VdK Telecom GmbH

Details: www.vdk-telekom.de

VdK-Telecom, the telephone company of VdK Bayern eV, offers the lowest telephone rates nationwide. VdK-Telecom products are based on a modern, global telephone network, which guarantees the highest quality for voice-services as well as for a wide range of Internet services.
source: www.vdk-telekom.de

VdK DUN (Lauch: February 2007)

Based on our slim and efficient Internet setup routine m2webalizer light, mquadr.at designed a dedicated installation software for the German Internet service provider VdK Telecom, which takes care of automatic DUN connection setup. From now on, VdK customers are only required to select their modem and enter username and password - everything else will be provided for by "VdK DUN". In addition to creating an online connection, the software also takes care of the required security settings, activation of the Windows firewall as well as adjusting the required browser settings.

It goes without saying that this installation wizard is completely adapted to VdK requirements as far as functionality and design are concerned.

Just like all mquadr.at products, also VdK DUN installer is Vista-ready. In the future, VdK will provide the software for automatic DUN setup to their prospective customers on a CD-ROM.

VdK E-Mail (Lauch: February 2007)

m2mailcenter was used as a basis for this innovative tool for creating additional VdK E-Mail addresses. Again, this wizard was adapted to the specific requirements of VdK Telecom, as far as design is concerned, as well as regarding VdK specific E-Mail configuration (domain, server addresses, etc.).

Without requiring any technical know-how, VdK customers only select the E-Mail programme in which the new VdK E-Mail address should be created. Once they have entered username and password, anything else will be carried out automatically by m2mailcenter.

Within this VdK edition, mquadr.at supports Outlook Express (Windows Mail) and Office Outlook (inkl. 2007). Of course, any VdK specific settings, such as domain and server addresses are preset and will be considered during E-Mail setup.

This Vista-ready E-Mail wizard "VdK E-Mail" will be provided to customers on CD-ROM: next to it's easy handling the software also makes sure that support requests regarding E-Mail setup are reduced accordingly!