"From the first offer all the way to last minute change requests - has always been brilliant in its flexibility, convincing advice, and with short implementation times. All our specific requirements have been precisely implemented. The delivered software distinguishes itself by its usability and its sound stability."

Christian Wulle, Product Manager Multimedia, Sunrise

Mobile-, landline, Internet and combined packages: Sunrise offers intelligent communication solutions from a single hand, neatly arranged and simple. Sunrise employs 1 500 people from 60 different nations and has its own broadband infrastructure (last mile) which will be available for 80% of all households by the end of 2009.

sunrise mail (launch: February 2008)

In addition to the necessary changes within the sunrise volume counter regarding company name and the new corporate design of the Swiss Internet Service Provider Sunrise Communications AG, developed a new and dedicated application to enable Sunrise customers to effortlessly migrate already established e-mail addresses to the new Sunrise e-mail platform.

This software solution for automatically migrating existing Sunrise e-mail accounts was specifically customised to the requirements of Sunrise and allows existing customers to easily adapt their e-mail clients to the new required settings without the need for any manual interaction and knowledge of technical details.

Due to the fact that the existing Sunrise e-mail services freesurf plus, mysunrise and premiumsurf will be discontinued, customers have to transfer their e-mail accounts to the new "Sunrise mail" platform. The brand new e-mail migration tool converts the supported e-mail clients fully automatically.

The user starts the application and is presented with a clearly arranged list of all existing and locally setup e-mail accounts, from which he/she selects the one that has to be transferred. After entering the user data (which is verified via pop request), the chosen account will be set up automatically for the appropriate e-mail client.

Additionally, the e-mail migration tool provides convenient functions for setting up completely new e-mail addresses. This is for customers who, rather than transfer an existing e-mail address, want to set up a newly registered e-mail address locally in the preferred e-mail client.

This trilingual application, which may be downloaded by Sunrise customers straight away, is automatically and completely removed from the client's system after successful migration or set-up of a Sunrise e-mail account.

sunrise volume counter (launch: July 2005)

In order to offer ADSL as well as dial-in users a real-time overview of their transferred data volume, sunrise now offers a newly designed volume counter to its broad- and narrowband customers. This newly designed application (based on m2volumecounter) includes a detailed overview of current data volume (up- and download), comprehensive summaries of all hitherto existing connections and a user-friendly interface which can be adjusted to individual requirements and includes a great number of additional features.

Upon starting sunrise volume counter, customers can select the connection that is meant to be metered (LAN, ADSL, Dial-In). Within a permanently visible message window, the application provides information on up- and download volume which is exact to the second, details on current capacity usage as well as remaining data volume. Daily, weekly as well as monthly transfer volume is presented in concise summaries, and also includes accurate information on the data volume left each current month. In addition to this, sunrise volume counter includes clear reports on in- and outgoing traffic over several weeks and months, and offers a series of further settings. Thus the message window design can be individually adjusted, as can the special warning message which pops up when reaching a specific download limit or a specific download time.

Like any sunrise application designed by, sunrise volume counter supports four different languages and includes the m2live update function. It thus enables optimal support in the administration of individual download quotas.

As from now, sunrise volume counter is available for customer download on the portal!

sunrise internet support tool (launch: September 2004)

As from now, Swiss full service provider sunrise offers its customers m2webcenter in four different languages. In the course of developing sunrise internet support tool, m2webcenter was equipped with a number of new features, such as comprehensive installation and configuration wizards for all sunrise Internet products. A series of diagnostic tools, like for example Ping or IP Config, support users as well as call centre agents in diagnosing and repairing faulty settings. In addition to this, an automatically generated Help which includes all relevant system data and can be printed, saved and sent by e-mail, offers further help for the customer support department. Within the well-tested area of browser and e-mail administration (including IMAP), sunrise customers are for the first time provided with a section enabling administration of the Opera browser and the corresponding e-mail client Opera M2. In order to gain national reach, sunrise internet support tool was developed in four different, dynamically switchable languages. In it's current form, m2webcenter is also used by the multilingual sunrise call centre.

sunrise live update (launch: September 2004)

In order to enable a quick reaction to technology and product-related changes, m2liveupdate was merged with m2webcenter for automatic import of necessary updates. If any changes to the sunrise internet support tool are required (for example, modem swap, new products, etc.), or modifications need to be carried out due to new browser versions, updates can be made available online. Once the customer starts the sunrise internet support tool, relevant updates are downloaded and inserted in the application within seconds. All server infrastructure required for m2liveupdate is provided and managed by

sunrise maildelete (launch: September 2004)

m2maildelete enables sunrise customers to check their POP 3 e-mail accounts for large messages or spam directly on the server and immediately delete them without having to download them onto their PC.

Text messages can be read so that a selection can be made before mail is downloaded by an e-mail client.

By means of m2maildelete, sunrise enables its customers to reduce download volume and to select only relevant data for administration with the preferred e-mail program. m2maildelete was made available in four different languages.