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The team consists of very qualified specialists who approach their responsibilities with expertise and a strong focus on quality. Furthermore their outstanding creativity and sense of innovation help to question the status quo and lead our products to permanent improvement.

Management and HR

Markus Pöhl and Tanja Klärner are's leading team and bring in the dynamic drive the company is known for.

Markus is one of the founders and now sole owner of As one of Austria's true internet pioneers, he unifies a technical background and profound expertise in the internet and telecommunication sector. He is the "motor of innovation" in the company.

Tanja has been part of the team since the beginning as well. As head of financial administration, purchasing and human resources, she establishes the commercial base of the company and assures the right mix of experts in the team.

Tech Team

[Win and Mac Developer Teams, Web Team and Testing]

Our Tech Team consists of experienced software engineers for Windows and Mac, passionate Web analysts and patient software testers. None of them could agree fully with the expression “form has to follow function”.

They claim: “Perfect functionality goes without saying, but we also want our software to be chic!” With that in mind they then go on analyzing, planning, developing, designing and testing in order to create a “pleasurable customer experience” full of accurate performance, logic flows, awesome usability and attractive appearance.

Customer Relations Team

[PM, Marketing, Sales, Design]

Excellent customer experience is not only used as a buzz phrase when referring to our products, it is also of great importance to us in our own customer relations. In our wish to act more as a partner, rather than a supplier, our project managers are pleased to take the lead and guide the customer through the process. The team of marketers, sellers and product developers is busy striving to fulfill our aim to be the most competent, supportive and reliable partner throughout each phase of the cooperation.

Their mission: "To reach those, to whom our products and innovations are important! To enable smooth and efficient project handling that we promise!"