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“We appreciate as a most flexible and target oriented partner for the development of user friendly and reliable solutions for our customers. It is great pleasure to work with this highly motivated team.”

Manuel Cattaneo, Project Manager, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider, with 5.5 million mobile customers and around 1.8 million broadband connections. In the first half of 2009, the company’s 19,970 employees (full time equivalents) generated revenues of CHF 5.9 billion (approximately EURO 3.9 billion). Almost 830 young people complete an apprenticeship at Swisscom in the fields of IT, telematics, mediamatics, retailing and commerce.


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The new My Swisscom Assistant: premium features for automated self-service beyond classical Internet related topics

Swisscom is launching a new version of the free support program My Swisscom Assistant. Based on “m2suite home”, the My Swisscom Assistant was further developed by and Swisscom as well as extended with several premium functions. Additionally to the usual areas of managing, setting up and repairing their Swisscom Internet access, Swisscom now also supports its customers in areas such as Internet security and special “My Service” content, such as PC maintenance, system diagnostics, and much more.

“My Service” premium features

The most important innovation in the My Swisscom Assistant is the integration of the “My Service” functions. “My Service” is the support subscription by Swisscom for technical issues. In addition to the regular support, the subscription includes phone support by special “My Service” experts. Also, the My Swisscom Assistant now offers “My Service” features that cover other areas than the classical topics related to Internet access. These premium subscription functions enable Internet and PC security checks, PC performance optimization, and the automatic fixing of various problems with the personal computer. The new My Swisscom Assistant communicates autonomously with the internal customer support system of Swisscom. This means that after a customer successfully logs in, the potential subscription status can be determined interactively. If the customer has a “My Service” subscription, all new features regarding Internet security and system maintenance will be unlocked.

MyService Desktop

The “system diagnosis” is especially useful, as it offers customers compact and clear information about the state of all areas of their PC:

  • Diagnosis and output of the current status of the Internet connection and the security of the computer.
  • Checking of the saved browser data and information that have accumulated during surfing the Internet. There is also the option to delete those traces quickly and easily to maintain the security of the customer’s PC as well as protect their privacy.

Delete Internet traces: Detailed analysis

  • Support of special cleaning tools to make the PC of the customer faster and more secure.

PC clean: Short analysis

  • Analysis of autostart programs plus evaluation of the programs that slow down the computer so that a quick boot-up time is guaranteed.
  • Checking the health of the installed harddrives as well as RAM and processor workload.

All features that are included in the system diagnosis can also be run as individual functions in the My Swisscom Assistant. In that case, the extended versions of these features offer even more functions and detailed displays. As special comfort, users can activate a reminder function (also individual per feature). As of course the PC is best protected and works as smoothly as possible if these functions are run at regular intervals, these reminders, that can be set at a freely chooseable time per week, will help to keep the PC safe and fast.

PC Maintenance” - Detailed analysis

Also part of the “My Service” area are the “Windows Quick Links”. They allow users to quickly and easily access shortcuts to helpful Windows functions.

Additional support and remote access for troubleshooting

There is also a solution in case users of the My Swisscom Assistant need support with more individual questions about their PC or WLAN, or if they have problems with their Internet access: the feature “Remote Support” allows users to quickly grant a call center agent access to their PC during a call with the Swisscom hotline.

Home Desktop Remote-Support-Code-Input

The call center agent can now directly start actions or analyses on the PC of the customer with the new My Swisscom Assistant. This is an enormous advantage, as it is often difficult for customers to clearly define their problems. The agent also has the option to temporarily unlock premium functions for the customer in case the customer does not have a subscription. All necessary analysis tools can be started through the My Swisscom Assistant. This way, the agent does not have to use any additional software or install it on the customer’s PC.

The temporary unlocking of the “My Service“ functions also allows the customer to get to know the advantages and features of the subscription. At the same time, the remote access is a straightforward way for troubleshooting.

Numerous further improvements of the My Swisscom Assistant

In addition to the already mentioned major changes to the My Swisscom Assistant, other new features were integrated. Also, several popular and trusted functions were optimized:

  • There were improvements to the features “Connect to WLAN” as well as “Measure WLAN signal strength” to make the tools and the results more user-friendly.
  • The new feature “Manage WLAN profiles” helps users to manage the WLAN access profiles that are stored on their operating system. This way, users can create new profiles for WLANs or delete existing ones.

Manage WLAN profiles

  • The display and listing of the most important system information of the PC has been reworked completely. The customer can now get a quick overview of the important parts of the system, where available even in real time. The extended display of the system information can deliver even more detailed information about the individual components of the PC. Information about the RAM and processor are shown in an easy to grasp way in the new My Swisscom Assistant. Both the workload of the RAM and processor are displayed to the user in a realtime diagram. In additon, important detailed information is displayed interactively and in real time. Should problems arise, the user is informed immediately.

RAM workload realtime diagram

  • Harddrive information can also be checked quickly and easily. The health of the harddrives is controlled via realtime monitoring, meaning the customer is alerted in case of errors. If needed, detailed information about each recognized harddrive is available as well.


  • There is a new tool for monitoring and analyzing all security-related settings on the user’s PC. Not only is it constantly checking antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware, but it also monitors app and browser settings, the Windows Security Center and the Windows Update Service. All of this is again shown interactively to the user.
  • Another new addition is the integration of “Swisscom Internet Security” by F-Secure for quickly scanning for viruses, malware and spyware. The so-called “F-Secure Online Scanner” finds harmful files and apps and removes them from the computer.
  • Also new are the direct links to the Swisscom Academy and the Swisscom safety tips that complement the security package of the My Swisscom Assistant.
  • The reworked feature “Network & service status” helps users in case of a service interruption. With this tool, they can find out whether the problem is with the Internet provider or with their home network. Now that the My Swisscom assistant uses a new API, the information can be retrieved even more quickly and precisely. In addition, the user is shown information on the potential duration and the expected end of the interruption.
Swisscom uses tools by for exhaustive e-mail security update (Launch: June 2017)

To provide their customers with the latest security standards when using e-mail clients, Swisscom has decided to change the port of all Swisscom e-mail accounts. As this switch has to be done locally on the system, which to most of the users means a challenge, Swisscom customers are given elaborate automated and manual instructions by the proven self-care tools of

To do so, three different tools, namely the automated Swisscom E-Mail Updater, the e-mail online guide and the e-mail widget of My Swisscom Assistant interact perfectly, creating a wide net supporting numerous operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. For these operating systems, it becomes possible to easily create and configure e-mail accounts and to perform security checks.

