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NetCologne is a regionally operating company offering reliable communication services and technology in the Rheinland area for 25 years. Their future-proof fibre network, boasting over 26.500 km of laid lines, is one of the most advanced in Europe. NetCologne currently serves around 382.000 private landline customers, 241.000 TV customers and 14.000 mobile telephony customers.

NetCologne goes Mesh - Mesh network management made easy with the MeinWLAN app

NetCologne’s already popular MeinWLAN app has been expanded with a new feature: From now on, customers can manage their mesh network with the app. In recent years, there have been major changes regarding the use of the Internet at home. The Internet is not only used in certain rooms, but equally everywhere in the house. Whether for personal or professional reasons, the requirement for stable Wi-Fi coverage has increased. As a result, more powerlines and repeaters are in use. Thanks to the new function, the mesh network with all its components can be managed very easily in the MeinWLAN app. And best of all, spots with weak coverage hardly stand a chance.

Manage mesh network: Mesh network at a glance

The “Manage Mesh Network” feature allows customers to manage all the devices they have integrated into their mesh network directly via the app. The mesh stations - powerline devices as well as Wi-Fi repeaters - can be quickly viewed in the feature’s management overview. There one can check whether the home network is online and whether all devices in the list of mesh stations are connected to the mesh master. Not only the current status (online/offline) is displayed, but also the number of active mesh stations and active connected devices.

Additionally, customers can see the quality of their current connection at a glance: rating, signal strength, upload and download, and the specific mesh station to which the cell phone is currently connected are clearly displayed.

If the customer moves one step further within the feature, they can view detailed information such as the connection quality and connection type (Wi-Fi or Lan) of specific mesh stations to the mesh master. Further details about the mesh master can also be viewed, such as which devices are connected to the mesh master, whether the cell phone is connected directly to the mesh master, the status of the customer’s own Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fis, information about uploads and downloads, and other technical information such as IP address, firmware, etc.

Screenshot Mesh-Netzwerk

Screenshot Mesh-Netzwerk

Diagnosis: extended functions and improvements

NetCologne customers were already able to experience the improved diagnosis feature in the last version of the MeinWLAN app. In order to continuously develop and improve the app, further adjustments were made to the feature based on customer feedback: redundant dialogs or screens were either optimized or removed, the wording was improved in various places and, as part of this release, the mesh network was also included in the scope of diagnosis. The Wi-Fi connection quality of the mesh stations to the mesh master is analyzed and stations and devices with poor connections are displayed. There are also new repair options for mesh problems and an analysis of the devices regarding the quality of their connection to the mesh master.

Screenshot UCBD

Screenshot UCBD

NetCologne customers are thus prepared for (almost) any situation in the home network and, with the MeinWLAN app, have the right tool at hand to solve Internet problems quickly and independently.

MeinWLAN: improved features for individual support - NetCologne rewrites customer service

With the new and improved MeinWLAN app, NetCologne is taking a step further in customer service and empowerment of the user: with targeted assistance for NetCologne’s customers and their individual challenges in everyday Internet life. Two core features have been completely reworked so that customers can now even more precisely track down and eliminate possible sources of error for poor Internet: MySpeedtest and the diagnosis function.

The new MeinSpeedtest

MeinSpeedtest is a new proprietary development of the Cologne-based Internet provider tailored to the needs of NetCologne customers. MeinSpeedtest not only measures Internet speed itself, but also the speed of the connection between end devices such as smartphones or tablets and the Wi-Fi router. In addition, further backend checks can be independently switched on by NetCologne via the server specially designed for MeinSpeedtest, and thus the MeinSpeedtest and the measurements taken in the process can be controlled according to the situation.

MeinSpeedtest basically thinks beyond the sphere of one’s own household: extensive measurements of ping, upload, download and Wi-Fi throughput provide an overall picture that can be used to identify sources of errors more easily. A graphic display shows at a glance in which area a possible error can be detected: in the user’s own home network or already on the delivery route to the Wi-Fi router. Following the service concept, customized suggestions for improvements are displayed for individual problems (based on the measurement results) to help the customer find a solution as quickly as possible. These recommendations to improve the current situation can also be controlled, adapted and extended by NetCologne. In this way, NetCologne can, for example, react to critical problems in the infrastructure or the like at any time, independently of an update of the app.


