Vip Mobilini Internet: mobile broadband based on m2connectionmanager (launch: February 2011)

Vipnet, the second biggest Croatian mobile provider with a current market share of 44% (Source:, Q3/2010), also relies on internet application software by In December 2010, Vipnet’s mobile connection manager 'Vip Mobilini Internet', based on’s tried-and-trusted m2connectionmanager, was launched.

'Vip Mobilini Internet' is convergent application software for mobile and fixed net broadband internet that ensures

Core functions:

Additional features include built-in SMS and contacts administration (including notification and easy data import/export), secure and simple configuration of any home WLAN, convenient roaming management, a complete diagnosis of all internet services installed on the client system, ping/traceroute and a direct link to the Vipnet service area.

The fully bilingual application (Croatian, English) is optimised for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac (OS X and higher). It is plug-and-play and is compatible with any hardware provided; all installation and configuration processes are automated to the greatest degree. This also applies to the built-in update function that continually keeps the software up to date.
Due to the high level of automation, user interaction is restricted to an absolute minimum; no technical knowledge is required on the part of the consumer – just as with any product by The usability of the software is exemplary thanks to clear, well-structured interfaces (GUIs) that were specially designed for Vipnet.

'Vip Mobilini Internet' is a flexible and future-proof product that covers all aspects of mobile broadband and helps increase the quality of experience while relieving customer support.