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Tele2 is Austria's largest alternative telecom provider. The product portfolio includes landline telephony, Broadband Internet as well as data services. There are about 600.000 Tele2 customers in Austria, 165.000 broadband Internet user and 50.000 business customers. Tele2's market share for landline is about 21 percent (per telephone minutes) for broadband Internet market, it is 10 percent.

Tele2 Internet Package (relaunch: May 2007)

Following a European-wide redesign of the Tele2UTA corporate design, the fully automated Internet set-up software for ADSL and xDSL as well as the corresponding support tool (for details see below) were completely realigned to the new requirements.

New logos, fonts and colour schemes were integrated within the Internet software, and all product and software labels were adapted. All of this resulted in a completely redesigned Tele2 Internet package which is available to Austrian consumers with the introduction of the new Tele2 corporate image. Thanks to the integrated live update functionality, customers who already use this Tele2 Internet software also receive the relevant design update with just a single mouse click. As far as the underlying Internet package is concerned, thus ensures that the Tele2 corporate design relaunch can be carried out quickly nationwide.

Tele2UTA Internet Installer (ADSL / xDSL) (launch: April 2007)

For the Austrian branch of Tele2UTA, designed professional Internet set-up software which, on the on the one hand, carries out hands-free set-up of Tele2UTA ADSL Internet access and, on the other hand, covers the complete set-up of any Tele2UTA xDSL (ULL) Internet connect on the client's system.

The above mentioned Internet installation packages are based on the mquadr. at products m2webalizer and m2modemconfig. Alongside wording and design, the individual Tele2UTA customisation of these products concerned the ISP's server infrastructure and all internal processes, as well as the customer-specific alignment of the complete Internet set-up process to the ISP's target group. One example of a custom process is a dedicated USB set-up routine, which includes hands-free installation of the required USB drivers.

During the Internet set-up process, Tele2UTA customers are guided through the installation step by step. They can set up their Internet connection as well as their standard e-mail address within the preferred e-mail program with just a few mouse clicks and without requiring any technical know-how. During the installation, the server registration of the desired e-mail address is taken care of just like the automated set-up on the customer's PC.

For xDSL (ULL) customers, the use of this software includes an additional simplification, since m2modemconfig identifies the specifications of the pre-configured Easy Box hardware and automatically applies this data for the respective Tele2 server registration. This procedure massively facilitates the registration and set-up of the standard e-mail address and thus eliminates many sources of error, such as user errors.

Integrated animations for correct hardware cabling as well as the display of detailed help messages at pre-defined set-up stages also provide for safety during the Internet installation. In addition, an innovative review tool is included within the software, which reacts individually to the particular set-up status if the installation CD is started more than once. As well as enabling Tele2UTA to offer a professional service to its customers, m2webalizer also ensures a massive reduction in the number of hotline calls: queries regarding e-mail set-up are a thing of the past thanks to automation of the whole set-up process.

As from now, Tele2UTA offers this innovative software to residential customers in Austria as an installation CD.

Tele2UTA Internet Support Tool (launch: April 2007)

In the course of developing a dedicated Internet setup software for Tele2UTA, a comprehensive support tool based on the application m2webcenter was developed and adjusted to the specific requirements of Tele2UTA. Again, this application is offered to Tele2UTA ADSL as well as xDSL (ULL) customers using Easy Box hardware.

The main features of this innovative support tool include: hands-free restore process of the required Internet connection and e-mail address, automated set-up of additional e-mail addresses, integrated support functionalities, as well as comprehensive status reports on all relevant Internet settings. This state-of-the-art administration tool offers users a comprehensive user interface, including a number of options for administering various domains of any Tele2UTA Internet access and for carrying out specific connection tests. With a single mouse click, detailed information on the client system, for example, on the device manager, software manager or installed Internet connections, can be called up and archived with an integrated save and print function. One of the main features of this support tool is a special report that includes data relevant for the underlying Tele2UTA Internet connects. A detailed data sheet includes information on network interface card and browser settings, as well as modem, connection and security settings, enabling users as well as support agents to view all relevant parameters for the particular Tele2UTA Internet product at a glance.

The software wizards included within the Tele2UTA support centre enable, for example, the complete restoration of the ADSL or xDSL Internet connection and of the browser, e-mail and network interface card settings. In addition, these wizards ensure quick and easy set-up and administration of e-mail addresses. In addition to providing a comprehensive status report and links to the Tele2UTA portal (for example, for Web space administration or online billing, etc.), the applications is rounded off with testing tools such as Ping, IPconfig and Telnet.

Like any other product, Tele2UTA support centre is equipped with the m2liveupdate functionality, which ensures that the most recent version of the software, including any adaptations or upgrades, are immediately forwarded to Tele2UTA customers.

The FTP client m2ftp is included as freeware on the Tele2UTA CD, enabling users to administer their dedicated Web space at no additional cost.