Swisscom E-Mail Updater – Configuring a new port automatically

Swisscom E-Mail Updater is a standalone program which is started locally on the computer of the user. On supported operating systems, it performs an automated port switch for all e-mail clients. With its one-click solution, user input has been reduced to a minimum. The application analyses the e-mail accounts configured on the computer and automatically performs the necessary adjustment of the security settings.

  • Swisscom E-Mail Updater

Finally, the user is given a success message concerning the updated accounts and security settings as well as tips on further support offers by Swisscom such as My Swisscom Assistant and My Service.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 to 10
  • OSX 10.10 to macOS 10.12 (Sierra)

Supported E-Mail Clients

  • Windows: Live Mail (from Windows 7), Outlook 2007 to 2016
  • MacOS: Apple Mail 10.10 to 10.12, Outlook 2011 and 2016

E-Mail Online Guide – Creating, configuring and repairing e-mail accounts manually

The E-Mail Online Guide (EOG) complements the Swisscom E-Mail Updater by providing customised manual instructions. After indicating customer data, operating system and the e-mail client to create the account in, users are given instructions tailored to their needs, leading them through the switching process in easily comprehensible, visual steps.

  • Swisscom Email Online Guide

EOG can be used on screens of different sizes and is suitable for both PCs and for smartphones and tablets, covering a multitude of systems which do not support automated configuration.

Similarly, EOG offers support when it comes to setting up or repairing e-mail accounts.

Supported operating systems and e-mail programs

  • Windows: Outlook 2007 to 2016, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail 8 and 10, Thunderbird (current version)
  • macOS: Apple Mail 10.10 to 10.12, Outlook 2011 and 2016
  • iOS 10 and corresponding e-mail applications
  • Android 6.x and corresponding e-mail applications

Integration of E-Mail Online Guide into My Swisscom Assistant

My Swisscom Assistant is the central self-care tool offering its users targeted 24/7 instructions on all essential Internet topics such as Wi-Fi, e-mail, Internet security, creation and configuration, maintenance and optimisation. The e-mail widget contained in My Swisscom Assistant helps to easily set up Swisscom e-mail accounts in local e-mail clients, always based on current security standards, of course.

  • Swisscom Email Online Guide

The E-Mail Online Guide will be integrated in the next release of My Swisscom Assistant, allowing full access to the whole range of manual instructions for creating, configuring and repairing e-mail accounts.

Swisscom E-Mail Updater and E-Mail Online Guide are available for both operating systems Windows and macOS as well as for Android and iOS, offered in German, English, French, and Italian. For further information on the self-care product range of, please see our product page or simply contact our experts.

Home network and improved usability: the new My Swisscom Assistant (Launch: May 2017)

The optimal home network and its setup are an important topic for many people. The new version of the My Swisscom Assistant helps beginners and pros to optimise and extend their home network. A new desktop offers a collection of features and helps users to reach all corners of their home with perfect Internet connectivity.

Swisscom enables its customers to make all the necessary installation processes on their own and offers not only the necessary devices, but also a customised software solution for a fast and satisfying home network optimisation.

  • home network desktop

With the home network desktop to the best Internet experience

Reboot router

Restarting the modem/router is recommended for some Internet problems. This tile lets users reboot the modem easily on their own.

  • home network desktop

Measure Wi-Fi signal strength

The user can access the „ Measure WLAN signal strength” feature on the home network desktop in order to measure the current Wi-Fi reception quality. A clear diagram shows the Wi-Fi quality, ranging from green for good reception to red for bad reception. This way, users can improve their Wi-Fi reception with a few simple steps, e.g. by changing the position of the modem.

Wi-Fi extender

A Wi-Fi extender helps to further improve the home network. By clicking on the “WLAN Repeater” tile, the user can set up a Wi-Fi extender; a step by step instruction helps even beginners to extend their Wi-Fi range. Furthermore, the user can also add new adapters to his existing setup or connect to an available Wi-Fi extender manually. An additional tile on the home network desktop allows the user access to the online shop to buy Wi-Fi extenders.

Always the right window size

The My Swisscom Assistant features one of the latest functions of our m2suite: The possibility to change the window size as desired. The content adapts to the available space and therefore enables an optimal work environment on every device and screen size.

E-mail Online Guides integration

Swisscom supports its customers with extended tools for e-mail safety and setup. Therefore, the e-mail online guide is integrated in the My Swisscom Assistant. The guide provides step by step instructions with customer’s personalised information; all the customers need to do is to enter the displayed information in their e-mail program.

Additional improvements in this release

  • adapted and redesigned e-mail flow based on the latest version of the m2suite
  • reworked tile structure on the desktops to guarantee the best possible usability
  • further changes and improvements of the overall design to provide a consistent user experience
  • improved support of the network & service status even when the user is offline

You can download the latest version of The My Swisscom Assistant on the Swisscom homepage.

My Swisscom Assistant Release: Internet security and usability (Launch: November 2016)

The latest release of the My Swisscom Assistant focuses on the topic of Internet security and offers a number of new Internet Security features. To this end, a range of automated m2suite self-care features have been put together on a newly designed Internet & security desktop, allowing users to monitor the security status of their computer systems and, if necessary, to improve these.

Swisscom Internet Security Desktop

Top three new features of the Internet & security desktop of My Swisscom Assistant

Real-time security status

One important innovation for this release is the new Internet security widget which is included as part of the Internet & security desktop. This widget displays the status of the most important security components in the computer system (firewall, anti-virus protection, security updates, etc.) clearly arranged and in real-time. For each of these components, users can see at a glance whether the system is protected or if the security settings should be improved.

With a single click on the displayed security status, users are guided directly to the optimisation flow, where the status of the firewall and anti-virus programs can be checked. Here, users may also check for the latest updates that need to be installed, thus closing any possible security gaps.

Swisscom Internet Security Settings

Delete Internet traces

While surfing the Internet, browsers store a large amount of data (texts, images, URLs, form data, passwords, etc.) locally on the operating system. This information makes surfing easier for the user, as the visited websites and previously entered data are quickly available. Furthermore, they also provide insight into the surfing behavior and can compromise users’ privacy.

