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Mobile and for technicians - Proximus Home Optimizer App

Vienna, 04.04.2019 -

The Proximus Home Optimizer for desktop has already been successfully used by Proxmius technicians in the field for a long time and is being extended by an app version for Android. This way, there is an even wider range of self-care solutions at the technicians' disposal, in order to take care of necessary configurations on site (e.g. Wi-Fi optimization) next to hardware installations (modem etc.).

Based on m2suite mobile, technicians receive a comprehensive app that helps them master the daily challenges with the customers. From diverse Wi-Fi tools like "Measure Wi-Fi signal", "Wi-Fi analyzer", "Wi-Fi optimizer", and "Position Wi-Fi extender" to specific home network tools and the speed test, all necessary tools are offered to provide the customer with the optimal Internet experience.

Surfing with optimal speed

To explain Internet speed to the customer on site is not always easy, the integrated speed test of the Proximus Home Optimizer offers the best support for this situation. Next to the plain numbers (up- and download as well as ping), the most commonly used Internet services are listed along with their quality; this way, the technician can explain to the customer which services (video streaming, online gaming, etc.) are available at the current performance. If this is not enough, the customer can also be advised to upgrade their connection or choose a better rate. Finished tests are saved and are available as tables, which allows for the comparison of different results.

Proximus Mobile App

The best tools for the home network

With the "Network scan" function the technician can check which devices are connected to the network. This way, the customers can find out what the situation of their Wi-Fi home network is and whether any devices are potentially causing problems. Additional filter options make it possible to limit the selection, so that the technician can adjust the list to the current needs or requirements.

Proximus Mobile App

With the tool "Position Wi-Fi extender" it becomes very easy to extend the existing Wi-Fi and to find the best position for a Wi-Fi extender. A detailed view makes it simple to discern whether the device is too close or too far away from the modem. In this case, the technician can directly show the customer where the problem is situated and immediately solve it.

Proximus Mobile App

Wi-Fi optimization

Slow Internet does not always have to be caused by the Internet connection, often it is the wireless home network that is causing problems. Since more and more devices are being connected to Wi-Fi and since neighboring Wi-Fis can also influence reception quality, in many cases it is recommended to start with a Wi-Fi optimization. The Proximus Home Optimizer calculates the optimal Wi-Fi channel for the technician in just a few steps, which is then set automatically on the modem.

Proximus Mobile App

Extensive Wi-Fi tools

With the practical "Connect to Wi-Fi" option, the technician can establish a Wi-Fi connection to the customer's modem directly through the Proximus Home Optimizer without leaving the app. After connecting, the technician can conduct further support and optimization processes.

Proximus Mobile App

Via the "Wi-Fi access point list" the technician can list all surrounding Wi-Fis and see their signal strength as well as additional detailed information that is essential for support (e.g. used frequencies, BSSID, etc.). Additional options help to limit the displayed results here as well, so that all important information is immediately visible.

Proximus Mobile App

The "Wi-Fi environment" shows all surrounding Wi-Fis as a graphic overview for both 2,4 and 5 GHz. This way, the technician can recognize potential overlaps or interference factors even more easily and help the customer to avoid them.

Proximus Mobile App

If the technician wants to determine the signal strength of singular specific Wi-Fis, the tool "Measure Wi-Fi signal" can display the exact strength of available networks. In doing so, it becomes evident immediately whether neighboring modems have any influence, while the tool also helps to determine the best position for the customer's modem. Once a position has been chosen, the technician can walk through the living area with his smartphone and see potential sources of disturbance, which again can be mitigated by better modem positioning.

Proximus Mobile App

The indespensable Internet tool for technicians

With innumerable functions and tools, the Proximus Home Optimizer app supports all technicians in their daily contact with customers and their Internet connections. The app extends the existing desktop solution and offers even more flexibility with specialized Wi-Fi tools, for example, measuring the perfect position for a Wi-Fi extender by walking with smartphone in hand. In addition, the technician is able to optimize the Wi-Fi with just a few taps, measure Internet speed or evaluate the home network. This enables a type of on-site service that not only masters the challenges of the customer, but also comprehensively aids the technician in highly diverse Internet problems.