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"One of our main objectives is to keep up the high standard for our costumers and further on to extend our services analogue to the market development. Therefore we need creative and reliable partners to go along with us. Since a couple of years did help us to realize lots of successful projects and is one of our most dependable associates."

Christian Schubert, Product Management Mass Market Internet Access Telekom Austria
(Vienna, January 2007)

aon is a brand of the Telekom Austria Group.
The Telekom Austria Group is the largest telecommunications company in Austria and is successfully positioned on international markets. Besides Austria, the Telekom Austria Group has international operations in Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Serbia and Macedonia. More than 2.3 million fixed line customers and over 18.9 million mobile customers place their trust in products and services provided by the Telekom Austria Group. The Telekom Austria Group has over 16,573 employees and achieved revenues of EUR 4.8 billion in 2009.

A1 Telekom Austria 'Controller': high-speed internet made easy (March 2011)

High-speed internet made easy: The new A1 Telekom Austria ‘Controller’ made by (launch: March 2011)

In cooperation with A1 Telekom Austria, has improved the tried-and-tested internet and e-mail assistant 'Controller' and extended it to provide a full support centre including a diagnosis and self-repair function. The 'Controller' is based on two standard products, which have been adapted in accordance with the specifications and requirements of A1 Telekom Austria:

  • m2webalizer for the unproblematic setup and configuration of high-speed internet access and e-mail services and
  • m2selfrepair, which gives the user valuable help with errors/problems that may occur in the context of the installed internet services (internet connection, browser, e-mail etc.).

So the user can manually perform complete system checks for all installed internet services using the diagnostic module D.O.D. ® (Diagnosis On Demand), a built-in function of m2selfrepair. The user then immediately receives suggestions on how to resolve the identified errors/problems. A built-in, context-sensitive help function can be called up at any point in the application. The software even provides useful instructions for problems 'outside' the computer (e.g., incorrect hardware wiring) with the help of intelligent animations, step-by-step guides and downloadable FAQs.

The m2selfrepair module R.I.S.® is integrated in the latest version of the 'Controller'. This module helps to quickly identify and automatically resolve common errors/problems at the touch of a button (e.g., faulty e-mail settings, wrongly set network cards or proxy settings, incorrect port allocations, etc.). At present, this function covers more than 200 typical errors, the correction of which does not require the user to have any technical knowledge. This is thanks to the integrated Self Repair Wizards, which take into account all Internet-relevant parameters and settings.

The 'Controller' has an intuitive user interface with a display that is now more 'streamlined' and transparent than the previous version. This display guarantees immediate access to all the important functions. The 'Controller' is optimised for all Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and, for reasons of security, is automatically entered in the Microsoft® Windows® Firewall. The Status Report, another integrated function, informs the user about all current internet-relevant settings and also serves as a reference for the customer support department in the event it is consulted for help.

The 'Controller' is a comprehensive and stress-free package for users and ensures uninterrupted high-speed Internet enjoyment.

In addition, all relevant data on the errors encountered by users and their resolution is communicated to A1 Telekom Austria via the m2reporting module, which is integrated into the 'Controller'. The following data is included:

  • Errors/ problems encountered the user
  • Number of diagnoses
  • Identified errors/problems
  • Resolved errors/problems
  • Use of the 'Controller' for error correction/problem-solving
  • etc.

This information is provided to A1 Telekom Austria in the form of anonymised, graphically compiled statistics on a built-in Web platform, which is hosted by This data can be easily exported in common file formats (*.pdf, Microsoft® Excel) and supplies valuable information for the provider’s in-house support or customer care department.