This feature offers a simple and secure possibility to delete data that are no longer needed and thus protects the user’s privacy while surfing. Upon starting the application with a click, all browsers that are installed on the system are scanned for potentially deletable data. The results are clearly listed for each browser, enabling users to manually select the data to be deleted via checkboxes.

Clean up

The feature PC Care provides a quick and simple solution to common problems such as memory exhaustion or decreasing computer power. It automatically seeks out unnecessary files and displays the amount of storage space gained by deleting them. A well-structured overview allows the user to easily choose the files to be deleted.

Additional functions introduced in the My Swisscom Assistant

  • Photorealistic 3D animations illustrate the correct cabling of Swisscom Internet boxes.
  • The comprehensive Wi-Fi tips and tricks (which can be opened via the Wi-Fi deksktop) support users in setting up and optimising their Wi-Fi.
  • The Wi-Fi data infosheet displays the current Wi-Fi Data (SSID, PSK, encryption) for both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency in a handy overview. These data can be printed or saved on the computer. In addition, Wi-Fi data may also be displayed as a QR code, thus enabling users to easily transfer their Wi-Fi data to mobile devices.
  • The list of supported modems has been extended to include a new modem model (Internet Box 2). Additionally, the appropriate cabling instructions for initial setup have been integrated in the My Swisscom Assistant.
  • The updated e-mail widget displays an overview of the users e-mail accounts, their current status (configured/not configured, fully functional/limited functionality, fully functional/inoperable) and further relevant e-mail data (e-mail program, e-mail protocol).
  • Changeover to JSON for a modern and dynamic administration of manuals and editorial content.
  • The latest release of My Swisscom Assistant has been adapted to the requirements of macOS Sierra and is running perfectly on the new operating system.
  • Comprehensive reengineering and enhanced usability of the My Swisscom Assistant.
Click here for Download
My Swisscom Assistant extended with a Service Desktop and automated Mac Care (Launch: November 2015)

The latest release of the My Swisscom Assistant comes with a separate service desktop to provide more space for the wide range of customer services and make them easily accessible with only one click. Another essential improvement is the new Mac Care. Already successfully in use for Windows, the automated system care is now available for Mac devices as well.

The advantages of automated system care

Automated system care is an easy to use tool, which helps users to keep their computer system up-to-date, secure and highly efficient.

The analysis and optimisation of the single system components is for the most part done automatically. The user is guided through an easily understandable step-by-step process, thus completing the recommended updates independently and without any previous technical knowledge.

The new Mac Care supports the following actions:

  • Hard disk cleaner: Deletes unused data files and language packages in order to gain more disk space.
  • App Cleaner: Helps to gain more storage space by completely deleting apps and the corresponding data files.
  • Mac software updates: Checks whether the operating system, drivers and other necessary software are up to date and offers updates otherwise.
Swisscom - My Swisscom Assistant

Intuitive help in the My Swisscom Assistant

To simplify the access to the comprehensive help topics of the My Swisscom Assistant, a separate service desktop was implemented. It offers tips, expert videos as well as links directly to the support community and the help section on the customer portal of Swisscom. This way the desktop serves as a central contact point for information on all relevant topics.

Swisscom - My Swisscom Assistant

Furthermore, the other desktops of the My Swisscom Assistant are closely connected to thematically relevant help topics via a direct link. This way, useful tools such as PC/Mac Care and the Service Quick Check, cabling animations and instructions for further devices are clearly visible and easily accessible.

Swisscom - My Swisscom Assistant

Additionally, the self-care widget now provides the opportunity to retrieve tools and instructions via a direct link. Thereby the user can catch up on relevant topics related to LAN and Wi-Fi, e-mail and device instructions at all times, as well as independently optimise the computer system and Internet connection.

Download from Swisscom’s web portal (

Personalised self-care features for new My Swisscom Assistant release (Launch: August 2015)

In the most recent release, special attention was put on the upgrading of personalised contents in order to raise the self-care customer comfort of My Swisscom Assistant even more.

Swisscom - My Swisscom Assistant

Service content in the GUI

With a campaign management system, dynamic contents are provided to the customers in the GUI of My Swisscom Assistant. These can, for instance, appear as announcements concerning current maintenance works or new available services, which can thus be directly transmitted to the customers.

Simple customer log-in

A well visible login link in the upper right corner on all My Swisscom Assistant desktops makes it easy for the customer to log in to the customer area at all times. This way, the availability of all functions and the personalised use of all services is being ensured.

One example is the newly designed Wi-Fi display that shows the customer’s Wi-Fi Data and detailed information about the current Wi-Fi connection and also allows to perform administration and security tasks directly in the interface.

Premium PC Care

My Swisscom Assistant PC Care supports customers with the regular maintenance of their PCs, so that the Internet performance is not harmed by outdated software and lack of disk space.

Further maintenance options for My Service customers have been added in the PC Care area in order to be directly accessible and installable automatically via the My Swisscom Assistant.

Online-form for customer feedback

For the customer centred development of My Swisscom Assistant, direct user feedback is the most valuable source. To make customer comments about self-care experience particularly easy, the already existing feedback form has been supplemented with a customer survey. This survey allows users to rate different functions of the tool on a numerical scale and helps Swisscom gain useful knowledge about the acceptance of their self-care measures.

Swisscom - My Swisscom Assistant

Download []

My Swisscom Assistant for Small and Medium Enterprises (Launch: April 2015)

Swisscom is the first company to support their SME customers with an extensive self-care tool. My Swisscom Assistant for small to medium enterprises is based on the m2suite and was adapted in a pilot project to fill the needs of the SME.

This self-service software offers extensive support for setup and optimisation of Internet and email as well as a quick and independent repair of any occurring errors. Consequently, My Swisscom Assistant improves the efficiency enabling the SME to work more effectively and leads to an enhanced customer experience.

My Swisscom Assistant for SME ...

  • alerts the user when there is a problem with the Internet, email or Wi-Fi and fixes the issue on request
  • helps with setup and management of email accounts
  • helps to improve the signal quality and speed of the Wi-Fi
  • is the quickest access to all other Swisscom support tools, manuals and web pages

My Swisscom Assistant for SME is available for free on the Swisscom homepage.

