Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation


Electricity, natural gas, district heating, water, telecommunications and public transport: Salzburg AG offers a broad range of services and infrastructural facilities. With approx. 2.000 employees and 250.000 customers, the company is one of the largest and most innovative public utilities in Austria.

CableLink InfoCenter 2008 (launch: September 2008)

Cablelink InfoCenter, a tool created by and successfully operated by Salzburg AG for more than two years, allows customers to easily set up an Internet connection. At the same time, it is a multifunctional support tool helping customers to solve problems with Internet and e-mail single-handedly.

This powerful installation and administration tool (for an in-depth description, please see product details below) has been upgraded last year to support Microsoft Windows Vista. Integrated in the latest release is the new WLAN functionality by (m2wlan). Salzburg AG is now able to offer its customers the utilisation of WLAN via a special cable modem (Scientific Atlanta - Wireless Home Gateway).

In the course of initial Internet set-up, WLAN configuration is offered and carried out. As customary this is accomplished in a user-friendly manner (included are router/modem animations, automatic check and pre-selection of relevant parameters) so that the service is accessible even for customers without any technical know-how. Successful installation is only a matter of a few mouse clicks. The only required user interaction is the manual entry of the 'WPA key' and the 'SSID'. Salzburg AG provides this information to customers in a data sheet.

Otherwise the support tool has been enhanced by a separate category 'WLAN', mainly dedicated to allow quick and easy inclusion of additional PCs in an existing wireless network.

The complex task of setting up a wireless network connection has been automated to an extent where literally everybody using the software is able to perform WLAN installations.

Any assistant previously included in the CableLink InfoCenter to recover the Internet connection and the browser, e-mail and NIC settings naturally now covers the sphere of WLAN too. Therefore not only WLAN set-up and later addition of other PCs to an existing wireless network, but also the fallback to working (wireless) configurations becomes child's play.

CableLink InfoCenter (launch: May 2006)

For Salzburg AG, designed the multifunctional CableLink InfoCenter, which was completely adapted to the needs and design requirements of Salzburg's largest cable network provider. This newly developed, innovative administration tool is based on two software applications, which are m2webalizer light and m2webcenter light. Basically, it is a simple installation tool which can be used for all Salzburg AG broadband cable Internet access products; simultaneously it functions as a support application for improving the efficiency of Salzburg AG's Call Centre.

During automatic Internet set-up, all installed protocols are checked and the required server, proxy and security settings are adjusted accordingly. In addition to this, the selected network interface card is configured automatically, File and Print Sharing as well as Client for Microsoft Networks are disabled and the firewall is enabled automatically for all Salzburg AG customers. Alongside complete support of POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts, browser configuration is carried out automatically, including the setting of the start page and adjustment of all connection and security settings necessary for Salzburg AG Internet access.

Within a clearly arranged user interface, the high performance administration tool provides users with numerous features and functionalities for administering various settings of their CableLink Internet access or carrying out special test functions. Thus, a single mouse click suffices to retrieve detailed information on the user's system, for example, the device manager, software manager or the installed Internet connections. By means of an integrated print and save function, this type of data can also be archived for later use. Within the support tool, special attention has been turned to the provisioning of data relevant for CableLink Internet access. Network interface card and browser settings, such as connection and security information, are presented in list form in such a way that users as well as support agents are provided with all parameters concerning cable Internet access at a single glance. In this connection, the information on the network interface card plays a major role: type and status (connected/disconnected), firewall settings, file and data sharing or limited connectivity - all of these features are presented in a concise way.

Integrated wizards enable users to restore Internet access or the browser, e-mail and network interface card settings within the CableLink InfoCenter application. Also, these little tools facilitate easy set-up and administration of e-mail addresses. As well as providing an extensive status report and links to the CableLink portal (for example, for Web space administration), the application is complemented by Ping and IPconfig functionalities.

With CableLink InfoCenter, Salzburg AG offers its customers an even better installation and support service.