Customisation of high-speed Internet installer for VDSL2 modems (2009)

Customisation of high-speed Internet installer for VDSL2 modems

Since autumn 2009, two new modems, the TG787V and Pirelli V4202N, are being used by Telekom Austria's VDSL residential customers. The new Pirelli modem allows flexible use of the ports for Internet or IP TV. This enhancement and the fact that there is no Internet browser installed by default on the new Microsoft® operating system Windows 7 necessitated some changes within the high-speed Internet installer. The new installer is able to detect the problem and offers the choice of installing either Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.x automatically. Therefore this highspeed internet installer is fully compatible with Windows 7, including support for Windows Live Mail. For the high-speed Internet installer to support both modems, amplifications of this new hardware as well as adjustment of all connection animations (including cables, plugs and power supplies) were required. In addition to the expansion of the modem list, procedures for correct wiring were revised. The help texts on the new VDSL modems were revised and expanded.

Beside these numerous and visible adjustments, user-specific configurations (including W-LAN) were implemented in the background. For the new Thomson modem, the already known Telnet interface from Alcatel/Thomson could be used. Since Pirelli is a new hardware manufacturer, a new interface had to be found (see also project: Modem switch software for Telekom Austria). The modem configuration was implemented in the form of a multiuser configuration (MU). This means that username as well as password are recorded automatically in the modem. Furthermore, all information concerning auto set-up of the wireless network connection is entered in the modem and configured accordingly (SSID; WPA-PAK, etc.): the required WLAN key (a new WLAN key) is generated automatically, as the original manufacture key should not be used due to safety reasons. For automatic configuration of all WLAN settings, this key is registered in the modem and is used to establish a secure wireless network connection. In addition, the user is able to save the generated key or print out the information for future use.

Both new modems are TR069-suitable which is already taken into account by the high-speed Internet installer.

A check is performed to determine whether the relevant modem has been configured by means of TR069. Should this not be the case, the configuration is carried out automatically through the high-speed Internet installer.

With these comprehensive adjustments, Telekom Austria can provide its customers with the latest technology and IT developments, as well as offer appropriate support in the form of exceedingly user-friendly software.

Relaunch of Connectionmanager including. ZTE-support (July 2009)

Telekom Austria's aonFlex Connectionmanager for private customers has been successfully in use since April 2008 and was extended to include a new hardware manufacturer (ZTE). The goal of this project was also to consolidate the software with the equivalent Connectionmanager for business customers ("BusinessFlex") under a common name "mobile broadband", while at the same time still offering existing services to both business and residential customers separately. Moreover the Connectionmanager was enhanced with important features, for example, SMS and contact management.

For the integration of the new modem manufacturer ZTE and its mobile Internet modem (ZTE MF626), some major new implementations and modifications were necessary in the existing software in order to ensure detection of the mobile stock and smooth communication with it. played a key role in developing the firmware for this mobile stick. All interfaces were implemented in cooperation with ZTE. As a result, it is now possible for end consumers to use either a HUAWEI stick or a ZTE stick on one and the same system. This is especially relevant for Telekom Austria customers who receive a new mobile Internet modem because, for example, they have lost their present stick. Furthermore, the existing Connection-manager had to be adapted to include:

  • Visualisation of all ZTE-hardware-parts
  • Animation of correct cable port and all corresponding steps (for example, to insert SIM)
  • Automatic driver installation
  • Customization of content (help-files and manual, context-sensitive help, etc.)
  • Compilation of Flash packages for delivery on the mobile ZTE modems/sticks

During the consolidation of Connectionmanager products for Telekom Austria's business and residential customers, it was important to offer both groups different content despite the common software. Based on the entered data, it is possible to differentiate residential from business customers. So after the entry of the user data and depending on that information, various options and content is available only to the specific group of customers (for example, Help, guidance and contact information).

Another modification within this connection management software relates to the alternation of networks by default. In order to reduce data traffic within the own network, a so called "Offload" module was included. This enables the customer to adjust the behaviour of the software if another mobile 3G/ wireless network is found (for example, Hotspot, WLAN or LAN). The customer may choose to either disconnect automatically and use an alternative connection, or to just receive a notification about the availability of an alternative Internet connection.