Diagnosis: individual and targeted

The improved diagnosis feature in the MyWLAN app has been expanded to include manual diagnosis in addition to the automatic diagnosis. As before, the automatic diagnosis enables a quick sanity check of all important parameters related to the Wi-Fi. The customer can rely on an automatic analysis that displays the checked values and any errors found, along with suggested solutions.


Alternatively, with manual diagnosis, the customer has the option of narrowing down his problem in more detail by means of a dynamic question catalogue. In a step-by-step analysis, the customer is being proposed different areas within the specific problem is located. After selecting the topic of his problem, the customer provides information on the frequency and the devices on which the problem occurs. Once the problem has been outlined, the customer can check the information again and change it if necessary, or start the analysis directly. After the analysis has been completed, the customer receives a result in which one or more problems are diagnosed, possible causes for them are named, and appropriate solutions are suggested. The solution, such as a Wi-Fi router optimization or the change of the Wi-Fi channel, can be triggered conveniently from the smartphone with a single click.


However, if it is not the right moment to restart the router, the MeinWLAN app can be used to remind the user of the optimization options at a later time.

At the end of each manual repair, the user is asked whether the problem has been improved or solved. If the customer performs an automatic repair, he can select a reminder function: he can be asked again in 24 or 48 hours whether the performed repair has improved the situation. Since the automatic repair is often associated with a router restart, the customer is thus given the necessary time to actually evaluate a possible change in the situation.


General improvements

In addition to the extensive improvements for the speed test and diagnosis, several other areas have of course also been optimized with this release: the entire MeinWLAN app has been brought up to the latest technical standards and various performance and UX improvements have been made. Also CI-compliant wording and color schemes have been updated. As a result, the MeinWLAN app in version 2.1 offers many new and exciting functions, both technically and in terms of customer experience.

NetCologne launches MeinWLAN app

With its MeinWLAN app (“MyWi-Fi”), our customer NetCologne launches the latest self-service solution by The app helps customers of both NetCologne and NetAachen not only with setting up their new Internet connection, but also with optimal use and administration of their entire Wi-Fi at home. Based on m2suite mobile, the successful Internet self-service solution of , the MeinWLAN app has been adapted to the needs and requirements of NetCologne, for which future extensions are already in plan.

The app can already be downloaded in the Play Store or App store:

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

Online quick and easy with the Internet first-time setup

With the feature “Internet first-time setup”, the MeinWLAN app supports users with setting up and configuring the new DSL or cable Internet product and related devices as well as with establishing and configuring a Wi-Fi connection. The Internet setup begins with unpacking the router: the MeinWLAN app starts exactly there and helps the customer through every step along the way by providing cabling pictures and explanatory texts. The best thing about this: the app does not require online access, as it communicates with the router directly through the home network. Via specific checks in the background, it is guaranteed that the customer is only shown the necessary steps and is guided through the entire Internet setup (e.g. with setting up a Wi-Fi connection).


Useful Wi-Fi tools for all Wi-Fi challenges

With the comprehensive “Wi-Fi tools”, a Wi-Fi connection can easily be established and optimised. They can also, for example, interactively display the Wi-Fi environment or find the ideal setup spot for a Wi-Fi repeater.

The feature “Connect to Wi-Fi” quickly connects all mobile devices to Wi-Fi: in a detailed view of the identified Wi-Fis, the user can select the desired one and is lead to a successfully established Wi-Fi connection in just a few steps. In addition, typing long Wi-Fi passwords has become obsolete due to an integrated QR code scanner.

With the function “Optimise Wi-Fi channel”, the user can “optimise” their Wi-Fi with one simple click. In doing so, the Internet can be accessed fast and without interruption in the entire home Wi-Fi. Also, the user is regularly notified and reminded to optimise the Wi-Fi channel. The “Wi-Fi analyser” provides an interactive display including detailed information about the Wi-Fis in the surroundings. Last but not least: should there be problems with the Wi-Fi range, the function “Position Wi-Fi repeater” supports the user with finding the best setup spot for a Wi-Fi repeater in order to make sure that surfing via Wi-Fi also works in further away rooms.


