Velcom Dashboard Internet 3G|3G+ (launch: February 2011)

Mobile network operator Velcom (, currently ranked second on the Belorussian mobile market (Source:, Q3/2010), asked to develop installation and configuration software for mobile broadband internet. The result is the multi-mode connection manager 'Velcom Dashboard Internet 3G|3G+', which is based on’s mobile flagship solution m2connectionmanager and adapted to the Belorussian market.

The objective was to provide Velcom customers with convergent software that ensures

Intelligent network management is at the core of the 'Velcom Dashboard Internet 3G|3G+', offering consumers the best connection possible at all times and with any access technology (mobile, WLAN, LAN). This happens automatically or can be triggered by manual selection. Another key feature is comprehensive profiles administration that can load all provider-specific user profiles automatically, thus helping to avoid tedious manual procedures.

The 'Velcom Dashboard Internet 3G|3G+' also includes various additional features that considerably extend the product scope and make the software a universal tool for mobile and fixed net broadband internet.
This relates to built-in service and support functions such as SMS and contacts management (including notifications and easy data import/export), automated WLAN configuration or a direct link to the Velcom service portal where customers can access their accounts. Also included are convenient roaming management, comprehensive diagnosis functions, ping/traceroute and other useful tools for trouble-free use of mobile internet.

The fully bilingual application (Belorussian, English) is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac (OS X and higher). It uses clearly structured and easy-to-use customised interfaces (GUIs) and is compatible with any hardware provided. As is common with software, all installation and configuration processes are automated to the greatest degree. This also applies to the built-in update function that continually keeps the software up to date.

With the new 'Dashboard Internet 3G|3G+' made by, Velcom has introduced a product that does not require any technical knowledge on the part of the consumer. Thanks to its flexibility and relevance, it will help increase customer satisfaction considerably.