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Creatos develops and plans high-end services and products in various sectors like mobile messaging and marketing, online entertainment and content, billing systems and e-commerce solutions.

Creatos Internet Configurator (launch: October 2006)

For the German Internet-by-call provider Creatos GmbH, designed a dedicated Internet configurator for automatic online configuration of all types of Creatos dial-up Internet accounts.

Due to the modularity of our products, was once again able to cater for our customer's needs and requirements in the development of this new configuration tool. Based on m2webchecker, the versatile tool for carrying out online configuration, set-up and analysis of Internet accounts, designed a special Creatos Internet Configurator, which will be used for all of Creatos different brands (such as or ) and simultaneously for all kinds of access tariffs that are on offer. Depending on the context in which Creatos Internet Configurator is used, the relevant information (username and password, start page, connection settings) will be dynamically transferred to the user's system and used for the configuration of the dial-up connection on the client's side. Using a special ActiveX component, the desired Creatos dial-up connection is set up automatically and set as a default, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer is configured accordingly (security settings, start page, etc.). With m2webchecker, Creatos offers an incentive for Internet users to switch their Internet accounts simply going through the online configuration routine, which is located on the portal, suffices. As usual, the user is not required to have any technical know-how whatsoever, since the set-up as required by Creatos is completed automatically. Thus, m2webchecker helps potential customers to switch to Creatos; the ISP on the other hand profits from reduced support costs for initial Internet set-up.

As from now, m2webchecker will be gradually introduced on all of Creatos' Internet portals to ensure that new customers can go online with their Creatos Internet account without having to go through a complicated manual configuration!