Wi-Fi router administration

The personal router often contains more functions than one thinks. Especially the actual buyers rarely know what their device is capable of. Using the MeinWLAN app, the customers gain access to those functions, which additionally expands the daily Internet comfort. For example, the app helps with setting up and managing a Wi-Fi guest account, which means that not every guest needs to get the personal Wi-Fi password. The user can independently set the Wi-Fi access data and activate or deactivate the guest account as needed. If, however, the personal Wi-Fi data needs to be changed, this can also be done via the MeinWLAN app. The app reads the Wi-Fi data from the connected router and not only evaluates the Wi-Fi settings, but also helps the user with setting a secure Wi-Fi password and encryption. It then automatically applies the new settings to the router.

The MeinWLAN app supports all DSL and cable modems of NetCologne by AVM FRITZ!Box. This allows for a secure communication with the router within the home network. The MeinWLAN app is also capable of extended Wi-Fi functions, such as the reading and displaying detailed settings of the router. This way, users of the app enjoy the luxury of, for example, restarting their router with only one click via the app. MeinWLAN-App

Measuring Internet and Wi-Fi speed

Internet access alone is not enough anymore today because the Internet should not only be stable but also fast. The integrated speed test of the MeinWLAN app helps the customer to measure the current Internet speed, which is then automatically compared to the speed of the customer’s actual tariff plan. In addition, the user is optimally aided in evaluating the speed test results by an informative rating and explanations. To enable the user to also check the home Wi-Fi, there are further functions to measure the Wi-Fi signal and throughput. Using those tools, the customer can accurately check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal as well as the speed of the available Wi-Fis and detect potential weak spots.


Recognising and solving Internet problems

Is the Internet unavailable or are there problems with the Wi-Fi?

The “Diagnosis” feature allows for independently checking and solving issues with the Internet connection. Via a visual status indicator, the user can check the current state of all areas that are needed for a working Internet connection. The MeinWLAN app performs an automatic router analysis and interactively guides through the appropriate solutions during troubleshooting. This way, the user can find out where the problem lies, while also getting the option to directly take action via the app (e.g. by restarting the router or checking the cabling).


A mobile app for all Internet questions

With the MeinWLAN app, customers receive all necessary tools for a problem-free everyday Internet experience both under Android and iOS. From setting up the router and Wi-Fi connection as well as the optimisation of the Wi-Fi and home network to different measurement tools and extended router control: all functions are always within reach via smartphone or tablet. The app offers even more content to the customer, e.g. tips, tricks & help videos for the best Wi-Fi reception at home, meaning that the already existing support solutions of NetCologne can easily be found in the MeinWLAN app. This way, the MeinWLAN app unites all information and tools that the customer needs for an everyday Internet experience without worries.

NetCologne selects m2suite mobile for their self-service solutions

With the German provider NetCologne, another top-class telecommunications provider relies on the flexible and customer-oriented self-care solutions by NetCologne trusts in the proven functions of the m2suite product range and will provide its customers with exciting and helpful features regarding the management of Internet access. In addition, NetCologne customers will be offered functionalities for optimising the home network as well as extensive self-repair solutions. We are delighted to count NetCologne among our customers and look forward to exciting new implementations.


About NetCologne

NetCologne is a regionally operating company offering reliable communication services and technology in the Rheinland area for 25 years. Their future-proof fibre network, boasting over 26.500 km of laid lines, is one of the most advanced in Europe. NetCologne currently serves around 382.000 private landline customers, 241.000 TV customers and 14.000 mobile telephony customers.

About is the European market leader in the field of digital Selfcare & Customer Experience solutions in the telecommunications sector. Using our products, end customers can carry out all setup processes around their Internet independently and thus manage their entire home network in an uncomplicated manner: fast product on-boarding through customer-friendly presentation as well as automated assistants, which not only help to set up the Internet optimally but also help in the event of errors, form the basis for a carefree everyday Internet life.