline Starter Sets and additional Powerline adapters can easily be ordered in the A1 Webshop. Once all necessary components are present, the user is given clear and simple instructions on how to set up their Powerline network or add additional adapters to the network.

A1 Servicecenter now with Powerline module

All information on the current network such as activity and transmission rate of the adapters as well as network security are clearly arranged in an interactive widget. Using the detailed view, the different devices can also be configured one by one.

A graphical view offers an appealing way of keeping a good overview of the Powerline network and its performance as well as detecting and fixing possible errors. By supporting Powerline technology and providing its simple control through A1 Servicecenter, A1 continues to focus on a powerful product range and excellent customer convenience.

A1 Servicecenter now with Powerline module

More customer services on Mein A1 desktop

With the extended Mein A1 desktop, the most sought after digital services become easily accessible. By using direct links to the A1 Serviceportal, users have immediate access to the customer area, their online bills and tailored offers.

Furthermore, apps such as Mein A1 or the brand new A1 WLAN Manager (see tab about A1 WLAN Manager above) can be downloaded with just one click. These two applications allow the use of digital customer services of A1 on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets at any time.

A1 Servicecenter now with Powerline module

Thus, A1 Servicecenter offers the optimal setting to perfectly combine and promote digital customer services and helpful tools.

The new A1 Servicecenter can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac from the A1 customer portal A1.net.

A1 Servicecenter – relaunch as m2suite (Launch: August 2015)

A1 Servicecenter – relaunch as m2suite (Launch: August 2015)

For the relaunch of their Servicecenter, A1 has opted for mquadr.at’s all-in-one self-care solution, the m2suite. All self-care tools, that A1 has been offering (e.g. Wi-Fi Optimizer, Modem Configurator, Band width Optimizer), and additional services have been merged in the suite. Thus, the new A1 Servicecenter functions as the central and initial contact point for all questions related to A1’s internet services.

Benefits and Features

The settings and maintenance options on different desktops are clearly arranged by topics, e.g. Wi-Fi, e-mail, internet, help & contact. These help customers to set up their Internet and Wi-Fi connection, to administrate e-mail addresses, optimize their internet speed as well as improve the performance of their home network easily on their own. Automated setup and self-repair processes help to avoid, i.e. repair the most common errors (e.g. wrong server settings or overloaded Wi-Fi channels).

Additionally the suite

  • provides a modern, ISP branded look & feel
  • ensures highest usability trough intuitive operating elements
  • offers comprehensive additional information and help instructions for hardware setup, internet security and other relevant topics

Apart from these approved and already applied features of the m2suite, the A1 Servicecenter is provided with the new Marketing Notifications for the first time. These notifications help to stay in touch with customers regularly and further improve the quality of customer service.

Service News and Target Advertising with Marketing Notifications

As many customers use the m2suite for regular optimisation of their home network performance, it can also serve the ISP as an excellent information and advertising tool.

With a Campaign Management System, dynamic content (e.g. maintenance information, current offers and new services) is integrated directly in the GUI of the suite and transferred to the customers. The notifications can be aligned very precisely in terms of time and geographical region and can thus address very clearly defined user segments. Furthermore, with maintenance the ISP can ensure necessary flexibility and quick adjustments.

In case the A1 Servicecenter is not active or has not been in use for a longer period of time, an additional Marketing Notification opens in a separate window on the desktop. A link in the notification window leads the user directly to additional information on the customer portal of the ISP.

With this new feature the m2suite offers yet another contact point to strengthen customer service and enhance customer retention.

Download: https://www.a1.net/servicecenter

A1 Wi-Fi Optimizer helps to speed up wireless home networks (Launch 2013)

A1 Wi-Fi Optimizer helps to speed up wireless home networks (Launch 2013)

The A1 Wi-Fi Optimizer (“A1 WLAN Optimierer”) is an easy-to-use software, which determines the best possible Wi-Fi broadcast channel and automatically configures the setting on the customer’s CPE (A1 WLAN Box) accordingly, granting optimal speed while surfing the web. The tool is a customized implementation of the market proven product m2wlan, tailored to fit the needs of A1 customers.

With the A1 Wi-Fi Optimizer, customers of Austrian incumbent operator A1 receive a handy tool which allows them to fix issues relating to crowded Wi-Fi broadcast channels comfortably on their own.