Alongside the existing dashboard functions (display of online/offline status, type of connectivity, roaming status, up- and download speed, quick links, etc.), an extensive SMS management tool (including address book for easy administration of all contacts) was implemented. These enhancements enable the customer to easily manage (linked) SMS (send, receive, delete, file, etc.) and to organise contacts (create, change, delete, search, import, export, etc.). To prevent any data loss or in the case that a new Internet modem is in use, both modules store the data locally on the computer.

Modem switch software (September 2009)

Modem switch software (Launch: September 2009)

Since September, Telekom Austria has offered its ADSL broadband customers a new set of modems. Of course, the transition to the new hardware should be made as simple and as user-friendly as possible for these existing customers.

So a particular modem exchange software, which performs precisely this task and may also be used for Wi-Fi-enabled modems or wireless Internet connections, has been developed based on m2modemconfig.

The application reads out all relevant data from the modem currently used and stores it encrypted on the user's computer. The exported configuration data as defined by Telekom Austria contains all relevant settings needed for a smooth Internet access (such as customer ID etc.).

Subsequently the old modem may be disconnected and the new one plugged in. If not all components are wired correctly, the application displays the missing step to the customer (see m2animate).

Once the new hardware is properly connected, the configuration of the new modem is done automatically and without user interaction, using the previously exported settings and data. A concluding functional check will be performed and the customer is informed about the successful modem change.

This new software enables Telekom Austria customers to upgrade to the latest modem models and supports the following hardware:

  • Ethernet network cards by all manufacturers
  • Wireless adapters (any brand)
  • Already installed USB wireless adapters by all manufacturers (for example, USB stick, etc.)
  • The following brands of broadband modem supplied by Telekom Austria TA AG:
    • SpeedTouch 510
    • SpeedTouch 546
    • SpeedTouch 570
    • SpeedTouch 585
    • Thomson TG585
    • Thomson TG787
    • Pirelli PRG V4202N

As of now, this modem switch software is available for download on Telekom Austria's customer portal.

Business Flex (launch: January 2009)

As an ideal supplement to "Telekom Austria Business Access", Telekom Austria now offers mobile broadband ("BusinessFlex") in their B-to-B segment. created custom software for the set-up and configuration of mobile broadband Internet access. Depending on the availability of certain broadband access types, the customer may utilise Telekom Austria Business Access easily and at any time either stationary via cable or WLAN, or mobile when travelling.

On the one hand, this BusinessFlex software developed by performs the installation and configuration of mobile broadband Internet. Integrated hardware animations for the correct cabling of the mobile broadband modem as well as for the insertion of the SIM card provide quick and comfortable Internet access set-up.Software and hardware configuration (for example, HUAWEI E180) are both taken into account equally. On the other hand, BusinessFlex is a comprehensive connection management application supporting a broad list of useful supplementary features alongside management of the mobile access.

HTML help for the Internet set-up as well as for the BusinessFlex application itself supports the customer in all areas, providing operation hints and a wealth of information about mobile broadband and BusinessFlex.

After successful installation, "BusinessFlex" runs as a permanent service in the background and communicates with the customer via the status bar or via its own application window. A clearly laid out collection of links provides the user access to many useful functions. In the preferences panel, a user-specific customisation can be carried out from the activation of PIN input and roaming through to network selection.

The link bar allows direct control of the following services: Web fax, Web SMS, e-mail, opening of the default Internet browser and access to the preferences panel. WLAN Interface is a special feature that can be accessed directly from the link bar. It lists all available wireless networks and the user can easily add the computer to one of them with a click of the mouse.

With "BusinessFlex", Telekom Austria's business customers are supported in the best possible way when accessing the world of mobile Internet.