My Swisscom Assistant – based on m2suite, the next generation self-service solution by (December 2013)

In cooperation with, Swisscom, the leading ISP in Switzerland, has expanded the range of self-service software solutions for their customers. The introduction of the My Swisscom Assistant presents a unique software that combines all previous solutions in a modern graphical user interface improved with additional user-oriented features. Users receive an appealing software for Windows and Mac that does not only offer help in case of problems, but rather acts as a valuable communication platform between Swisscom and their customers.

Swisscom - My Swisscom Assistant

Appealing design creates a software for everyday use

The central elements within the design of My Swisscom Assistant are tiles – a concept that is well known to users of Windows 8, smartphones and tablets. Tiles with different functions form the various desktops (Home, Internet & Computer, Wi-Fi and Email). All elements of the graphical user interface are implemented as dynamic web content and can be adapted easily. The user interface is not directly linked to the technical framework, resulting in a flexible, modular solution, which can be continuously expanded with new technical components represented in additional, customisable tiles.

My Swisscom Assistant has been designed as the central access point for Swisscom home customers and covers everything – from automatic repair, email setup, Wi-Fi optimisation, cabling guides and a direct feedback interface, to continuative links to the Support Community and additional instructions on the Swisscom website.

Perfect service directly on the consumer desktop - setup and repair, one software for all situations

Customer requirements directed at a modern ISP keep rising: Internet access has to „just work“, feature intuitive handling and run equally effectively on all systems. The majority of typical problems on the user’s end starts with erroneous settings or defective hardware and thus requires a solution that covers as many support scenarios as possible without compromising usability.

Through the use of a notification system, users are alerted if an error occurs and are consequently kept online through an automated repair system (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair). The repair component of My Swisscom Assistant (based on the market-proven technology behind m2selfrepair) runs in the background and appears only when needed. If users want to check their system, there are two tools available that can be started at any time: the diagnosis (Diagnosis on Demand, screening the system for many typical errors) and the status report (including all relevant system information).

Wi-Fi optimisation, email administration, and always all appropriate information

Customers can set up and configure Wi-Fi and email without previous technical knowledge. Access data is retrieved from and saved to the customer’s Swisscom account. This way, settings can easily be transferred to other systems and restored in case of a reinstallation – customers only need their Swisscom Login.

My Swisscom Assistant also features automatic identification and configuration of the ideal Wi-Fi broadcast channel for the home network, using the technology behind our product m2wlan. By changing to a less crowded broadcast channel, drops in connection speed and stability – an unknown but frequent cause for customer complaints - can be avoided.

The answers to many common customer questions can be accessed directly from the user interface (How do I get to the Swisscom Customer Center? Is it possible that the Internet connection is disrupted? How can I start a remote support session?). The customer experiences the My Swisscom Assistant as an interactive knowledge base (featuring a comprehensive search function, integrated instructions, and links to the Swisscom Support Portal), which can be consulted whenever questions concerning the Internet access arise. Through this interactive knowledge base, all features and services become easily accessible, without a lengthy search.

"The possibilities offered by the technology of m2suite make My Swisscom Assistant a comprehensive service package that can be started directly from the consumer desktop, automatically repairs a wide range of errors, and serves as a valuable source of information for all issues concerning the Internet access."

Self-service software of the future – outlook and enhancements

My Swisscom Assistant was realised based on m2suite - with a focus on highest possible flexibility. Due to the modular structure and the use of dynamic web content in the design of the user interface, the product can easily be adapted and expanded. Many minor improvements are already under way for the near future. Accessing the various optimisation and repair functions will soon be more direct, resulting in an even smoother user experience. Beyond that, our team is already working intensively on numerous additional improvements that will make My Swisscom Assistant an even better product.

Together with Swisscom, we are looking forward to the future of self-service software, and are proud to strike a new, unique path in this field.

My Swisscom Assistant in detail – features and technical info

    • Modern design in Swisscom Look & Feel – the graphical user interface is clear, simple and fully dynamic through the use of web design technologies
    • Full support of Windows 8® and 8.1®, 7®, Vista® (32-Bit and 64-Bit variants) and Windows XP® (32-Bit)
    • ... as well as Mac OS X
  • Email
    • Automatic configuration of Swisscom email accounts for different email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail)
    • Direct link to the email administration in the Swisscom Customer Center to create new and edit existing email addresses
    • Display of email addresses linked to the Swisscom account; and whether these are configured in an email client
    • Possibility to repair erroneous settings in the email client (e.g. wrong server address)
  • Wi-Fi
    • Automatic setup of a Wi-Fi connection; if the Swisscom Login is stored, no additional data is required
    • Wi-Fi broadcast channel optimisation – the ideal Wi-Fi channel is calculated and – if desired – automatically set
    • Activation/deactivation of the router’s Wi-Fi function, directly from the user interface of My Swisscom Assistant
    • Direct link to the Wi-Fi area within the Swisscom Customer Center where access data can be changed
    • Display of relevant Wi-Fi data (security settings, broadcast channel) in a widget on the user interface of the My Swisscom Assistant
  • Automatic repair, diagnosis, and system maintenance
    • Automatic repair of a broad range of errors regarding Internet connection, Wi-Fi connection, and router configuration (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair – R.I.S.)
    • Instructions on various topics concerning computer maintenance and Internet access – available both online (Swisscom Portal) and offline (as included PDF files)
    • Creation of a comprehensive system report with all relevant system information
    • Integration of the Swisscom Support Community – the most recent contributions can be displayed directly on the user interface
    • System maintenance: deletion of unnecessary data and browser history data, system updates and hard disk optimisation
    • A system diagnosis can be started at any time from the home desktop of My Swisscom Assistant (Diagnosis on Demand – D.O.D.)
    • Live display of the system online status as well as the availability of the email accounts
    • A direct link to the Swisscom Remote Support on the home desktop of My Swisscom Assistant leads customers to the support portal where a remote maintenance session can be started
    • An integrated feedback function allows users to submit suggestions and wishes regarding the My Swisscom Assistant directly to Swisscom
Easy Configuration of Outlook for Microsoft Exchange® and SharePoint® by Swisscom

Swisscom provides their customers with an automated solution for the fast configuration of Outlook for the Option Teamwork.
Option Teamwork is an addition to the SME Office package and allows Swisscom’s business customers to use Microsoft Exchange® email services (Teammail) and a SharePoint® (Teamshare). The Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant guides all users through all necessary steps and automatically configures Microsoft Outlook® to use Microsoft Exchange® accounts hosted by Swisscom.

