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abroadband is a brand of Telekom Austria Group. It offers a broadband connection for the use of mobile internet in more than 50 countries at a uniform tariff.
According to the motto: "Mobile internet around the world."
source: www.abroadband.com

Mobile Highspeed Internet (Launch: February 2011)

The Telekom Austria Group meets the increasing need for mobile broadband internet that can be accessed world wide. From now, with 'abroadband' (www.abroadband.com), there is a product that makes easy, and above all fast, mobile surfing possible in more than 50 countries. One of the key features of 'abroadband' is a uniform tariff of 59 cent/MB – which is not only a saving of up to 80% on current roaming fees, but also facilitates cost calculation considerably.

Technologically, 'abroadband' is based on m2connectionmanager, the convergent multi-mode connection manager developed by mquadr.at, which ensures

Two core functionalities of m2connectionmanager are particularly important:

Additional functions include a SIM memory status bar/administration, an integrated TCP/IP optimiser, ping/traceroute, SMS notifications and much more. With the built-in comprehensive profile management, users can load their 'abroadband' profile as well as any other A1 Telekom Austria user profile for mobile broadband automatically, thus avoiding tedious manual settings changes.

'abroadband' is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac (OS X and higher) and, as with all mquadr.at software, does not require any special knowledge from the consumer. It’s a plug and play application that functions both on laptops and netbooks.
However, should questions arise, consumers can contact the service portal of 'abroadband' at any time, via dedicated links. On the same site, they can also access their account for cost control.

With 'abroadband' we will in the future no longer be dependent on local internet provision, we will be able to access familiar features and interfaces at any time and avoid unnecessary security risks. An additional and very useful feature: as soon 'abroadband' is activated for a A1 Telekom Austria SIM card, it is automatically enabled for all other SIM cards as well (without restriction). All the consumer has to do, is to enter the appropriate settings.

With people's increasing mobility, in both their private and business lives, comprehensive and customer-friendly roaming solutions like these are crucial.
With 'abroadband' mquadr.at's connection manager provides decisive support for these needs.