Projects from 2006 to 2008

aonFlex (launch: April 2008) developed a comprehensive software solution for Telekom Austria TA AG´s recently launched "aonFlex" product, which combines "broadband Internet via landline" (ADSL/Wi-Fi) and "mobile broadband Internet" (3G) and thereby allows aon Internet customers to use both technologies at any time with only one customer ID.'s Internet set-up software combines both access technologies in a single installer and automatically installs and configures these access technologies on the customer's system. This is the first ever combined product to support and offer both conventional broadband Internet access via landline as well as mobile broadband Internet access. This solution gives Telekom_Austria customers convenient, round-the-clock Internet access based on the respective broadband access technology that is available (landline/Wi-Fi/mobile): Users are either connected via a network cable or Wi-Fi (fixed connection) or they can utilise mobile broadband Internet access.'s Internet installation software (m2webalizer) serves as both the the broadband Internet via landline installer and the mobile broadband Internet installer. As usual, all the settings and configurations required to successfully set up Internet access are covered by the software: These range from the hardware installation including set-up animations, automatic modem searching and modem or Wi-Fi configuration to the client-side configuration of the customer's complete system according to Telekom_Austria's requirements. Equal attention is paid to the configuration of the supported hardware (for example, mobile broadband modem HUAWEI E270) and software.

In order to make it as easy as possible for customers to actually use and switch between these broadband technologies, a special "connection manager" and so-called "guard software" have been developed for Telekom_Austria and integrated into the software.

The "aonFlex Dashboard" with the integrated "aonFlex Connection manager" serves to configure and control the mobile network access once it is successfully installed onto the customer's system. In addition, all common functions such as PIN input, automatic network selection through to the administration of the respective access technology are clear and simple to use.

The task of the "aonFlex Guard" guard software, on the other hand, is to ensure automatic switching to the available or preferred network access technology (landline/Wi-Fi/mobile), so that customers are not required to do this themselves: As soon as the Wi-Fi reception area is left, and the customer agrees when prompted, the software automatically establishes a mobile Internet connection via the mobile broadband modem (HSPA).

aonController 2007 for aonSpeed (launch: August 2007)

With the most recent enhancements to aonController, which include adjustment of the current design and the integration of powerful diagnostic and self-care functionalities, this comprehensive Internet administration tool was transformed into a state-of-the-art support tool that clearly stands out on the Austrian ISP market.

Besides the great number of functions so far implemented, aonController has now reached a completely new stage of automation. To mention one example, aonController has impressed with its server-side Mailbox Manager. This specific feature enables users to register and administer any e-mail addresses on Telecom Austria's servers and simultaneously manage (set up, modify, delete) all e-mail accounts locally on the client PC. In addition, existing e-mail addresses that have previously been set up on aon servers can be immediately set up within the selected e-mail program, without aon customers having to carry out any complicated manual set-up.

However, the most recent innovation called diagnosis and selfrepair provides aon customers with a range of new possibilities to solve any problems with their Internet connection quickly and independently. In the case of problems with the aon Internet connection, existing e-mail accounts or modem or router settings, a single mouse click suffices to start a comprehensive diagnosis process. This system check delivers a detailed description of all existing faults and incorrect settings, including a matching diagnosis code. Using the new one-button repair function, users are then able to repair these errors automatically without having to engage in a tedious search for errors or any manual correction of faults.

If an automatic repair is not possible, the automatically generated error/diagnosis code enables call centre agents to quickly determine the problem and give competent advice. Within seconds, the code gives information on the current status of the client system (operating system, Service Packs, etc.) and defines the exact area in which the error is occurring.

In the next phase of enhancements to aonController, users will receive direct access to a Telecom Austria online knowledge database, which will provide more detailed information on the nature of faulty settings and possibilities for repairing them.

This innovative support tool is immediately available to aon customers. For the first time, Austrian Internet users have the chance to really help themselves. Thanks to the well-known live update functionality, all existing aon customers can discover the true promise of these innovative improvements!

aonInstaller for aonSpeed and aonPur (launch: November 2006)

For the planned relaunch of all aon broadband Internet access products, was asked to carry out an update of the aonInstaller for aonSpeed and aonPur. In doing so, on the one hand integrated a new interface design, which was provided by Telekom Austria. On the other hand, the complete installation routine was simplified as far as usability and error-proneness are concerned. In addition, aonInstaller was also equipped with a number of new functionalities. Results gathered from extensive usability research were for the first time taken into account in the design of the new Internet access software in order to achieve a higher degree of consumer acceptance: Thus, the standard aonInstaller installation process for aonSpeed and aonPur was simplified so that the user is no longer required to carry out any manual selection during Internet set-up.

