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Deutsche Telekom AG is one of the world's leading telecommunications and information technology service companies. We have almost 200 million customers and offer them all kinds of products and services for connected life and work.
Deutsche Telekom focuses on major technical and social trends and plays a key role in shaping them: the increasing digitization of many spheres of life, the personalization of products and services, growing mobilization and internationalization.


T-Mobile Router Hilfe App – The perfect Internet guide (Launch: January 2018)

The Austrian telecommunication company T-Mobile expands its HomeNet products, the Internet for home, with HomeNet Hybrid. The new hybrid router combines fast LTE with DSL connectivity and enhances the stability and capacity of the broadband connection. To provide additional support, T-Mobile launches the Router Hilfe App (router support app) by This Internet self-care solution supports customers starting with the connection and setup of the modem, all the way to Wi-Fi optimisation and the managing the Wi-Fi home network and all important Internet topics. Based on m2suite mobile, the successful Internet self-service solution by, the “Router Hilfe App” has been customised to the needs and requirements of T-Mobile, for which future expansions are already planned.

The app can already be downloaded in the Play Store or App store:

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App

Features and functions

Internet setup - Easy and smooth onboarding

The setup of the modem and all the necessary devices is a crucial step in getting online and strongly affects the customer’s perception of the Internet product and of the Internet provider. The “Internet setup” faces this challenge and helps the user from the very beginning – so that optimal support is provided with unboxing and connecting as well as configuration of the router. This is done not only with interactive instructions with text and images, but also with the help of automated configuration processes (e.g. setup of a Wi-Fi connection). The app does not need an online connection for this, as it communicates locally in the home network with the router and thus differentiates itself from cloud based solutions.

  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe AppT-Mobile Router Hilfe App

Powerful Wi-Fi tools for all Wi-Fi challenges

Internet and Wi-Fi are almost inseparable; the Router Hilfe App takes this into consideration and offers an extensive collection of Wi-Fi tools: Starting with Wi-Fi connection setup and Wi-Fi optimisation for one or more rooms to expert tools like Wi-Fi channel detail view and “measure Wi-Fi signal” – all Internet needs are met.

  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App
  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App
  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App

Connecting to Wi-Fi is a great challenge for many users. The Router Hilfe App leads through the connection process (incl. support for QR codes for an easy connection setup) so that every customer can get online with his device. In case of Wi-Fi stability or connection issues, the “multi-room analysis” helps and enables users to set the best Wi-Fi for the entire home.

  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App
  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App

The app addresses the experts as well; with the “Wi-Fi channel detail view” they are offered a graphical overview of the Wi-Fi channel capacity in the environment. Additionally, the “measure Wi-Fi signal” feature helps to determine the best position for Wi-Fi devices or the modem. With a real-time graphic display users can accurately measure the Wi-Fi reception at home.

Easy router management

  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App

Different settings on the router are often a reason for long support calls or complicated instructions. With the Router Hilfe App, users are able to perform important parts of the administration on their own: Whether it is something fundamental like viewing, changing and sharing their Wi-Fi data or an easy option to restart or reset the router. Additionally, more difficult processes such as setting a new Wi-Fi password (incl. necessary security checks) are now easily accessible via the app.

Enhanced functions for the home network

In households today numerous devices are online; not merely the smartphone but also tablet, gaming console, smart TV and many more need to be connected to the Internet. Even for experts it is sometimes difficult to manage that many devices. With its clear interface, the feature “connected devices” enables users to view all devices connected to the router in a list and offers additional filter and sort functions.

“Measure LTE signal” helps users to find the best location for the router. A clear visual display shows the available LTE reception in real time, so users can easily determine the best position for the router.

Problems with the Internet? – Diagnosis

  • T-Mobile Router Hilfe App

Slow websites or no Internet at all? The search for the cause of these problems is a big challenge, especially for users with little or no tech knowledge. The diagnosis helps to solve those problems; users can check and see the availability of the router, the quality of the Wi-Fi connection and in general if an Internet connection is available. They can, therefore, check the root of many problems by themselves and get all the information they need to solve those with the app (e.g. restart the router or check the cabling).

The complete package for the daily Internet challenges

T-Mobile wants to deliver not just the best Internet experience, but also support customers in the best way possible with a big broadband initiative and appropriate Internet products. The Router Hilfe App faces this challenge, supports LTE as well as hybrid routers and helps with the daily problems regarding Internet and home network. Whether it involves questions about the connection and setup of the router, the best Wi-Fi reception or managing the Wi-Fi home network, the Router Hilfe App is always there for the customers, 24/7, 365 days a year.

New customer: T-Mobile selects as new self-care supplier (November 2017)

We are happy to announce that was chosen by T-Mobile as the new supplier for the delivery of our renowned and market proven self-care solutions. We are already customising our newest solutions to fit the needs of T-Mobile and are looking forward to a successful launch soon!

