Tele2 International Group


With our 25.4 million customers in 11 countries (Sweden, Norway, Russia, Croatia and the Baltic states), Tele2 is one of Europe's leading alternative telecom operators. They offer price-leading and good quality communication services. Ever since Tele2 was founded in 1993, they have been tough challengers to incumbents and other established providers.
Newsmeldung: Scandinavian Tele2 customers introduced to products

Tele2 AB - 'Installationshjaelp' & 'Sjaelvhjaelp' (launch: Summer 2009)

How can you provide Internet technology like cable, xDSL, city network, dial-up and mobile Internet to your customers and avoid overheads for your customer care department Take the "Tele2 Way" and provide your end customers with two market proven self-care applications. m2webalizer and m2selfrepair (including R.I.S) were brought together to create a specific self-service solution for Tele2 Sweden. As of now, Tele2 customers can utilise the fully automated configuration software for Internet access with a single click. Customers will be able set up and repair their Internet access whenever needed without any help from call centre agents. This helps save support costs while at the same time measurably increases customer satisfaction.

m2webalizer = "Installationshjaelp"

To support Tele2's customers with all available Internet access products (xDSL, cable, stadsnet or dial-up) and help them through the installation process, m2webalizer was customised in accordance with Tele2's specifications. m2webalizer sets up and configures any Internet access including all hardware components automatically. In addition to a complete set-up routine, it also includes animations to ensure that Tele2 customers wire their hardware correctly. Tele2´s customers may use the solution during registration, or at any time later via the installation software. With m2webalizer, problems that occur during manual configuration of an Internet connection are a thing of the past.

m2selfrepair including R.I.S. = "Sjaelvhjaelp"

Realtime Intelligent Selfrepair monitors all activities that users perform on the operating system. It does this in the background using next to no system resources. Whenever a modification or change is performed that might harm the user's Internet connection, R.I.S proactively alerts the customer and simultaneously corrects any faulty settings automatically. Of course, m2selfrepair can also be started manually at any time to do a comprehensive system check and, if necessary, to repair faulty settings.
The application was initially customised for Tele2 Sweden and Tele2 Norway.
Both applications were also equipped with m2reporting to offer comprehensive statistics. From m2reporting, operators learn which operating systems, browsers, e-mail clients, antivirus software, etc., customers really use, and how they use mquadrat's applications.