The past has shown that many users are uncertain when it comes to modem selection or deciding between single and multi-user set-up; as a result, the selection of these items was omitted. aonInstaller automatically recognises which modem is connected to the user's system (based on its configuration) and determines the required configuration without the user having to interact in any way. The user can, of course, adjust the initial basic Internet configuration via aonController at any later point in time and easily switch between single and multi-user operation, for example.

In addition, aonModemconfigurator was integrated within aonInstaller, and now runs automatically instead of having to be started as an additional, independent software application. The newly designed HTML Help guides users step by step through the installation. The user is able to access the Help pages at any point during the set-up process in order to obtain further comprehensive information.

With the relaunch of aonInstaller, Telekom Austria also offers its customers another new service: During the initial set-up of the user's system, a specially pre-configured FTP client, which has been adapted to Telekom Austria?s design requirements, is automatically installed on the user's system. This application enables users to easily access their dedicated Web space and administer it without requiring any technical skills!

Last but not least, aonInstaller has also been technically prepared for future support functionalities. This involves customised backup and restore processes based on initial backup files that aonInstaller automatically creates and saves during initial Internet set-up.

Projects from 2004 to 2005

aonInstaller for aonPur (launch: December 2005)

In order to offer aonPur customers a fully automated installation and set-up of their Internet access, browser and e-mail client, the existing aonInstaller for aonSpeed was graphically adapted and considerably improved as far as program logistics and usability are concerned. As usual, the user can select between a standard and custom installation: During custom Internet set-up various software add-ons are offered, such as aonController, aonFotobuch or configurator, as well as the alternative browser Mozilla® Firefox. The new aonInstaller for aonPur supports any ADSL access types (Ethernet, USB and Wireless) and also includes the option to choose between single- and multi-user configuration: aonModemconfigurator sets up the modem or router automatically according to the user's requirements. The following Alcatel ADSL modems are automatically configured for single- or multi-user operation without requiring manual set-up by the user: Alcatel ADSL 510, 546, 570 and 585. With the help of a clearly arranged, visual modem selection, the connected modem/router configuration can be carried out anew at any time with just a single mouse click, for example, to set up any other type of aonSpeed Internet access or when switching from a single- to a multi-user product.

aonInstaller für aonSpeed (relaunch: September 2005)

As part of the relaunch of its ADSL product portfolio, Telekom Austria commissioned to revamp the Internet setup software m2webalizer. aonInstaller was thus completely redesigned and equipped with a number of new features to enable simple and user-friendly set-up of any aonSpeed Internet account. In addition, aonSpeed online registration was integrated within the set-up routine in such a way that users can surf the Internet via a temporary aonFlash (dial-up) account until the ADSL connection has been established and the relevant hardware set-up has been completed by Telekom Austria.

As usual, customers can choose between a standard and custom installation: During custom set-up, various software extras such as aonDialerControl, aonFotobuch or configurator can be selected for installation. Accordingly, Mozilla® Firefox is offered as an alternative to Microsoft® Internet Explorer. As well as the relevant Internet connection, the selected browser and e-mail client are configured accordingly.

aonInstaller for aonSpeed supports any ADSL access types (Ethernet, USB and Wireless) and offers single and multi-user installation: Whichever product the user prefers, the modem is always configured automatically by aonModemconfigurator. With the introduction of a new generation of modems by Telekom Austria, aonModemconfigurator was enhanced with a series of additional new features, such as the improved modem selection or switching between single and multi-user mode.

aonModemconfigurator (launch: September 2005)

In line with the launch of the new aonSpeed generation in September 2005, aonModemconfigurator was adapted to the new Telekom Austria design and equipped with a new, more user-friendly modem selection. In addition, upgraded versions of Alcatel SpeedTouch modems (SpeedTouch 546(i) and Alcatel SpeedTouch 585(i)) have been integrated, enabling easy configuration of all current Alcatel ADSL modems supported by Telekom Austria. The new aonModemconfigurator enables configuration of single and multi-user mode and allows the user to easily switch between different access technologies. It goes without saying that aonModemconfigurator also includes's live update functionality, and can thus be easily updated and extended to include new modems.