Functionality and special features

If a customer opts to use the tool, the ideal channel is being determined through a reliable process, following an automatic analysis of surrounding Wi-Fi networks. By accessing the customer’s modem directly, the broadcast channel can be changed automatically, clearing the way for a better Wi-Fi experience. The optimization happens through common interfaces in a LAN-side configuration.

Thanks to a simple, intuitive user interface, users can easily view analysis results and understand which channel is ideal for their surroundings.

The expert view is color-coded and provides additional information.


  • No more issues caused by crowded Wi-Fi broadcast channels
  • Better customer experience for A1 customers
  • Available for Mac and Windows

The A1 Wi-Fi Optimizer is being rolled out as part of the software package A1 Servicecenter and can easily be accessed from there. A1 Servicecenter is the central point of access to all A1 Customer Experience solutions by mquadr.at

Download on A1.net

A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer – the bandwidth optimizer and connection analysis tool in a new look (November 2013)

A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer – the bandwidth optimizer and connection analysis tool in a new look (November 2013)

The A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer – based on m2optimizer developed by mquadr.at – helps A1 Telekom Austria’s fixed line Internet customers to get the most out of their fast broadband connection. The software is offered to A1’s fixed line Internet customers for free and enjoys great popularity.

Some features of the new A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer:

  • New, improved design in current A1 Look & Feel
  • Integration of tooltips to explain technical terms
  • Supports Windows 8 and Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP
  • As well as Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8
  • Support of all current A1 WLAN Box Models
  • Set-up and configuration of a secure Wi-Fi network – automatic generation of a secure Wi-Fi key included
  • Automatic optimization of the Wi-Fi channel in case of overload
  • Analysis of background programs, which might use up bandwidth
  • Check of network settings – typical bottlenecks such as VPN connections or proxy servers can be deactivated automatically

Self-service software and increased user education ensure a stable, satisfying connection between customers, their provider and the Internet.

“A1 customers enjoy a connection that works great!“

Support on the way to optimal connectivity

Speed and stability of an Internet connection may influence customer satisfaction decisively. Many users find it difficult to identify inadequate settings and out-dated hardware components (network interface card, router, etc.) in the customer’s home. But in a few simple steps, the A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer checks existing settings and then optimizes them automatically. Customer satisfaction and trust in the provider increase. Both profit from this sustainable effect that furthers the quality of service and reduces maintenance and call center costs.

New design – many improvements “under the hood”

The graphical user interface of the A1 Bandbreiten Optimierer has been redesigned in close cooperation with A1: navigation has become even more intuitive for users. A few clicks suffice to examine and optimize the Internet connection. Customers select which optimization measures –each individually or all at once – are performed. A single click on „Optimize now“ is all they need.

The spectrum of all configuration possibilities covers typical topics of system maintenance (critical system updates missing? programs communicate with the Internet in the background?), network settings (Is a proxy server or a VPN activated?), and even Wi-Fi optimization (Is the Wi-Fi channel overloaded? Which kind of encryption is in use?). The customer profits from the advantages of a professional configuration – the customer is self-reliant and there is no additional support cost for the provider.

A1 Bandbreiten-Optimierer: a bandwidth optimizer for A1 (May 2012)

A1 Bandbreiten-Optimierer (a bandwidth optimizer for A1 by mquadr.at; launch: May 2012)

Client-side bandwidth optimisation for optimal speed

mquadr.at helps A1’s customers to achieve the best possible performance of their Internet connections. Targeted analysis, clear optimisation advice and security suggestions make removing any speed impediment on client machines an easy task.

What makes the bandwidth optimizer special? It is the ideal way to improve network connectivity on client machines. Another potential network bottleneck cared for. The bandwidth optimizer is another self-care tool for consumers that reduces customer support costs and improves customer satisfaction created by mquadr.at.

Contracted by A1 Telekom Austria AG, mquadr.at has developed the bandwidth optimizer (A1 Bandbreiten-Optimierer) from early concept to market maturity. A1 and mquadr.at achieved quick time-to-market thanks to availability of many sophisticated software components for modem detection and network analysis developed in-house.

With a single click, users at home are able to analyse their computers and ensure that all settings are correct and no bandwidth reducing applications are running. Too many wireless networks set to the same channel? Forgotten that a file is being downloaded in the background? Operating system not up to date? The bandwidth optimizer answers all these questions and with its advice ensures a perfectly working Internet connection.