» Option Teamwork on Swisscom’s website

Swisscom is the first ISP to employ »’s new business solution for the automated configuration of Outlook for Exchange® accounts.

Support for Microsoft Exchange®, SharePoint® and Outlook®

Once a small or medium enterprise has registered for a Microsoft Exchange® account hosted by Swisscom and has ordered a SME Office package including Option Teamwork, all potential users in the SME have to install and configure the necessary services on their PCs. Replacing print and PDF instructions, Swisscom offers an easy to use, comfortable configuration wizard for Microsoft Exchange® accounts.

All necessary steps are integrated into a single flow: software download, account verification, connection to a SharePoint® drive (Teamshare), including the migration of already existing profiles, emails and contacts into the new account.

The Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant supports Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft® Exchange on the server side and Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013 for Windows® and Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X on the client side.

How does the automated configuration process work?

The entire workflow is automated, guiding the user step by step through the Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant. There is no technical knowledge required – in addition to the wizard, the user only needs the account information provided by Swisscom. All other data (e.g. server information, download links, etc.) have already been included in the Swisscom Option Teamwork Configuration Assistant.

Configuration for Windows (example):

  • Introduction (explanation of the process, important information)
  • System check (OS, installed email clients, storage available)
  • Choices: Teammail and Teamshare
  • (Optional) installation of Microsoft Outlook® (provided by Swisscom)
  • Update of Microsoft Outlook® 2007 to 2010
  • Configuration of Microsoft Outlook®
  • (Optional) migration of existing emails, tasks, calendar entries, and contacts
  • (Optional) setup of the Microsoft SharePoint® drive
  • (Optional) installation of Microsoft updates (if necessary)
  • Summary (including contact information and important links)

The clear and comprehensive workflow ensures the easy configuration of Microsoft Outlook® for Microsoft Exchange® accounts.

Swisscom WLAN Optimizer – automatic selection of the optimal Wi-Fi channel for a fast Internet connection (launch: November 2012)

The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer is an easy to use software tool that chooses the best Wi-Fi channel for fast Internet surfing, changing the configurations of customer CPEs automatically. The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer was developed by based on sophisticated and market-proven components.

Thus, Swisscom offers perfect support for problems with Wi-Fi channels, and the Swisscom WLAN Optimizer reduces the number of calls to customer support.

The selection of the right channel

„There’s some kind of trouble with my Wi-Fi connection! Can you help me?“ Support staff faces questions like that every day. Wi-Fi channel configuration is very important, but all too often not attended to. If the channel isn’t configured well, connection quality – and therefore, of course, customer experience – will suffer.

In Europe, 13 channels are available for wireless networks. Transmission requires more than one channel, as neighbouring channels are also utilised. When several Wi-Fi networks are active in the surroundings, interference problems cumulate. As we see increased use of Wi-Fi networks, the problem of overlapping channels occurs more frequently. Consumers use laptops and tablets with wireless network connections more and more. Some home networks are even entirely based on Wi-Fi. Interferences reduce reliability and available bandwidth drastically, leading quickly to dissatisfaction.

The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer solves the problem in three steps:

1) Automatic analysis of all Wi-Fi networks in the surroundings
2) Automatic calculation of the optimal channel
3) Automatic channel selection by direct access to the customer CPE

The analysis covers all Wi-Fi networks (active wireless networks), all channels in use, as well as signal strength. The Swisscom WLAN Optimizer evaluates the results and determines the optimal channel for a reliable and fast wireless connection. A graphical display of channels and signal strength is available for interested customers. Subsequently, the Swisscom WLAN Optimizer automatically selects the optimal channel.


  • Solves problems with Wi-Fi channels
  • Less calls for customer support to handle
  • Available for Mac and Windows
  • Improves customer home network
  • Easy to use software employed independently by the customer
Swisscom Quick Help for Mac OS X (launch: July 2012)

The successful self-care software Swisscom Quick Help is available for all Swisscom customers using Mac OS X1.

Due to the great success of Swisscom Quick Help for Windows®, Swisscom – as a long standing customer of – has decided to offer a version for the apple users among its customers. has been entrusted to adapt its self-care solution m2selfrepair for Mac to the requirements of Swisscom.

Swisscom Quick Help is a fully automatic support software operating on consumer PCs, based on the » intelligent diagnosis and repair software m2selfrepair. The comprehensive solution repairs Internet-related errors and conveys a sense of security to the customers.
The software keeps end users online and automatically corrects their Internet, wireless and email settings if problems arise. It is important to note that even customers without any technical knowledge will fully benefit.

Swisscom Quick Help for Mac OS X

The self-care software features the same "look and feel" as the Windows® version that acted as its model. Faulty settings and errors related to the Internet are automatically identified and proactively fixed. The automatic diagnosis and repair covers the following areas:

  • Network configuration (DHCP, TCP/IP etc.)
  • Ethernet and wireless adapters (Ethernet NIC/wireless adapter deactivated)
  • Email settings (user data, server, SSL, authentication etc.)
  • Wi-Fi settings (access information, encryption method etc.)
  • Browser settings (proxy server, offline mode etc.)
  • ... and additional Internet-related settings

As a customized version of m2selfrepair, Swisscom Quick Help consists of two main components:

  • R.I.S. (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair) notifies users immediately of errors and repairs them automatically.
  • D.O.D. (Diagnosis On Demand) helps users conduct a complete system check for all Internet-related services (including email accounts and Wi-Fi).

Once a problem is identified, the faulty settings are instantly repaired. If automatic repair is impossible (for example due to wrong cabling), animated visualisations (m2animate) offer guidance for manual repair by the customers themselves. The self-care software runs on the customer’s computer, independent from external (online) databases, servers or customer support.

The software includes an assistant for the initialisation and customer-specific configuration of Swisscom Quick Help with the customer’s user credentials (Swisscom Login) as well as a comprehensive status report showing the results of hardware and software analysis. Of course, Swisscom Quick Help for Mac supports all four languages used by Swisscom on its web portal: German, French, Italian, and English. This multi-language support is available for both the application and the context sensitive help files.
Swisscom Quick Help features an integrated and » fully automatic update function (m2liveupdate), making it possible to pass on all innovations, adjustments and new features to all end users at all times. The » comprehensive reporting function (m2reporting) offers Swisscom detailed and anonymous data on software use and customer PCs. A secure web portal presents all data in tables and diagrams.

