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The Quickline group is one of the leading full service providers of entertainment and communication in Switzerland; the products are aimed at residential and business customers as well as network operators. Together with 23 independent network operators, the Quickline group supplies approximately 400,000 households in the Swiss cable network market and is therefore the third largest TV provider and the fourth largest Internet and telephone provider in Switzerland.

Quickline launches self-service desktop solution by mquadr.at

The Swiss full-service provider Quickline launches the Quickline Suite to guarantee the best Internet experience for its customers in the desktop area. Based on the proven Internet self-care solution m2suite home by mquadr.at, Quickline receives a fully customised self-service solution to support customers 24/7 with Internet challenges.

Direct customer support and all functions with a click of a button

The home desktop acts as the starting point for the extensive customer support that Quickline offers its customers with the Quickline Suite. The diagnosis widget shows the current system status in real-time and helps to solve Internet related problems immediately. The other desktops of the suite as well as the remote support can be reached with only one click on the home desktop. This way the Quickline Suite reduces the initial technical hurdle and takes complete care of the setup of the required connection.

Quickline Suite

Recognise and repair errors automatically

Internet self-care means more than just offering the necessary tools; it also means providing the suitable support. The Quickline Suite immediately informs users about any problems with the Internet connection and resolves these with the Real-time Intelligent Self-repair (R.I.S.). Should further steps be necessary, the customer is guided through simple steps how to repair the Wi-Fi or to receive/send e-mails again. If the user wants to check the current status manually, one click is enough to start Diagnosis on Demand (D.O.D.) and check the system.

Quickline Suite

Wi-Fi connection and optimisation

The Wi-Fi connection feature is one of the most important instruments to use the Internet. Therefore, the Wi-Fi desktop shows the user all important information as well as the current Wi-Fi status.

Quickline Suite

Quickline Suite

Establishing a Wi-Fi connection is not always easy, especially for inexperienced users. The Wi-Fi setup assistant removes all entry barriers and shows every available Wi-Fi network in a clear list. If users want to know more about the quality of the current connection, they can use the “Measure Wi-Fi signal” feature. This practical tool displays the current signal strength of the available Wi-Fi networks in real-time, so users can determine the best position for their Wi-Fi devices i.e. the modem.

Quickline Suite

Once the Wi-Fi connection is established, it is very important to have the best Wi-Fi configuration in order to use the Internet without any problems and in full speed. The Wi-Fi optimisation in the Quickline Suite supports the user with the Wi-Fi configuration, calculates the best Wi-Fi channel and sets it automatically on the modem. This way nothing stands in the way of an optimal Internet surfing experience!

Quick and easy e-mail setup

E-mails are still one of the most important means of Internet communication. The e-mail desktop justly helps users to manage and set up their existing e-mail addresses. Should any problems arise later on, the Quickline Suite also assists in repairing wrong settings for users. Additionally, the practical share function enables users to share all necessary information quickly and easily.

Quickline Suite

Additional existing Quickline support solutions are also seamlessly integrated on the e-mail desktop: If a customer prefers webmail, they can reach it with one simple click on a tile in the Suite. If further instructions are needed, e.g. to set up e-mails on a smartphone or tablet, the user can also reach those guides directly from the Quickline Suite.

Secure configuration via customer login

Internet is always connected to security topics; in this regard the Quickline Suite uses reliable and proven methods: Using a customer login, it is guaranteed that the user is authenticated as well as authorised to make changes. Configurations on the modem are therefore not made directly on the modem, but rather on the server side, using the Quickline device management (ACS and TR-069).

A successful day-to-day Internet life with the Quickline Suite

Whether it is Wi-Fi or e-mails, the Quickline Suite offers the most important tools for the daily Internet usage: From the setup and Wi-Fi connection to the optimisation of the current Wi-Fi connection and the automated e-mail repair and e-mail management. The additional integration of existing Quickline support solutions ensures that customers find all the necessary answers and tools to use the Internet without any worries. The planning phase for the next expansion stage has already begun; it will offer users even more functions to improve their Internet experience and use the Internet to its full potential.

Quickline E-Mail Guides – The universal help to set-up e-mails

Quickline launches the Quickline E-Mail Guide and supports its customers in setting up and repairing Quickline e-mail addresses in an e-mail program. Based on the flexible mquadr.at online guides, Quickline relies on an interactive setup help that covers all e-mail related questions the customers may have.