A1 Internet Software: the universal solution for broadband internet connections (May 2011)

A1 Internet Software: the universal solution for broadband internet connections (launch: May 2011)

A1 Internet Software - available to A1 Telekom Austria customers since May 2011 - is a comprehensive application for A1 broadband internet connections, including their setup, configuration and support. It is mainly based on the mquadr.at standard products

Both products were adapted according to A1 Telekom Austria’s specifications and requirements and were combined into a unique stand-alone application in the new A1 design. Moreover, various new functions were implemented.
The objective was to develop a universal self-service solution that would enable A1 Telekom Austria customers to set up both their internet connection and their e-mail account, and that would simplify the handling and administration of all internet services.

The embedded installer (A1 Internet Installation) covers all access technologies (ADSL, VDSL, mobile) and also performs a complete system check before configuring the entire hard- and software automatically. The configuration of the A1 broadband modem is carried out via Telnet, SSH or in combination with the A1 Telekom Austria HDM servers. In addition, animated step-by-step instructions guide the users through the hardware wiring process.

It was also important to provide consumers with an easy-to-use WLAN configuration and administration routine that meets the latest security standards. Of course, WLAN/WLAN mode is supported – the client PC does not need to be connected with the modem/router via an ethernet cable. This comes in handy for two reasons: firstly, computers are – especially in the case of ADSL connections – rarely placed in close proximity of a telephone socket; secondly, consumers do not have to access the user interfaces of the hardware itself, which is very convenient given that modem/router interfaces are not always easy to use, particularly for inexperienced users.
During the WLAN setup, all WLAN data is encrypted and stored locally as a .psk file ('secure configuration'). This file can be used at any time to add computers to the existing wireless network – thus, the extension of the private home network becomes child’s play. By the way, it is also possible to deactivate the WLAN assistant completely in case the user wishes to do so.

A1 Internet Software also applies to A1 mobile broadband connections – consumers can decide at any time whether they want to set up mobile broadband, fixed net broadband or both. All configuration modes can be defined by the user within the installation steps – there is no such thing as a mandatoryconfiguration.

Once the initial setup is complete, the A1 Internet Software also installs the A1 Web Assistant and the A1 Servicecenter to ensure trouble-free operation and full customer support.

With the A1 Servicecenter, consumers are provided with a central user interface through which they can access all internet programs and services. This relates to the following applications and/or modules:

  • A1 WLAN Assistant for simple and secure WLAN configuration
  • A1 Modem Configurator (easy hardware management by means of self-explanatory animations)
  • A dedicated mail box assistant for comprehensive e-mail account management (add/delete mail boxes, add/delete e-mail addresses)
  • Direct access to the user account and various other services via the 'My A1' service area (online statistics, online invoices, information on additional services such as A1 TV, etc.)

Another useful feature is the Servicecenter’s update functionality (based on the mquadr.at module m2liveupdate). It continually keeps the software up to date by automatically installing new versions, additional modules or additional internet programs.
This ensures that A1 Telekom Austria customers not only always have the latest software version available and are up to date regarding technological innovations and/or provider-specific settings changes, but can also benefit from additional services – without any restriction and within one single interface.

With the built-in A1 Web Assistant, A1 Internet Software also offers comprehensive diagnosis and auto-repair functions for all current errors/problems that occur in relation to internet services installed on the client PC. These errors/problems are automatically corrected by self-repair wizards that take into account all relevant internet parameters and settings.
In addition to this, users can manually carry out complete systems checks of all installed internet services as well as a network test. After that, they get not only a complete status report containing all internet configuration settings, but also solution proposals for detected errors/problems.

A1 Internet Software made by mquadr.at is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and Mac OS (OS X and higher). Its newly designed, intuitive interfaces (GUIs) provide instant access to all relevant functions, thus ensuring perfect usability.

Also included is an integrated, context-sensitive help system that can be started from any given point within the application and that also supports consumers in the case of problems 'outside' the computer (for example, incorrect hardware wiring). A dedicated assistant checks the status of all hardware connections, identifies possible errors and helps to correct them by means of intelligent, photorealistic animations.

These features make the A1 Internet Software a flexible and future-proof 'carefree package' that ensures problem-free high-speed internet without the need for any technical knowledge on the part of the consumer. It can be downloaded for free on the A1 website (www.A1.net/hilfe-support/software-downloads).