Note: About 17% of Swiss Internet users employ Mac products. Source: »

Swisscom 'TV Photo Helper' for Windows®: easy file and photo sharing within the private home network has added a particularly useful tool to its range of service solutions exclusively designed for the Swiss market leader: the 'TV photo helper' ensures trouble-free file and photo sharing via the Swisscom TV set to box and/or the TV set itself – another step towards a convergent home network that uses all appropriate devices for multi media purposes.
In order to do that, it’s important to configure the home network, the consumer PC and the Windows® Media Player correctly; the configuration is carried out automatically by the software. As it is standard with products, the whole process doesn’t require any technical knowledge, nor tedious manual settings.

At the beginning of the project, all specific Swisscom requirements were subject to a meticulous technical evaluation. On this basis, detailed specifications – including all requirements and the corresponding solutions – were commissioned and compiled. In addition, created a detailed flow chart that displayed all relevant software processes (user paths, customer situations, operating system issues, technical feasibility).
Eventually, was asked to begin developing the application. Due to the well-defined project scope, there was no need for subsequent changes and/or adaptions; the result of this was a rather short development process.


The 'TV Photo Helper', as specified in the abovementioned project phase, makes it easy for Swisscom TV customers to share files (i.e. photos) via their set top box. It does this by automatically configuring the consumer PC and all necessary programs for all relevant file sharing options.

Operation (software workflow):

  • Check whether the correct Windows® version for Windows® Media Player and higher is installed on the client system
  • Version check and option for (re)installation of the Windows® Media Player is installed
  • Check of settings for streaming and file sharing:
    • Streaming activated?
    • Are new UPnP clients allowed to access media files?
    • If necessary, reconfiguration of the Windows® Media Player
  • Network configuration and streaming zone check under Windows® Vista and Windows® 7
  • Check of media library (contains photos: Y/N)

After that, users can add/remove folders with their photos to/from the Windows® Media Player’s playlists via the 'TV Photo Helper'. This was taken into account during the configuration of the Windows® Media Player that now allows subsequent changes carried out via the 'TV Photo Helper' software.
From now on, streaming services are active, and consumers can display their photos via the set top box on their TV set.

Additional features:

  • Auto standby check:
    • Before the computers enters standby-mode – after 30 minutes of inactivity – the user will be informed accordingly. The 'TV photo helper' also displays the 'energy options' that can be set and changed within the application as well.
  • The 'TV Photo Helper' can only be used when :
    • the computer is turned on,
    • the computer is connected to a network,
    • Windows® Media Player is active.

The Swisscom 'TV Photo Helper' designed by is a very useful tool for displaying media files within the private home network. By making complex applications like file streaming accessible for inexperienced users as well, it increases home network convergence – the successive integration of various devices such as computers, set top boxes, TV sets, etc. – decisively.
For Swisscom customers, this is a vital step towards a 'networked' future.

'Swisscom Internet' – simultaneous internet setup and WLAN configuration for Windows® and Mac (Launch: September 2011)

'Swisscom Internet', designed by for the largest Swiss telecom operator, is a software that offers – for the first time – a fully automated WLAN configuration in the course of the internet setup. What’s also new: consumers are provided – alongside with the broadband modem 'Swisscom Centro Grande' – with a special USB stick that contains the complete setup and configuration software for both Windows® and Mac. This not only ensures trouble-free WLAN configuration on both systems; as an additional benefit, all WLAN data are stored on the USB stick, thus making it easy to add computers to the wireless home network. A significant product advantage, especially for inexperienced users.

For the consumer, the process is as follows:

  • Connection of the USB stick delivered with the modem "Swisscom Centro Grande". The stick contains the complete setup and configuration software for Windows® and Mac.
  • Application starts automatically.
  • Selection WLAN/LAN
  • When WLAN is selected, the software checks whether a .psk file with the personalised WLAN data is available.
  • If no file is available, an animation is displayed that shows the consumer how to activate the (hidden) WLAN connection to the modem. The respective button has to be pushed for 5 seconds.
  • Establishment of the hidden WLAN connection
  • Transfer of user-specific WLAN data from the modem to the USB stick
  • Storage of user-specific WLAN data for →
  • Automatic configuration of the (regular) WLAN
  • Establishment of connection
  • The consumer is directed to the Swisscom portal where he/she can register his/her internet access – this completes the setup process.

To summarize:
The wireless home network is configured during the internet setup itself, while storing the configuration on the USB stick. Thus, WLAN configuration and the addition of computers to the wireless home network become child’s play: all consumers have to do is to plug in their USB stick.
The rest is done automatically – that’s what we call 'plug & play'.

The software is available in four languages (German, French, Italian, English) and optimised for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS X (incl. OS X Lion). Delivery to Swisscom customers has already begun.

Swisscom E-Mail Assistant for Mac (launch: August 2011)

The Swisscom E-Mail Assistant, developed by for the Swiss market leader, is now available for Mac users, ensuring the automatic setup of e-mail accounts on client computers. The application has the same functions as the Windows® version, but was compiled entirely in the official Mac development environment. All user interfaces (GUIs) are in accordance with the 'classical' Mac design so that Mac users are able to operate the software without difficulties.

The Swisscom E-Mail Assistant is compatible with Mac OS X (version 10.6 and higher) and supports the following e-mail clients:

  • Apple Mail OS X (version 10.6 and higher, including OS X Lion 10.7)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (versions 3.x to 5.x)
  • Microsoft® Entourage (office:mac 2008)
  • Microsoft® Outlook (office:mac 2011)

It also supports IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) for automatic storing and up-to-dateness of all messages on the e-mail server – a very useful feature, particularly for webmail users.

The main function of the assistant is the user-friendly setup of the e-mail account and all related e-mail addresses in any of the e-mail programs mentioned above. Here, users can choose between an automatic setup (recommended) and manual configuration. During the latter, the correct user data must be entered before the e-mail address can be registered on the provider server.

By opting for automatic setup, Swisscom customers can log on to the secure Swisscom customer area. After that, they immediately get a list of all their Swisscom e-mail addresses from which they can select an address, set it up in their favourite e-mail client and define it as their standard e-mail address. All other steps of the setup process, such as entering the e-mail password, are carried out automatically and within seconds.

