Jet2Web Internet Vertriebs GmbH


AonFlash easy,10,20,30,50

Premium Internet access for self-installation.

Integration of m2webalizer (internet setup software) und m2webcenter, project management, compilation of the complete AonFlash CD-Rom, quality assurance, mastering.

AonSpeed si, 30

Austria's first ADSL Internet access product for self-installation - the perfect solution for power users.

Integration of m2webalizer (internet installation application) und m2webcenter in co-operation with Alcatel (SpeedTouch USB), compilation of the AonSpeed si CD-Rom, quality assurance, mastering.

AonPuls 4.1

Internet access for beginners and occasional surfers (surfing the Internet at Telekom Austria's online rate). AonPuls is the predecessor of AonFlash.

Integration of m2webalizer (internet access installation) and m2webcenter, compilation of the complete AonPuls CD-Rom, project management, quality assurance and mastering.

AonSpeed alpha, plus

Austria's first high-speed Internet access (ADSL) based on Ethernet technology.

Conceptual design and compilation of an ADSL setup manual (screenshots and texts), project management and coordination, quality assurance and mastering.