bob is a Telekom Austria Group brand that offers mobile telephony as well as mobile internet products, designed mainly for younger target groups.

bob connection manager (launch: summer 2009)

Due to the great success of " A1 dashboard ", which was developed by already in June 2008 and is based on m2connectionmanager, it was decided to commission with the installation of broadband- Internet- access as well as the development of a connection manager for the new Internet- product. For the most part, functions and design of the application are similar to the successful " A1 dashboard ". Naturally the interface was adapted to bob CI standards.

In February 2009 (first launch), the software was delivered on a separate CD. The installation was carried out in six easy steps and the proper hardware connection is illustrated by photo-realistic animations which explain how to connect cables and all hardware components.

Then, in the summer of 2009 a new version of " bob internet " was delivered - the " on board "-solution. This means the software is directly integrated on the provided HSDPA broadband-stick and the additional CD is no longer needed. The stick has to be inserted into the USB interface of the computer or laptop. After a successful installation it will be recognised as an additional " CD-ROM-device ". The required CD-ROM-emulator is supplied by the hardware-vendor HUAWEI and is installed on the customer's computer system. This procedure ensures an automatic start of the installation.

After a successful Internet-installation,'s connection management-application starts automatically and will be configured automatically(if the software does not already exist).

The connection manager features are both simple and clever. Lots of small but important gadgets are available to the user in an easy and coherent way. The application allows the user to set up the mobile connection (HSDPA/UMTS preferred, HSDPA/UMTS fixed, EDGE/GPRS fixed, EDGE/GPRS preferred), as well as to perform different settings regarding manual network searching or roaming. For example,roaming may be disabled altogether, or only one network may be approved for roaming. In addition, other general settings may be changed,for example, PIN code request (activate/deactivate request, counting of failed attempts, PIN modification, etc.) or also the possibility to prevent the hibernation- mode of the computer in order not to lose an established Internet- connection. Furthermore, the connection manager also gives information about the Internet- access currently in use and provides the following details:

The proven connection manager is also integrated in order to switch to the available or preferred Internet- access- technology.

As an additional feature, a fully fledged SMS-management with numerous functions is included. Not only is it possible to write/send, receive and delete SMS messages, but it is also possible to send linked short messages. Moreover a transmission report may be activated or deactivated and hyperlinks will be recognised automatically and may be displayed within the Editor- window provided. The entire administration is carried out from the local computer system. This means, all incoming SMS will be selected by the modem and saved on the customer's system. This is also valid for the integrated address book; contacts may be saved, changed or deleted. The simple administration allows data import (from MS Office Outlook and MS Outlook Express) as well as data export (as a data file or on the SIM-card of the modem), and is equipped with a search- tool so contacts may be found easily.

Naturally the customer is provided with a detailed help- tool which contains general content about the solution offered by as well as specific categories provided by mobilkom Austria.