A1 Telekom Austria Dashboard: convergent mobile high-speed internet (June 2011)

A1 Telekom Austria Dashboard: convergent mobile high-speed internet made by mquadr.at (launch: June 2011)

The internet is becoming mobile: this has to do not only with the high penetration in mobile markets and the ongoing extension of the network infrastructure enabling all kinds of mobile services (telephony, SMS, internet, e-mail), but also with the current devices ('smartphones') that are now suitable for multimedia content.
During the last years, A1 Telekom Austria, the Austrian market leader, has significantly expanded its activities in the mobile broadband sector, focusing on user convenience (permanent availability, easy-to-use hard- and software) and on increased product convergence with regard to access technologies and services offered.

When it comes to connection management and the administration of mobile broadband products on a client level, A1 Telekom Austria relies on m2connectionmanager, a convergent multi-mode connection manager developed by mquadr.at.
m2connectionmanager ensures

  • the seamless establishment of any broadband internet connection (mobile, WLAN, LAN) within any given network,
  • the speed and stability of the internet connection,
  • the simple and efficient administration of the mobile internet account and all related data (usage, data transfer, costs) within well-structured interfaces.

When the new 'A1' became the umbrella brand for all of A1 Telekom Austria’s products, the dashboard was adapted to the new CI and extended with regard to functions, usability and compatibility.
The new A1 Telekom Austria dashboard is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® and Mac (OS X and higher) and uses newly designed clear interfaces.
The software’s core functions, namely

  • intelligent network management that offers consumers the best connection possible with any access technology (mobile, WLAN, LAN) either automatically or manually,
  • comprehensive profiles administration that can load all provider-specific user profiles automatically, thus helping to avoid tedious manual procedures,

have been further improved.

This also applies to all integrated service and support tools: SMS and contacts management (including notification and easy data import/export), the inclusion of built-in automated WLAN configuration within the mobile connection, the service area (including a direct link to the A1 service portal), convenient roaming administration, comprehensive diagnosis functions, ping/traceroute and other useful tools for trouble-free mobile internet handling.

Like any mquadr.at software, the A1 Telekom Austria Dashboard does not require any technical knowledge on the part of the user. It is a plug-and-play solution that works automatically with any hardware provided; this relates to all mobile access devices by Huawei and ZTE (including automatic installation of drivers) and embedded devices by Bandrich and Icera. Of course, the dashboard also supports the new mobile technology LTE ('long term evolution'), which allows particularly high transfer rates.

Due to its flexibility (multilingualism, modular structure), the A1 Telekom Austria Dashboard can be implemented for all mobile operators of the Telekom Austria Group within a very short period of time; this includes dynamic switching between providers with regard to application languages, interfaces and individual settings.
Example: If a consumer activates a SIM card from a supported provider, all respective settings changes are carried out automatically and the internet connection is established at once – a clear improvement in product convenience.

Thanks to its high degree of automation, its exemplary usability and maximum product convergence, the A1 Telekom Austria Dashboard made by mquadr.at is a trend-setting product that anticipates future market demands.

A1 Modem Configurator: easy hardware management for Windows® and Mac (June 2011)

A1 Modem Configurator: easy hardware management by mquadr.at for Windows® and Mac (launch: June 2011)

The internet application software developed by mquadr.at for A1 Telekom Austria not only manages both the installation and administration of the internet access, but also offers many service functions that make internet connection handling easy – given that it is a rather complex technology, especially for inexperienced users.
mquadr.at service tools include comprehensive diagnosis and auto repair routines (m2selfrepair), modular assistants for WLAN and e-mail, as well as automatic hardware configuration.

The A1 Modem Configurator is a very good example of the latter. It is a useful tool that ensures proper configuration of A1 Telekom Austria broadband modems and supports all access devices provided to A1 Telekom Austria customers:

  • Pirelli PRG AV4202N
  • Thomson TG585
  • Thomson TG787v
  • Thomson TG789
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 546
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 585

A1 Modem Configurator’s core functions are the trouble-free installation of the respective modem and its reconfiguration (in the case of problems or a change of hardware).
In either case, all ADSL/VDSL user data is transferred automatically to the modem. All the user has to do is to enter his/her credentials; to establish the A1 internet connection, no manual settings are necessary.