For this, has created a dedicated interface that ensures a quick and seamless data transfer between the customer PC and the provider’s server, reducing user interaction to an absolute minimum. This not only saves time and resources, but also contributes significantly to higher customer satisfaction and product ease of use, especially for inexperienced users.

The application is available in four languages (German, French, Italian and English) and can be downloaded from the Swisscom portal at It will make e-mail administration a lot easier for Swisscom Mac customers.

Swisscom WLAN Assistant for Mac (launch: August 2011)

The WLAN Assistant, developed by for Switzerland’s largest telecom provider, is now available for Mac users too. The software has been compiled in the official Mac development environment and has the same function as its Windows® twin while using interfaces (GUIs) in the 'classical' Mac design. This ensures perfect usability for Mac users.

The assistant is optimised for Mac OS X (versions 10.6 and 10.7) and takes care of complete WLAN setup and configuration, including any provider-specific hardware. This happens via the Swisscom customer portal using special requests for a seamless data transfer between the customer PC and the Swisscom server.
Thanks to this, the whole process can be automated to the greatest degree, reducing user interaction to an absolute minimum. Ultimately, user-friendliness is increased significantly which is a decisive product advantage, particularly for inexperienced users.

The setup process contains the following steps:

  • User login to the Swisscom portal (within the application)
  • Transfer of all WLAN credentials (user-specific WLAN data) from the Swisscom server
  • (Re)configuration of the access device (CPE or modem/WLAN router), if applicable, based on the standardised RT-069 protocol
  • Establishment of the wireless network connection on the customer PC

Once the process is completed, WLAN data can be displayed, stored and printed with a single mouse click.

The Swisscom WLAN Assistant made by is suitable for new and existing customers alike and covers all possible use cases: initial WLAN setup, switch from ethernet to WLAN, changes to WLAN data (SSID, etc.). The process implemented by is highly automated: the changing of WLAN data does not entail later configurations on the client PC (for instance, manual entry of WLAN data). Instead, all WLAN credentials are transferred by means of the standard protocol TR-069; modem (re)configuration is triggered and controlled by the Swisscom Auto Configuration Server (ACS).
This form of automation minimises errors and also keeps the internet connection active at all times.

The lean application is available in four languages (German, French, Italian and English) and can be downloaded for free at It will make WLAN setup and configuration considerably easier for all Mac users within the Swisscom customer base.

'Swisscom PC-Pflege' (Launch January 2011)

The 'Swisscom PC-Pflege' was developed by for Swisscom, the Swiss market leader in Internet provision. This tool allows Swisscom customers to 'clean' and 'tidy' their PC, boosting its performance, with just a few clicks and without any special computer expertise.
While the program is running, customers are informed about the success of each stage before the next step is initiated – as is standard with applications.
The 'Swisscom PC-Pflege-Tool' includes the following core functions:

  • PC Cleaning:
    • removal of .temp files and trash/recycle bin files with a single click
    • option to delete Internet history via check box
  • Windows®-Update:
    • checking for availability of important Windows® updates
    • option to install available Windows® updates via a check box
  • Defragmentation:
    • analysis of the hard drive, with graphics showing if defragmentation is required
    • information about how long it could take
    • option to initiate defragmentation
    The defragmentation can be started at any time and not only, as is usual with some defragmentation tools, when there is a certain percentage of fragmented data.

The software is also integrated via hyperlink in the new release of the self-care application 'Quick Help' (version 3.2). It is available in four languages and is optimised for the most popular current browsers, Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Additionally, live update functionality is integrated and runs automatically in the background to ensure that the customer always has the latest version of the 'Swisscom PC-Pflege'. The update functionality is directly integrated in the software.

With 'Swisscom PC-Pflege', customers can manage simple repairs and PC maintenance tasks themselves – without any technical skill and without any specific previous knowledge of computers. The tool can be downloaded from the Swisscom customer centre from January 2011.

Swisscom 'Quick Help', version 3.2. including new live update feature (launch: January 2011)

The proven self-care application 'Swisscom Quick Help', which is based on's intelligent diagnosis and self-repair solution m2selfrepair, is receiving the following new features as part of the current upgrade to version 3.2:

  • Support for the Motorola® version of the Swisscom 'Centro Grande' router.
  • The management of offline service pages ('sticky pages') for both 'Centro Grande' types in use (Pirelli® and Motorola®) has been modified so that, if there is no internet connection, an error page customised for Swisscom is displayed in the browser instead of the current router interface. And the customer can also start an automatic diagnosis or repair of the problem directly from the browser at the click of a mouse.
  • Support for Microsoft® Outlook 2010.
  • Simultaneous (sequential during repair cycle) correction of e-mail problems and errors.
  • Integration of the 'PC-Pflege-Tools' under the heading of 'nützliche Hilfsmittel' [useful aids].

New live update feature

The live update feature specially adapted for Swisscom ensures that the customer always has the latest version of 'Quick Help', which allows for the simpler and more efficient distribution of new software versions to the Swisscom customer base. Checking for available updates and the actual update happen automatically when the customer starts the software. This module, which was specially customised for Swisscom and which is based on m2liveupdate, is now integrated directly within the application – this means a separate program on the PC is no longer necessary. Additionally the customer notification cycle has been adapted.

Swisscom Live Update functionality in detail:

  • Checking the update server for an available update on a weekly basis.
  • If an update is available it is immediately downloaded ('silent download').
  • The customer notification cycle starts immediately after the download. If the update is not initialised (for example because it was cancelled via the User Account Control [UAC] or if the customer's computer is never, or very rarely restarted) then a reminder function is activated, which notifies the user of the update every 24 hours.
Swisscom Quick Help 3.0 (launch: November 2009)

For this tool, the technology m2selfrepair with R.I.S. (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair) was adapted to fit the specific needs of Swisscom (Switzerland) AG and compiled into a comprehensive Internet support solution launched under the name "Swisscom Quick Help 3.0". Here, not only were the technical characteristics and the hardware supported by Swisscom considered, but also the most frequent problems of Swisscom's users concerning the topics Internet, e-mail and WLAN.

The aim of this project was to provide the end-users with a slim but powerful client software that automatically recognises defective settings that affect Internet access (including WLAN and e-mail) but also proactively corrects them. The consumer can thereby avail of efficient Swisscom Internet access without the need to call on help if a problem arises. Naturally, the areas WLAN and e-mail were considered in addition to the "offline difficulties". The supported failure situations were defined together with Swisscom in order to help customers exactly where the most frequent difficulties arise. The support solution can efficiently detect and repair more than 74 different and explicit failure situations at once, whereby even more settings are checked and corrected in the background.