T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom is present in more than 50 countries together with its subsidiaries, T-Mobile among others. With a staff of 218,300 employees, they generated a revenue of 73.1 billion Euros in the 2016 fiscal year. Europe, Africa, Asia, North America or South America, Telekom and its subsidiaries are represented worldwide. is the leading European tech company for Digital Self-Care & Customer Experience solutions in telco business. Our products empower Internet users to help themselves without having to call the customer hotline and support them throughout the entire customer journey: from quick product onboarding and automated troubleshooting, Wi-Fi configuration and optimisation to a flawless daily Internet experience.

Deutsche Telekom Online Manager for Win and Mac (Launch: September 2014/ June 2015)

The technology and smart connection logic powering the Online Manager is provided by, further increasing the level of self-service automation at Deutsche Telekom.

The Online Manager offers its subscribers a self-service software solution for easy handling of all connection technologies and connectivity issues and an ideal support for Deutsche Telekom subscribers, at home and on the go.

The solution includes functions such as the setup wizard, the connection manager, a notification system and the Wi-Fi channel optimization. Thus, it simplifies and enhances the daily use for subscribers.

The Online Manager is available for Win and Mac on Deutsche Telekom’s web portal: Online Manager

Internet Software Package

Deutsche Telekom 'Internet-Software-Paket' (Internet Software Package): intelligent software installation by (Launch: March 2011)

In close collaboration with Deutsche Telekom AG, has developed an intelligent software installation routine allowing consumers to install a useful internet software bundle without any difficulties.

The software bundle includes the following Deutsche Telekom services/products:

  • Netzmanager (Net Manager): Setup of both home network and internet access, including hot spot profile management
  • Meine Dienste (My Services): Simple and efficient administration of all relevant internet services
  • Telekom Toolbar: For Microsoft® Internet Explorer® and Mozilla Firefox

During the installation process the software not only monitors the consumer’s operating system, but also detects automatically whether and to which extent the Internet Software Package is already installed on the consumer PC. In addition to this, it checks for possible updates to ensure that consumers always have the current version(s) of the Internet Software Package and of its components available.

The installation process consists of the following steps:

  • Detection of installed Deutsche Telekom internet software versions on the client system
  • User’s approval: Update Y/N
  • Installation of related software and/or software versions in silent mode (including progress bar)
  • Installation of additional components (.NET, Microsoft® Silverlight™)

On user’s approval, the installation starts in silent mode. It is also fully dynamic which means that only programs will be installed that are not yet present on the client system – any older versions of already installed software will be replaced automatically. Furthermore, all components that are necessary for the operability of Deutsche Telekom software (like .NET or Microsoft® Silverlight™) are downloaded without requiring user interaction.

The installer is optimised for all current Microsoft® Windows® operating systems (XP, Vista, 7). In strict accordance to Deutsche Telekom CI/CD guidelines it has the same GUI design as the successful 'Schnellstart-DVD', and is also characterised by the same usability, reducing consumer interaction to the absolute minimum.

The 'Internet-Software-Paket' provides consumers with a useful, consistent self-service software package for optimising their internet access, administering all internet services efficiently and configuring their browsers easily and without any technical knowledge.

Since March 2011, it’s available for download on Deutsche Telekom’s service portal:


'Schnellstart-DVD' (configuration and software assistant, January 2011)

In collaboration with Deutsche Telekom AG, has developed a configuration and software assistant that makes setting up internet access and e-mail addresses much easier for new customers and customers who want to change their tariff. The focus of the 'Schnellstart-DVD' is the automatic configuration of the various Speedport routers, the server-side registration of a Deutsche Telekom e-mail address and the installation of numerous useful internet software packages.

Sequence in detail:

  1. Automatic recognition of the access device in use (Speedport router), after running the cabling assistant with directions picturing the correct cabling of the hardware, if required
  2. Automatic configuration of the access device (Speedport router): initial configuration or reconfiguring for 'all IP' (including telephony)
  3. Automatic installation of the Telekom software ('Netzmanager', 'Meine Dienste' and 'Telekom Toolbar')
  4. Server-side registration of the Telekom e-mail address

Additionally, the customer receives the option of installing numerous useful internet software packages, which don't just provide help in optimising their internet connection, but also provide practical additional services such as media management, photo software and online banking. The customer can also redeem a special link voucher and/or take advantage of free services. An extensive security package, which can be ordered and installed directly from the 'Schnellstart-DVD', completes the offer.

A clearly laid-out user interface gives quick access to all settings and services. The user can get support from the setup assistant included, and is taken step-by-step through the process by videos and graphics.

The 'Schnellstart-DVD' has been a component of the Deutsche Telekom 'Willkommenspaket' sent to new customers, tariff changers and returning customers, since January 2011 (launch date). It can also be obtained at fairs (such as IFA and CeBIT), at Telekom's retail outlets, or via the customer hotline. 250,000 of the DVDs are produced every month.