EUnet Telekommunikations-dienstleistungs GmbH


Tiscali Internet Installer (Lauch: April 2002)

For Tiscali's Dial-up Internet access products, developed a fully automated setup routine including online registration, which - in spite of including a great number of features and functions - does not exceed the memory capacity of a floppy disc. This Internet setup software is alternatively offered to Tiscali customers as CD-ROM or download. A very special feature of this software is its recovery function (backup), which enables existing customers to easily swap from one to another Tiscali product or setup their Internet account on another system.

Tiscali Connection Manager (Lauch: September 2002)

In addition to the applications mentioned above, also developed a connection manager for Tiscali's Dial-up products. Tiscali Connection Manager provides customers with a cost-efficient and easy-to-use way of dialling into the Internet by automatically recognising peak and off-peak rates; swapping from one connection to the next takes place automatically. Via the Tiscali server, all general connection settings (as well as the customer's data) are kept up to date.

Tiscali Support Tool (Lauch: April 2002) was also commissioned to develop the Tiscali Support Tool, which presents all data and settings relevant to the Internet in a clear and concise way. Without technical knowledge, customers can check and administer all specifications of their Internet access. In case of problems, Tiscali Support Tool facilitates communication between the user and Tiscali's customer support centre. Five different functional areas, in which all settings and data relevant to Internet access are saved, can be administered with the help of this tool.

Tiscali webchecker (Lauch: April 2002)

Tiscali webchecker is a versatile tool for online configuration, installation and analysis of Tiscali's Dial-up Internet access products. With the help of m2webchecker customers can easily swap from their current ISP to Tiscali; at the same time Internet access is set up and configured via Tiscali's portal, respectively via the client's browser. After customers have completed online registration, all relevant data is automatically transferred to the software application. Neither installation nor configuration require technical knowledge on the customer's behalf, since all setup procedures on the customer's system are carried out automatically. Similarly to all other products, layout and branding requirements were also taken into account in the design of Tiscali webchecker.