Telesystem Tirol


Telesystem is a UPC group affiliate.

Telesystem Internet set-up software (launch: August 2005)

Based on the compact Internet installation wizard m2webalizer light, developed a dedicated Internet installation routine for Tyrolean cable provider Telesystem Tirol in the summer of 2005.

As from now, the new software, which has been completely adapted to Telesystem's design requirements, will support Telesystem customers in setting up their broadband Internet account. The user-friendly application includes all features relevant for setting up Internet access via cable, and thus enables users to access the World Wide Web with just a few mouse clicks. Thus, customers can select between various different access technologies, such as Ethernet, USB and Wireless, and between different types of modem.

Whilst the setting up of Ethernet or Wireless Internet access involves automatic configuration of the installed network interface or wireless card, the new Telesystem installation CD offers numerous other functionalities for USB modems. The selection of the modem actually connected to the PC is simplified by means of modem pictures that are presented within the software. Once the user has selected his/her modem, the Telesystem installation software automatically checks if the respective modem driver is installed. If this is not the case, the application draws the user's attention to the correct installation of the USB modem.

Irrespective of the access or modem type, alternative browser and e-mail clients, such as Firefox and Thunderbird, are offered together with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express during custom set-up of Internet access. Telesystem's new installation routine is provided to customers in two different versions, either on a CD or as a download.

Make the most of your Telesystem cable access with the new set-up CD designed by