Hasberger_Seitz & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Details: www.hsp-law.at

"This unique it-team really stands out as a result of our experience with other consultants in this field, due to its quick response as well as its creative and innovative work approach. As clients and customers, we feel more than valued and appreciated - one can say that we have an excellent customer relationship with the mquadr.at team, which we value a lot. We are happy to have found such a competed and reliable partner."

Dr. Michael Hasberger, Hasberger_Seitz & Partner

HASBERGER_SEITZ & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH is one of the leading internationally orientated law firms in Austria with its seat in Vienna.
source: www.hsp-law.at

Multilingual website

For "Hasberger Seitz & Partner Rechtsanwälte", a multilingual website in accordance to their CI guidelines was designed. The main goal was to ensure the correct display of the site on as many browsers as possible. The site is constantly kept up to date and more information such as new client letters, events or press releases are added.