ivv – Informationsverarbeitung für Versicherungen GmbH

Details: www.ivv.de

ivv (Informationsverarbeitung für Versicherungen GmbH) is an IT company specialised in public insurances, based in Hannover, Germany. Their core business is modern efficient IT solutions that optimally support the needs and everyday processes of insurances.

Founded in 1993, the ivv data centres today support over 7000 workstations at more than 1000 sites in the area of Bremen, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.
Sources: www.ivv.de

ivv Connection Manager (Launch: March 2015 Update: September 2016)

The ivv connection Manager is a software solution by mquadr.at, based on an already proven mquadr.at product for automated Internet connection. The functions of the tool were adjusted specifically for the needs of field service agents of insurance companies in order to automatically provide them with the best available Internet connection in every situation via LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile.

With the ivv Connection Manager the following well-known scenario is a thing of the past: A field service agent arrives at an appointment with a customer. He tries to establish an Internet connection in order to get access to the necessary documents. Several unsuccessful attemps delay the meeting and create an unpleasant atmosphere.

How does the ivv Connection Manager help?

The ivv Connection Manager is installed directly on the field service agents’ notebook. As soon as the notebook is started, it is automatically connected to the available prioritised connection: LAN, in case the notebook is connected with a LAN-cable at the workstation; Wi-Fi, in case the company’s Wi-Fi or another known Wi-Fi is in reach. For the agents on the road a secure VPN connection is established via a mobile adapter integrated in the device.

Figure ivv Connection Manager

The ivv Connection Manager’s appealing and easily understandable interface displays the current connection status (online/offline, connection type: LAN, Wi-Fi, Mobile), additionally available connection types and the signal strength. With a click on the appropriate button, the connection can be changed, started and stopped manually.

Different configurations of the tool can be customised and configured by the ISP himself at any time: e.g. prioritisation of connection types, connections with secure and unsecured Wi-Fi networks, mass data transfer, determination of programs that automatically trigger the setup of an Internet connection when opened.