Smart Error Detection (sequential system and failure diagnosis) and repair is carried out by R.I.S (Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair) in real-time, meaning that any settings that prevent Internet access, for example, will be detected and automatic repair will be offered for them. The manual execution of a diagnosis and a corresponding repair are additionally possible at any point of time. In this context, it should be pointed out that these functions are not a reaction to browser events or browser error messages: m2selfrepair with R.I.S. instantly recognises whether or not the user is offline.

A special feature is the "customized error page" within the Internet Explorer. Here, a special Swisscom site is shown, instead of a "Page not found" message, with which the diagnosis and repair of the problem can be started instantly.

The new Quick Help software has an integrated Live-Update function (m2liveupdate) to import updates at all times. The installation package was designed to migrate all existing quick help customers to the new solution via the live update of the quick help solution. Consequently, all existing Quick Help users have been profiting from the advanced version of the self-care solutions since the launch of the new Quick Help 3.0!

The installation of Quick Help 3.0 is additionally offered in all other swisscom tools developed by (from automatic e-mail and WLAN configuration to the e-mail repair assistant), in order to promote the distribution of this useful tool.

An integrated real-time status report on the consumer's system and the it's online/offline status offers maximum comfort for the user. Additionally, the integrated Wi-Fi (WLAN) assistant is of help if the customer wants to access detailed information about his/her Internet access or establish a wireless network connection.

In order to extend the functional area of Quick Help, an interface to the customer's area was created so that the software (as soon as the user enters his Swisscom credentials) can independently access user-specific relevant data (configured e-mail addresses, WLAN (Wi-Fi) credentials etc.) and use it for extended repair functions.

The included m2reporting function provides Swisscom with reliable data on end- customers' use of the software: from the number of installations and de-installations to the distribution of the operating systems and security-software to the most common problems detected and successfully solved by Quick Help 3.0. (of course, only anonymous statistical data is transmitted). It is now possible for Swisscom to respond even more accurately to the actual needs of its consumers!

Swisscom setup wizard (launch: October 2008)

As an extension to the WLAN configuration software recently created for Swisscom (Switzerland) AG, an innovative set-up wizard has been developed according to Swisscom's special requirements. Besides automatic WLAN set-up, the software performs the configuration of e-mail clients. This tool is available in the secure customer area on the Swisscom portal and is used as the customer-specific set-up software for the entire configuration on the client side.

All other configuration scripts are directly accessed via Swisscom's customer portal and executed (for example, via TR069). Using a specially defined interface, the software is provided with any required customer data for e-mail as well as for WLAN set-up. Through this seamless interaction of existing registration and configuration processes on the Swisscom side (TR069) and the assistant for configuration on the client side, the last area that required manual configuration could be automated resulting in a satisfying customer experience regarding e-mail and WLAN set-up.

Beside improved WLAN set-up, the software has been enhanced with the following features:

  • E-mail set-up
    Swisscom customers can choose between automated e-mail set-up and manual input of customer data on the client side. For the automated set-up of the e-mail account, the customer is solely required to enter his/her "Swisscom login". Subsequently the customer is provided with a comprehensive list of any previously registered Swisscom e-mail accounts. After that, it is possible to choose for which e-mail client program the e-mail account(s) shall be configured. Additionally, the option "Set this e-mail address as standard" can be utilised at this point. Within seconds the remaining set-up (including entry of the e-mail password) is performed automatically by the software.
  • Setting of "" as the start page
  • Installation of the Swisscom support tool in silent mode

The Swisscom set-up assistant, available in four languages, is executed directly from within the customer portal. Afterwards the tool deletes itself automatically from the customer system. Swisscom customers are able to setup their WLAN and their e-mail accounts in a fast and secure manner and without any technical know-how.

Swisscom e-mail repair (launch: March 2009)

The e-mail repair assistant developed by automatically adjusts incorrect e-mail settings. This innovative tool is an ideal addition to the Swisscom e-mail set-up assistant that has been available since October 2008.

As of now, Swisscom consumers will be able to configure e-mail accounts in their favoured mail client as well as repair incorrect account configurations independently; it is not necessary to know any technical details.

The e-mail repair assistant is easy to use: it checks all relevant settings of the Swisscom e-mail accounts configured on the computer and adjusts them automatically in the case of an error. Default settings as well as user-specific data can be synchronised, that is, incorrect user names and passwords can also be detected and repaired. This is particularly helpful, if local data differs from the access data stored on Swisscom's server due to local changes performed by the user.

Using the Swisscom e-mail repair assistant, customers may easily and with just a few mouse clicks check all e-mail settings on their computer with relevance to the Swisscom e-mail accounts. Any faulty settings will be adjusted automatically. Should there be no e-mail account installed at all, a link guides users to the e-mail configurator, which takes care of setting up accounts.

Swisscom customers may use this quadrilingual solution at any time via the self- service portal ( repair their e-mail accounts unaided.

This solution enables Swisscom to raise the standard in customer service and extend its self-service offering in an important area of digital life.

Swisscom Wi-Fi Configurator (launch: April 2008) developed a customised Wi-Fi configuration software solution for Swisscom (Switzerland) AG, the largest full service provider in Switzerland. Swisscom customers can execute und use this application directly from Swisscom's customer centre.

Based on m2wlan - the tool from for fully automated set-up of a wireless network - the "Wi-Fi Configurator" was built explicitly to the specific requirements of Swisscom.

All Swisscom consumers are now able to automatically set up their own Wi-Fi Internet access without any technical know-how and without the need for installation guidelines. In addition to the automatic set-up process of the wireless network connection, the user-specific Wi-Fi credentials generated by Swisscom will be taken automatically from Swisscom and, if necessary, a Wi-Fi router configuration will be triggered

This innovative tool is offered for download at Swisscom's customer centre for a first-time configuration, as well as for existing Swisscom customers who would like to switch to Wi-Fi technology or make changes to their existing Wi-Fi configuration.

It goes without saying that this quadrilingual application is fit for Microsoft® Windows® Vista and operates with all major Internet browsers. By using this "one-button" solution, Swisscom consumers are able to enjoy this fully automated solution from directly within the Swisscom customer centre.