What’s important is that users do not have to access the often quite complicated interfaces or control elements of the modem itself which can be difficult to operate. Instead, the A1 Modem Configurator provides clear, well-structured interfaces that guarantee perfect usability.

Another useful feature is the built-in update functionality (based on mquadr.at’s m2liveupdate module) that automatically keeps the software up to date at regular intervals. This facilitates the introduction of new access devices considerably.

The A1 Modem Configurator is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and Mac OS (OS X and higher). It is available as a stand-alone application or in combination with the universal support software A1 Web Assistant, and can be downloaded for free at https://www.a1.net/hilfe-support/software-downloads.

A1 Modem Exchange: easy hardware upgrading for Windows® and Mac (June 2011)

A1 Modem Exchange: easy hardware upgrading for Windows® and Mac (launch: June 2011)

Like all other service and support tools designed by mquadr.at for A1 Telekom Austria broadband customers, A1 Modem Exchange makes the lives of users easier, in this case by ensuring trouble-free exchange of broadband modems. In order to reduce user interaction to the absolute minimum, all installation and configuration processes are carried out automatically.

Of course, A1 Modem Exchange supports all A1 Telekom Austria broadband access devices:

  • Pirelli PRG AV4202N
  • Thomson TG585
  • Thomson TG787v
  • Thomson TG789
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 546
  • Thomson SpeedTouch 585

Its core function is the initial modem setup, during which all relevant settings (access data, WLAN credentials, etc.) are transferred automatically from the former modem to the new one, as soon as the user has entered his/her access data.

With A1 Modem Exchange, consumers do not have to cope with the often complex user interfaces of the modem or its control elements which can be difficult to operate. Instead they carry out all necessary steps from their computer, where they are guided through the whole installation process by means of animated step-by-step instructions. This relates to the disconnection of the 'old' modem as well as to the correct wiring of the new one.
During this process, all settings of the former modem are read, stored locally and then used for the configuration of the new modem. This has the advantage, for instance, that users do not have to reconfigure their WLAN, given that all respective standard settings are automatically transferred to the new device.

Another useful feature is the built-in update functionality (based on the mquadr.at module m2liveupdate) that keeps the software up to date at regular intervals. This means that new access devices (modems/routers) can be introduced at any time without the need to deliver a new version of the software.

A1 Modem Exchange has well-structured, clear user interfaces which guarantee perfect usability. The application is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and Mac OS (OS X and higher). It is available as a stand-alone application or in combination with the universal support software A1 Web Assistant, and can be downloaded for free at https://www.a1.net/hilfe-support/software-downloads.

A1 Servicecenter: central setup and administration of any A1 broadband internet access (June 2011)

A1 Servicecenter: central setup and administration of any A1 broadband internet access (launch: June 2011)

During the introduction of the umbrella brand 'A1' for all A1 Telekom Austria products, mquadr.at not only adapted all internet software solutions in the field to the new A1 CI, but also optimised them with regard to interface design, usability and functions. Another objective was to increase product convergence both in relation to access technologies and the combination of various services within one application.
The result is a product portfolio that covers all aspects of client application software for broadband internet - from initial setup to trouble-free operation. The main focus during the development process was on easy handling, stability and security.

A good example of increased product convergence is the newly compiled software A1 Servicecenter based on theinternet setup and configuration software m2webalizer. As a true stand-alone solution, A1 Servicecenter helps with the installation, configuration and administration of any A1 Telekom Austria broadband internet access. In doing so, it is the entry point for all A1 Telekom Austria internet products.

A1 Servicecenter’s main functions and services are:

  • Automatic configuration of all internet hard- and software
  • Complete setup of the A1 broadband connection
  • Setup and registration of e-mail accounts
  • WLAN setup and configuration according to the latest security standards (including possible settings changes)
  • Direct access to the user account (user data, online invoices, etc.)
  • Download and installation of additional software
  • Download of installation manuals and other instructions

With A1 Servicecenter, consumers can access all internet-related functions and programs via a single desktop icon. All corresponding user interfaces were redesigned – they now have a standardised, clear structure that ensures perfect usability and intuitive use.

The software has been optimised for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and Mac OS (OS X and higher). Due to its modular structure, it can be easily customised according to product specifications as well as user needs. This applies to seamless modem configuration (module: A1 Modem Configurator), simple WLAN administration (module: A1 WLAN Assistant) and additional products and/or services embedded in the software.

