Scarlet is a Belgacom affiliate (source:
Belgacom wants to be the preferred provider offering intuitive end-to-end solutions; combining fixed and mobile telecom, IT and media; and empowering its customers to master and enrich their professional and private lives.

Belgacom "Scarlet Easy Installer"

Based on existing modules of our comprehensive Internet-set-up software m2webalizer, built Scarlet Easy Installer - a dedicated connectivity solution for Belgacom.
All required components (network, VPN, browser, e-mail, security settings, etc.) are configured automatically a single mouse click suffices!

In addition to Belgacom's given time target, a really complex hardware configuration proved to be particularly challenging in this extensive project . The modem supported by Scarlet (Sagem F @ st 3464) is configured fully automatically for Wi-Fi and VoIP.
In the background the software constantly checks each and every configuration step to ensure correct set-up and flawless functionalities (for example, DSL connection test, e-mail pop check etc.).

On request of Belgacom, special attention was directed to negative flows. In order to let the user know exactly what kind of problem occurred and what to do about it, accurate information about potential exit points or reasons for termination of the program are displayed.

In addition to the custom features mentioned above, this special installer is also equipped with our HTML-help to provide users with useful information about every installation (which is also available offline).

In this context, information on the 10 most commonly used firewalls (including screen shots of possible error messages as well as precise explanations) was also integrated. Therefore customers know exactly how to proceed, for example, if the firewall demands to know whether access should be permitted to Scarlet Easy Installer or not. This way the customer's system remains protected throughout the entire installation process.

During the course of the installation the user is asked to enter their user data. The complete system configuration will be carried out automatically by Scarlet Easy Installer to the greatest possible extent. The proper hardware connection is illustrated by means of realistic 1:1 animations. These Flash animations explain step-by-step how to connect cables and all hardware components (that is, modems, phones, splitters and similar) correctly.

The integration of the Belgian national languages Flemish and French, as well as English was another of Belgacom's mandatory requirements.

Besides offering easy set-up of Internet access, of all e-mail accounts and VoIP, Scarlet Easy Installer is also equipped for simply adding another computer. Thus, Scarlet customers may add other PCs to their previously established Scarlet WLAN at any later point in time. The set-up of your home network is done with only a few mouse clicks and without any technical know-how. The initial set-up stored in the config file (including all relevant wireless data) may be easily imported, while everything else will be carried out automatically by the Scarlet Easy Installer.

For, this trilingual Internet setup software has been an important step into the Belgian market.