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Go-live of the innovative o2 DSL Service Suite

Vienna, 31.01.2019 -

Telefónica Germany launches the new o2 DSL Service Suite in order to support their customers with all questions relating to their o2 DSL internet connection. Based on a customized and extended version of the m2suite home, the o2 DSL Service Suite offers help and support with topics such as DSL internet connection setup, optimization and management of Wi-Fi connections, automated error diagnostics and repair, router management, and much more.

o2 DSL Service Suite

Integration of TR-064

With the new version of the o2 DSL Service Suite, special attention has been given to the subsequent integration of the TR-064 protocol for almost all existing and all new o2 routers. From now on, the o2 DSL Service Suite not only supports the current FRITZ!Box models but also the o2 HomeBoxes in full. With this new integration, the user is being enabled to comfortably manage the most important router functions. This includes, for example, the general Wi-Fi management, control over a Wi-Fi guest account, the reading of router data and display of the current speed as well as many other functions.
In order to guarantee the best possible realisation of the project, and Telefónica Germany were in constant communication regarding the optimal integration of the TR-064 protocol, which is the reason the now launched o2 DSL Service Suite has evolved into this excellent product in the field of self-service software.

Internet setup made easy

In a straight-forward and uncomplicated way, the user is lead through the process of starting up the router, provisioning of personal data, and setting up the Internet connection: in a few steps, the Wi-Fi can be individually configured, and all other devices in your home network can be connected to it.

o2 DSL Service Suite o2 DSL Service Suite

Extended self-repair functions & trouble tickets

The o2 DSL Service Suite offers numerous automatic repair functions as part of its comprehensive and extended self-repair functionality. These functions aid the user in solving problems manually or automatically, which significantly reduces the need for calling a hotline and the associated waiting times for the user. Should a problem not be fixable despite this, target-oriented contact options and check lists are offered to the user before calling the hotline (the list also offers notes on potential interruptions or obstructions). If calling the support and maybe even an appointment with a technician are necessary, the status of the reported problem or the agreed upon appointment can be checked using the function "Query DSL ticket status". Simply input the ticket number and receive the corresponding status.

o2 DSL Service Suite o2 DSL Service Suite

The new router desktop

The desktop "Router" has been completely newly integrated into the o2 DSL Service Suite. This is accompanied by a variety of new functions, for example, "Router restart" or "Router reset", both of which can often help with the correction of errors or interruptions. In addition, Wi-Fi data can be read, the router can be connected via Wi-Fi or LAN, and the router web configuration page can be accessed. Moreover, the function "Telephone setup" now offers the new option of connecting a telephone to the router wirelessly (DECT) or via cable.

o2 DSL Service Suite

Chat with Lisa

o2 wants to help their customers to solve issues quickly and easily. Instead of accepting long waiting times in the service line, customers can now call upon Chatbot Lisa (an intelligent digital online assistant) to receive interactive advice. Chatbot Lisa can be activated directly through the o2 DSL Service Suite and answer the users' questions live. In a dedicated window, complete sentences or only phrases and terms can be entered via chat function, which are then answered by Lisa with suggestions or tips for solving the problem. Of course, Lisa recognises that the question has been posed through the o2 DSL Service Suite, so that answering the questions based on context is possible as well.

o2 DSL Service Suite

o2 Services

The o2 DSL Service Suite contains a dedicated desktop for a variety of "o2 Services". Here, quick access to the most commonly used service topics is possible, including bill and data usage overviews, as well as a direct connection to the o2 community. Its many forums and also the o2 Guru are only a click away.

o2 DSL Service Suite

Security check & System tools

The o2 DSL Service Suite comprehensively aids customers against threats like viruses: on the "PC & Security" desktop, there are numerous functions next to the o2 service "o2 Protect" that ensure the security of the PC and that keep the operating system up to date regarding antivirus software and firewall. In addition, the user is continuously informed about the status of their PC and relayed to potentially available updates. An additional way of increasing the security of the computer is the function "Remove Internet traces". It offers the user the option of deleting sensitive data like cookies, browsing and download history that are automatically collected by the computer when browsing the Internet. In order to keep the operating system clean and efficient, the function "PC cleanup" can quickly and easily free up disk space: the o2 DSL Service Suite analyses the operating system und suggests files to the user that can be deleted unhesitatingly. With a few clicks, unnecessary ballast can be removed and the system can be used optimally again.

o2 DSL Service Suite

Wi-Fi tools

The Wi-Fi desktop of the o2 DSL Service Suite offers many new and updated features and services for the home Wi-Fi. There are features for both experienced and novice users, such as "Optimise Wi-Fi", "Measure Wi-Fi signal" and "Manage Wi-Fi profiles". Beside the management of the Wi-Fi settings, Wi-Fi data can be set on or read from the router, as well as shared as a QR code and scanned with a QR reader for quickly establishing a Wi-Fi connection later. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi desktop allows for the creation and managing of a dedicated Wi-Fi guest account if the router supports it. This respective access data can be shared easily via email or QR code as well. Advanced users can analyse and graphically display their Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi surroundings with the help of the "Wi-Fi expert tools". In addition, a detailed list of all Wi-Fis close to the user with further information and a sort function is shown.

o2 DSL Service Suite