During aonSpeed setup, aonModemconfigurator is automatically installed on the user's system so that the application can also be accessed directly at any later point in time.

aonController for aonSpeed (launch: September 2005)

As from now, the newly revised administration tool aonController for aonSpeed is automatically installed on the user's system during the set-up of any aonSpeed ADSL account. aonController offers a wide variety of functionalities for administering all kinds of information as regards broadband Internet access: Details on the user's system, such as installed devices or software, or information on installed Internet connections can easily be read out; with the help of integrated functions for printing and saving data this information can also be archived for later use. webspace.

aonController for aonSpeed includes dedicated wizards, which enable recovery of any standard aonSpeed Internet connection with just a single mouse click. In addition, aonModemconfigurator can be accessed via aonController, enabling easy switching between single and multi-user mode. A specific link within the Mailbox Manager takes users to the aon portal to create and administer new e-mail accounts directly on the server. For local administration of multiple e-mail accounts or different e-mail clients, aonController for aonSpeed also offers adequate solutions.

For the first time, the user password is automatically entered within the relevant Microsoft® Outlook Professional e-mail account, so that the user does not have to authenticate manually when first starting the program. Various links leading to the aon customer area enable easy Web space set-up, quick product swap within the Telekom Austria portfolio, as well as efficient access to online statistics and the download area, where additional software tools, such as aonDialerControl and aonVirenchecker are presented

aonController for aonSpeed is equipped with the ultimate live update functionality, which ensures the product is always up to date and enables Telekom Austria to effortlessly inform their customers about innovation and changes within the product portfolio.

aonInstaller for aonFlash (dial-up Internet access) (launch: January 2005)

For the planned relaunch of aonFlash Internet access products, the relevant installation software underwent a complete redesign. Alongside adjustments to the new corporate design of Telekom Austria, all interfaces were redesigned in such a way that users can easily keep an overview of the individual installation steps. In its new, user-friendly and self-explanatory form, users can either set up an Internet account with existing user data or register online for a completely new aonFlash account. Special attention has been paid to user-specific requirements during the selection of set-up type: In addition to a standard configuration including the installation of predefined software, aonInstaller also offers a custom set-up, which enables the selection of various additional services. During the set-up of their aonFlash account, customers can thus install our innovative dialer protection software aonDialerControl, the new aonInformer, the clearly arranged administration software aonController, as well as aonToolbar. Besides actual Internet access, Telekom Austria customers are thus provided with a comprehensive package of services that perfectly meet the needs of dial-up Internet users.

aonController for aonFlash (launch: January 2005)

As a substitute for our well-known e-controller (Internet command centre), aonController is installed automatically on the customer?s system during set-up of an aonFlash Internet account. Designed in a completely new, concise form, aonController offers a series of functions for administering essential information and tasks associated with aonFlash. The application includes details on the user?s system (taken from the device manager and the software manager; list of existing Internet connections), as well as specially designed wizards for restoring aonFlash standard configuration. Links to the aon customer area facilitate Web space set-up, and enable customers to quickly switch over to different Telekom Austria products and create new e-mail accounts. For local set-up of e-mail accounts, a special wizard is integrated within the Mailbox Manager, which quickly saves new data within the relevant e-mail client. A dedicated area offers various software bundles for download, for example the aonInformer, which, together with the online statistics, provides comprehensive information on the remaining online time quota of each aonFlash Internet account. AonController is also also equipped with the new live update functionality, which ensures the product is always up to date: Hence, Telekom Austria can guarantee home delivery of any improvements and changes made to aonInformer

aonInformer for aonFlash (launch: January 2005)

To permanently provide customers with an exact overview of their used and still remaining online time, the brand-new aonInformer is included in the new aonFlash software package.