Step by step to a perfectly set up e-mail account

The Quickline E-Mail Guides walks the customer through the entire e-mail setup: The user just needs to enter the e-mail address; the rest will be shown in several steps with the appropriate screenshots, so the user learns how to set up the e-mail account in the chosen program. In every step, the data that needs to be entered in the e-mail-program is accurately shown; additional numbers and textual descriptions help the user to stay on track.

Quickline E-Mail Guide

Quickline E-Mail Guide

Fast repair if e-mails don’t work

Quickline wants to help not only with e-mail setup, but also once the e-mail address is already set up, since problems can happen here as well (e.g. wrong security settings). The E-Mail Guides also support the user in this case and show exactly, how existing Quickline e-mail accounts need to be configured and where to find all the settings needed.

Quickline E-Mail Guide

Quickline E-Mail Guide

Responsive and perfect usability

Using cutting edge navigation, combined with a carefully thought out structure, the users always know how far they are in the setup process. When steps have already been performed or if there are any uncertainties, it is very easy to jump forward or backward. Additionally, this web based application is, of course, developed to offer the best overview on all screen sizes and devices.

Quickline E-Mail Guide

Quickline E-Mail Guide

A plethora of e-mail programs

Whether it is Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, the Quickline E-Mail Guides cover all operating systems. E-mail programs such as Outlook or Apple Mail, as well as Thunderbird or the e-mail clients integrated in the operating systems are also included. Additionally, specific features of the different clients are covered, so that in the end users can send and receive their e-mails without any worries.

Quickline E-Mail Guide

Quickline E-Mail Guide

Easy e-mail setup

E-mails are still an essential factor in the fast and uncomplicated communication via different platforms and e-mail programs make dealing with this even easier. The Quickline E-Mail Guides help users set up their Quickline e-mail on their own device quickly and easily, and therefore significantly reduce calls regarding e-mail setup. Since the Quickline E-Mail Guides are available online from every device, it is very easy to use them in customer support. This way users receive excellent support, no matter which device they access the guides from.

Quickline WLAN Optimizer – a modern Wi-Fi optimization solution based on m2wlan (November 2013)

Swiss full-service provider Finecom Telecommunications AG uses the Quickline WLAN Optimizer – a customized version of m2wlan – to offer its customers an easy-to-use software to analyse and configure the optimal Wi-Fi channel, resulting in faster and even more stable Wi-Fi.

Central features of the Quickline WLAN Optimizer:

  • Quickline Look & Feel – customized branding styled in line with the Quickline brand identity
  • Authentication process completely integrated into existing interfaces – Quickline customers can use their login
  • Automatic configuration of Wi-Fi routers – once customers log in using their Quickline account, the configuration is executed via an online remote interface without any further customer input required
  • Configuration via LAN or Wi-Fi – following a configuration via LAN, a Wi-Fi connection is automatically established (if desired)
  • Dual-band support: Wi-Fi infrastructure is analysed on 5 GHz and 2,4 GHz frequency band
  • Optimal channels for both frequency bands can be configured together or independently
  • Detailed graphical display of Wi-Fi environment, including a detailed channel load overview

These features ensure a stable connection, fast Internet, and good signal strength, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

“Customer service is extended all the way to the consumer’s home computer, hotline calls and resulting support costs are reduced significantly.”

Analysis and optimisation of the Wi-Fi infrastructure with Quickline WLAN Optimizer

Users are still barely aware that the chosen channel significantly influences the quality of the home Wi-Fi network. In the widely used 2,4-GHz frequency band especially, the number of existing Wi-Fi networks is consistently on the rise, resulting in unstable connections, massive speed loss and severely reduced signal strength. Even if users are aware of the problem that demands an adequately configured Wi-Fi infrastructure, the correct configuration can be an insurmountable obstacle for users. The optimization process demands technical know-how, time, and patience. This is where the Quickline WLAN Optimizer comes into play and offers support: a user-friendly interface guides the customer through the process and offers, if desired, detailed information on every step (e.g., by providing a clearly arranged graphical display of the current Wi-Fi environment). This results in an optimally configured Wi-Fi – both in the 2,4 GHz and in the 5 GHz frequency band – a well-informed consumer, and increased trust in the service provider.