It is also important to help users in the case of problems, which is why A1 Servicecenter has a dedicated, context-sensitive help function that can be started from any given point within the application. The software also supports consumers in the case of problems 'outside' the computer (for example, incorrect hardware wiring) by means of intelligent animations, step-by-step instructions and downloadable FAQs. In addition to this, an integrated status report informs the user on all current internet settings for both hard- and software.

Another useful feature is the Servicecenter’s update functionality (based on the mquadr.at module m2liveupdate). It continually keeps the software up to date by automatically installing new versions, additional modules or additional internet programs.
This ensures that A1 Telekom Austria customers not only always have the latest software version available and are up to date regarding technological innovations and/or provider-specific settings changes, but can also benefit from additional services – without any restriction and within one single interface.

The A1 Servicecenter is an integrated, self-service application software that - like any other mquadr.at product - reduces user interaction to an absolute minimum thanks to an exceptionally high degree of automation. It does not require any technical knowledge on the part of consumers and allows them to set up and manage their internet access without any difficulties. The application can be downloaded for free atwww.A1.net/hilfe-support/software-downloads.

A1 Web Assistant: the ultimate service and support tool (June 2011)

A1 Web Assistant by mquadr.at: the ultimate service and support tool (launch: June 2011)

The A1 Web Assistant is a comprehensive service and support software that simplifies internet handling for A1 Telekom Austria customers. It can be downloaded for free in the A1 Infocenter (www.A1.net/hilfe-support/a1-webassistent).
The application is based on mquadr.at’s intelligent diagnosis and auto-repair solution m2selfrepair, which was adapted according to A1 Telekom Austria’s requirements and specifications. With the introduction of the new umbrella brand 'A1', the application has also been further improved with regard to GUI design, usability and functions.

A1 Web Assistant’s core functions:

  • It ensures a seamless broadband connection by automatically correcting all current internet-related errors/problems that occur on the client system.
  • Thus, it ensures the correct functioning of both WLAN and LAN connections.
  • Furthermore, the A1 Web Assistant enables easy administration of all mail boxes and supports consumers regarding WLAN and modem configuration.

Currently, the software provides assistance for more than 200 errors/problems (for example, incorrect e-mail settings, wrong network adapter or proxy settings, incorrect modem parameters); it identifies and corrects them by means of built-in self-repair wizards for all parameters and settings related to internet services. This is an automated process – so users do not even realise that an error has occurred.
Moreover, users can carry out complete manual system checks for all installed internet services, as well as a network test. After that, they get a complete status report for all relevant configuration settings and are provided with concise solution proposals for diagnosed errors/problems.

The integrated context-sensitive help function can be started from any area within the application; in addition to this, the A1 Web Assistant supports users by means of intelligent 3D animations and step-by-step instructions as well as FAQs. This also applies to problems 'outside' the computer (for example, improper hardware wiring). These problems are covered by a dedicated assistant that monitors the status of all hardware connections and detects connection errors.
The A1 Web Assistant also contains the A1 Modem Configurator, particularly useful software that automatically transfers the user credentials to any A1 Telekom Austria broadband modem. Consumers do not have to access the modem’s own control interface. This also applies to modem restarts/resets that may be necessary if an error occurs: the modem can be restarted/reset from within the application. This is very convenient because ADSL/VDSL modems are rarely situated next to the computer.
And, what’s more: thanks to comprehensive descriptions, any A1 Telekom Austria broadband modem can be manually configured without difficulties.

The application also includes a dedicated mail box assistant, offering automated solutions for the administration of the consumer’s e-mail account (add/delete mail boxes, add/delete e-mail addresses) in all current e-mail clients (Windows® Mail, Windows® Live Mail, Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird).
The A1 Web Assistant also provides precise instructions for the manual configuration of the following e-mail programs: Windows® Mail, Windows® Live Mail, Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, OperaMail (Versions 8, 9) and IncrediMail (Versions 2, Xe).

Other key features:

  • A dedicated WLAN assistant (including connection management, seamless adding of computers to an existing WLAN and an extensive security check, followed by reconfiguration of the modem and of all computers connected to the WLAN)
  • An easy-to-use update function for any installed A1 Telekom Austria internet software

Another part of the software is the 'My A1' service area, which gives users direct access to their accounts. There, they can view/review and download their personal online statistics and online invoices. 'My A1' also delivers specific information on additional services such as A1 TV (download of channel lists, manuals, A1 TV remote control description, etc.).