When starting Microsoft Windows, aonInformer is activated automatically a clearly arranged user interface for administration can be easily accessed via a tray icon. The interface offers comprehensive support information, and provides configuration options that allow the user to set notification intervals or the colour and transparency of the aonInformer message box, for example. Once a customer begins surfing the Internet via their aonFlash Internet account, a dedicated aonInformer message box provides regular information on the already used and still available online time for the current month. In addition, aonInformer is equipped with the aonUpdate function developed my so that future updates of the application can be automatically made available to aonFlash customers. As a result, aonInformer helps Telekom Austria customers keep a check on their time credits and guarantees online time settlement to the second.

aonUpdate (launch: January 2005)

Together with the redesign of the complete aon product portfolio,'s new product development aonUpdate was incorporated into all new Telekom Austria applications. As from now, aonController, as well as aonInformer, aonDialerControl and aonUpdate itself can be updated at any time. As soon as one of the above-mentioned applications is up and running, aonUpdate automatically checks the server for existing updates to any installed Telekom Austria application. Users can easily select the required updates and download them with just a single mouse click.

The advantages of aonUpdate are obvious: If any of the installed applications is altered in any specific way or additional features are added, the new developments can be easily and quickly provided to customers. With upgrades to existing software versions available at the push of a button, users no longer have to install a completely new application, resulting in reduced response times, improved customer service and products that are always up to date. aonUpdate has the unique quality of updating a range of installed programs within a single application and therefore represents a valuable enhancement to the overall aon product portfolio.

aonVirenchecker (relaunch: September 2004)

The adjustment of all Internet products to Telekom Austria?s new corporate design also necessitated a redesign of the aonVirenchecker installation software. For it to blend in with the overall product portfolio, the set-up routine was optimised in such a way that users are informed at all times about each individual installation step. User interfaces are arranged more clearly and the support information provided within the application is now more easily accessible. In addition, the installation process of AonVirenchecker has been improved so that the set-up can be completed even faster and more efficiently.

aonDialerControl (relaunch: September 2004)

aonDialerControl was developed by as a protection suite against unwanted, expensive Internet diallers.
With the help of aonDialerControl, connections present on the user's PC can either be placed on a whitelist (for authorised connections only) or alternatively they can be blacklisted (for connections that must not be used for dialling into the Internet). In addition, aonDialerControl is equipped with an alert function: The set-up of new connections is monitored and a warning is issued if diallers attempt to install themselves onto the customer's system. Any dial-up attempts arising from blacklisted diallers are stopped. Various additional functionalities such as dial-in documentation via dialler-log, easy inspection of all connections on the PC, quick delete functions for erasing unwanted connections, etc., offer consistent protection against expensive dial-in numbers. aonDialerControl is offered free of charge to all Telekom Austria customers at

aonSpeed with automatic ADSL modem configuration

In the course of introducing new ADSL hardware to the Austrian Internet market, Telekom Austria released a new edition of its AonSpeed products (broadband Internet access based on ADSL). For this purpose, was commissioned to redevelop the whole range of AonSpeed set-up software. In connection with the automatic, country-specific configuration of ADSL modems (modem set-up), the latest version of m2webcenter was deployed, which, in combination with m2webalizer, performs the complete set-up and configuration of Telekom Austria's ADSL Internet access products.

Supported access technologies:

  • ADSL based on Ethernet and USB
  • ADSL wireless

In co-operation with Telekom Austria and Alcatel Austria (SpeedTouch Series).

aonFlash (dial-in Internet access)

For the new edition of AonFlash Internet access software, the Web-based AonFlash online registration was incorporated into the fully automated Internet set-up software m2webalizer. During the set-up of AonFlash, the user can easily register his/her access product, install it, and at the same time have the relevant settings implemented on his/her PC.

