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Kabel Deutschland (KDG), Germany's largest cable operator, offers its customers analog and digital TV, broadband Internet and fixed line phone services via cable as well mobile services in cooperation with an industry partner. The company operates the cable networks in 13 German federal states and supplies its services to approximately 9.1 million connected households in Germany.
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Kabel Deutschland Installer, Version 3.5 (November 2010)

The latest January 2010 upgrade to the “Kabel Deutschland Installer,” which has been in successful operation since 2007, has added even more functions and features.

From November 2010 the current version of the installer (3.5) will be available on CD and to download.

The new features include:

  • Integration of new generic animations; to make it possible to provide images of future hardware additions in the interactive user guides without extra work on programming or design.
    This will allow for the following installation variants (“customer situations”):
    • Modem (only)
    • Cable modem and D-Link Router (including animation for WLAN USB stick)
    • Cable modem and Fritz!Box (including animation for WLAN USB stick)
  • Integrating a new router (D-Link DIR-652)
  • Automated WLAN setup (including automated installation of drivers for the WLAN USB sticks supported)

Automatic updates:

An important new feature is the automatic update function. As soon as a customer is online, the installer automatically searches for current versions of the software and carries out an update. This has the huge advantage - besides the fact that the customer always has the newest version of the software - that the logistics of producing “Kabel Deutschland Installer” CDs are made easier, and savings are even possible, because the customer can still use old CDs.

Checking for updates is carried out either on activation of the software (as soon as the customer is online) or during the initial setup/configuration.

Kabel Deutschland Installer, Version 3.3 (January 2010)

The "Kabel Deutschland Installer" developed by mquadr.at for Kabel Deutschland GmbH, which has been in service since January 2007, has received its latest update as part of a version upgrade which will also provide compatibility with Kabel Deutschland's latest developments and requirements.

Particular attention was given to supporting the new Windows® 7 operating system, along with all the other new mquadr.at technological innovations which have been packed into the new version of the installer. Including the improved "wi-fi/router configuration" and "email set-up" module.And of course the Internet set-up software has been updated to include all the latest hardware, so that version 3.3 supports all of the following "Kabel Deutschland Hardware":

  • Kabel Homebox (AVM Fritz!Box Fon 7270)
  • D-Link Wireless N Router DIR-615
  • D-Link Wireless N Stick DWA-140
  • D-Link Wireless G Router DIR-300
  • D-Link Wireless Router DIR 524


  • D-Link USB WLAN Stick DWA 140 (Hardware Version B2)

The USB wi-fi adapter's new hardware version had to be integrated into the Internet software to provide problem-free operation of both USB Stick hardware versions via automatic background installation of the new D-Link driver.

Download version of the KDG installers:

Along with the installation CD ROM, which contains the actual set-up software and a dynamic flash interface with additional user guides and information, Kabel Deutschland will also be offering its customers a web version of the installer provided by mquadr.at. This download version is available to both new and existing customers (with older CD versions) and includes the latest set-up software and hardware support.

Future Plans:

The next stage of the KDG installer's development is being planned right now, to provide an expanded version to Kabel Deutschland customers in the summer of this year. This will include the appropriate improvements in the set up of additional services and will be designed to update automatically before the Internet set-up is carried out. This will make Kabel Deutschland even less dependent on production schedules and make sure customers always have the most up-to-date software.

Kabel Deutschland Installer, Version 3.1 (October 2008)

Kabel Deutschland's Internet installation software, created by mquadr.at and successfully proven in the field for more than a year, has been repeatedly enhanced and tailored to new requirements. Further information on the base product can be found on the following page. Latest additions to this comprehensive set-up software are briefly presented below:

  • Integration of new WLAN hardware / Kabel Homebox
    Integration of AVM?s Fritz!Box Fon 7270 (animations, configuration of required and cable ISP-specific settings, as well as support of WLAN set-up with AVM Fritz!Box) )
  • Enhanced supplementary services offer
    Besides including a separate selection (welcome screen) for the installationof supplementary services offered by Kabel Deutschland, new services could beintegrated:
    • Automatic registration on customer Web portal (My Kabel Deutschland)
    • Subscription to Kabel homepage
    • Subscription to and configuration of Kabel e-mail
    • Subscription to and configuration of cable security package
  • Installation of additional software (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, servicepacks,etc...)
  • Integration of a new KDG interface
    Due to changed or new interfaces that are utilised by the software to offer all services, the client had to be adapted for seamless interaction with the new interfaces. Therefore KDG services are presented professionally as usual and offered in the course of Internet installation.
  • Adaptation and improvement of reporting functionality
    Including all new features and offers, in order to collect complete statistics with regard to usage of Kabel Deutschland?s Internet installation software. Thus, desired improvements have been implemented. Besides the number of successful Internet installations, it is now also possible to monitor if and at which point a user has aborted the installation. Conclusions regarding the common acceptance of the offered services can be drawn. Possibilities for further software improvement are thereby also made apparent.
Kabel Deutschland Installer (October 2007)

For Kabel Deutschland, mquadr.at designed a dedicated Internet set-up routine, which was completely adapted to the needs and design requirements of Germany´s largest cable network provider. This ´Kabel Deutschland Installer´ is based on mquadr.at´s software application m2webalizer. Basically, it is an easy-to-use installation tool which can be used for all Kabel Deutschland cable Internet access products, including wireless LAN, and supports all modems/routers (and wireless hardware): These are automatically configured within the installation process.

The most important features of this user-friendly application are as follows:

  • Integration of animated graphics for supported hardware
  • Automatic configuration of D-Link WLAN router
  • Integration of a dedicated WLAN configuration
  • Automatic WLAN protection (encryption, WEP, WAP, pre-shared key, etc.) andsimultaneous configuration of WLAN router and wireless network connection
  • Print and save functions for WLAN data
  • Support of all versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • Automatic set-up of the complete client system:
    • Including WLAN configuration
    • Security settings (according to the Internet access)
    • Browser configuration (according to KD requirements)
    • E-mail client configuration
    • Installation of the KD customer centre
    • Creation of dedicated program folders and desktop links/icons
  • Integration of a dedicated status report, which can be executed from any pointwithin the intstallation (in the case of a problem, this information will help thecustomer care agent detect the problem faster)
  • m2webalizer for KD contains m2reporting functionality, for statistics andreports on usage
  • Integration of online registration and ordering of special security packagesoffered by Kabel Deutschland
  • automatic configuration of all network interface cards wireless>
  • Full Microsoft® Windows Vista support
  • GUI adaptations according to KD requirements