The A1 Web Assistant is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems, and uses intuitive user interfaces that provide quick access to all important functions.
It makes use of the internet very easy for A1 Telekom Austria customers, and thus contributes decisively to increased customer satisfaction and to considerable relief of the provider’s customer support.

Projects in 2008

A1 Dashboard (launch: June 2008)

mquadr.at establishes itself as software partner of mobilkom austria AG and creates an all-new "A1 dashboard" (based on themulti-mode connection management-software m2connectionmanager) featuring integrated Internet set-up fully customised to mobilkom austria's requirements.

Primarily, this new "A1 dashboard" with integrated broadband Internet installer sets up an Internet connection on the customer's system. There the customer is able to choose between mobile broadband Internet and ADSL broadband Internet. It goes without saying that installing both is also possible. All relevant areas of a broadband Internet installation are taken into account during the set-up and configured in fully automated fashion. From integrated animations for the proper wiring of hardware through to the configuration of required security settings everything is provided for the customer. In addition to a mobile broadband connection, a customer can at any time (even retrospectively) install his/her conventional Telekom Austria ADSL Internet access using the software. He/she can subsequently use it alternatively or on demand.

The actual "A1 dashboard" software is installed in the course of the respective Internet set-up. From that point on, the customer is supported in administering the mobile broadband Internet access using the whole range of mobilkom-specific services and functions: from PIN entry and automated network selection through to creating and administering contacts as well as sending and receiving SMS. Everything is brought to the customer in clearly laid out fashion.

Special connection management functions, which are integrated in a well-arranged user interface, can be accessed at any time via an icon in the Windows task bar or via a desktop icon which can be created for these purposes. Using the "Preferences window" the customer is able to customise the "A1 dashboard" according to his/her very needs. Everything from network selection, roaming and PIN settings through to graphical presentation of the status window can be set here. The customer's online status is shown via the mentioned status window. Here the customer can connect to his/her mobile broadband modem if offline. Aside from that, the customer can also access the interface for writing SMS and administering contacts.

As from now, the "A1 dashboard" is brought to mobilkom customers together with all offered 3G modems. The integrated HTML help, which can be accessed at any point, answers all of the customer's questions concerning the software and its settings. This facilitates easy entry for the customer into the world of mobile broadband and the connection management functions provided.

A1 broadband unlimited Installer (launch: June 2008)

Additionally to the before described A1 Dashboard, mquadr.at developed a comprehensive software solution for mobilkom austria AG that configures the respective broadband Internet access (ADSL/Wi-Fi and/or mobile broadband Internet (3G)) and simultaneously installs the A1 Dashboard software on the client's system.

mquadr.at's Internet set-up software combines both access technologies in a single installer and automatically installs and configures these access technologies on the customer's system. This solution gives A1 customers convenient, roundthe- clock Internet access based on the respective broadband access technology that is available (landline/Wi-Fi/mobile): Users are either connected via a network cable or Wi-Fi (fixed connection) or they can utilise mobile broadband Internet access.

The "A1 broadband unlimited Installer" serves as both, the broadband Internet installer via landline and the mobile broadband Internet installer. As usual, all the settings and configurations required to successfully set up Internet access are covered by the software: these range from the hardware installation including set-up animations, automatic modem searching and modem or Wi-Fi configuration to the client-side configuration of the customer's complete system according to mobilkom austria's requirements. Equal attention is paid to the configuration of the supported hardware (for example, mobile broadband modem HUAWEI E180) and software.

In order to make it as easy as possible for customers to actually use and switch between these broadband technologies, a special "A1 Dashboard" and so-called "guard software" have been developed for mobilkom austria and delivered within this software.

The "A1 Dashboard", as described above, serves to configure and control the mobile network access once it is successfully installed onto the customer's system. In addition, all common functions such as PIN input, administration of contacts, automatic network selection through to the administration of the respective access technology are clear and simple to use.

The task of the "A1 Watcher" guard software, on the other hand, is to ensure automatic switching to the available or preferred network access technology (landline/Wi-Fi/mobile), so that customers are not required to do this themselves: As soon as the Wi-Fi reception area is left, and the customer agrees when prompted, the software automatically establishes a mobile Internet connection via the mobile broadband modem (HSPA).