A special feature is the integrated recovery function (backup), which can be used by existing AonFlash customers to easily reset their Internet account or set it up on another system.


As part of the co-operation between Telekom Austria and IKARUS Software, the Austrian market leader for virus protection software, designed new, superimposed set-up software for IKARUS Virus Utilities. This newly developed program forms an inherent part of Telekom Austria?s AonVirenchecker product and enables correct set-up and configuration on any client system.


  • Development and programming of new AonVirenchecker set-up software which automatically sets up and configures IKARUS Virus Utilities on all Microsoft ® operating systems.
  • Quality assurance
  • Mastering

System configuration for

To benefit from the comprehensive range of video on demand services at Telekom Austria, customers need to adjust specific settings on their PC. Thus, was commissioned to design an application that provides support, ranging from system checks and analysis, to automatic configuration of the customer's system and download or installation of missing components. In order to carry out the required configuration, an initial system check is required. Based on that information, all settings relevant for video on demand are configured automatically. This change in settings affects Media Player (rendering functions, updates, streaming protocols, proxy settings) on the one hand, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer on the other. If certain components are missing on the user's PC, configuration software takes care of automatic download and installation support. configuration software is offered to Telekom_Austria customers at and within AonSpeed installation software, designed by


Since Telekom Austria requires changing dial-in numbers for AonPuls, AonEconomy, AonClassic and AonComplete, was commissioned to create an application that enables users to convert the respective number as quickly and as easily as possible. By means of a specific numbering system, the migration software identifies relevant dial-in numbers on the customer's system and with a single mouse click replaces all the numbers that will not be available in future. All other dial-in parameters remain unchanged. Since any future dial-in attempts are carried out via the new number, Telekom Austria customers are not affected by the planned deactivation of obsolete numbers.

The migration software developed by is available as a download and as a Web application at


For future co-operation with PC manufacturers and distributors, the new preloading software AonInternet was created, which enables customers to quickly and easily register and set up AonSpeed (ADSL) or AonFlash (Dial-in) Internet access.

After having successfully completed AonFlash online registration, users can set up and configure their Internet connection and immediately start surfing the Internet. For the broadband products offered by Telekom Austria, an online sign-up area is included: After all relevant access data has been sent to the customer and all required technical infrastructure has been established, AonInternet enables users to easily configure their ADSL Internet access with just a few mouse clicks.

AonInternet is continuously in use as part of Telekom Austria's cooperation with partners such as Hofer or Computer Tischler and many more.

AonSpeed Netgaming - Xbox Live Bundle and Playstation 2 Bundle

In order to offer its customers the ultimate online gaming experience, Telekom Austria created AonSpeed Netgaming, a bundle combining the broadband product AonSpeed with Xbox or Playstation 2. In addition to the configuration of ADSL modems, also adapted the settings that are automatically made on the user's PC in the course of setting up AonSpeed. Once again the project was carried out to the utmost satisfaction of Telekom Austria.

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AonFlash m2webconfigurator

As part of planned co-operation between Telekom Austria and renowned PC suppliers all over Austria, was commissioned to develop the AonFlash Preload product. Personal computers sold by Media Markt, Saturn, Cosmos Köck, Niedermeyer, Hartlauer, Vobitech, Medion, Conrad, Quelle, MS Internet and Gericom were equipped with the new m2webconfigurator software for quick and trouble-free access to the Internet.

Enabling Broadband Tool (research project)

The research co-operation "Enabling Broadband" undertaken by Telekom Austria and the consulting agency Leupold & Leupold focused on researching new methods and processes for market-oriented development of new technologies, which consequently should be implemented in Telekom Austria's process and project management. The main focus was the fast-growing broadband Internet market segment and its relevant consumer products.

For the exemplification and illustration of the theses posted in this project, which take the form of executable prototypes, was included in the research team as software developers with many years of experience. Some of the planned prototypes have already been put into practice.