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eTel Austria in cooperation with Telekom Austria TA AG is accessible through a nationwide network of regional sales and Solution Partners. eTel Austria offers business- as well as residential customers a comprehensive range of customized voice, data and Internet solutions, and associated services.

eTel easy config (launch: August 2005)

To be able to offer its customers quick and easy access to the Internet, eTel Austria AG commissioned to develop a fully automatic Internet set-up routine. Based on's comprehensive Internet set-up software m2webalizer, easy config was made available in two different releases (Dial-in and ADSL), so that any Internet product offered by eTel can be quickly installed without requiring any technical know-how. A detailed system check, which tests whether the PC is actually fit for the selected type of Internet access, functions as the basis for the automatic installation of any missing protocols or files. Subsequently, easy config configures all settings relevant for connecting to the Internet, including user-specific configuration of the browser and e-mail client. One of the most remarkable new features of easy config is the automatic registration of the user's password within the newly configured Microsoft© Outlook Express or Outlook Professional e-mail account.

The following functionalities are included in the new easy config set-up routine:

easy config for Dial-In

On the one hand, easy config offers customers the possibility to restore any dial-in account with already existing user data in order to repair defective or deleted Internet connections. On the other hand, new customers can also register a completely new dial-in Internet account during Internet set-up by means of eTel?s online registration. Therefore, the existing eTel online registration was fully integrated into easy config; access data is thus automatically assigned to the user and immediately transferred to easy config, so that the user does not have to manually enter their ID during Internet set-up. For better archiving of the newly generated data, separate functionalities for printing and saving the customer access codes assure additional usability and ease of use.

easy config for ADSL

For easy config ADSL configuration, various different connection types (such as Ethernet, USB and Wireless), as well as the selection between single- and multi-user Internet options were taken into consideration. In addition to the setting up of the respective VPN connection and configuration of the installed network interface card during ADSL Ethernet or Wireless installation, the eTel modem configurator is deployed within easy config to take care of the entire configuration of the modem connected to the PC.Both versions of easy config are immediately available to eTel customers to enable quick set-up of any eTel Internet account!

eTel modem configurator (launch: August 2005)

Rounding off the newly designed easy config ADSL package,'s fully automatic m2modemconfig was incorporated in the Internet set-up routine. Since modems deployed for ADSL Internet access in Austria (SpeedTouch 510(i) for Ethernet und 570(i) for Wireless connections) are not actually ready for Internet access, m2modemconfig carries out the configuration of these modems automatically within the Internet set-up routine. In addition, eTel modem configurator can also be used for implementing a new configuration at some later point in time, for example when switching from single to multi-user solutions. During configuration of eTel ADSL via easy config, eTel modem configurator is automatically installed on the user's PC, enabling easy access to modem configuration at any time.