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Third at this year’s Walter Nettig award

Vienna, 27.10.2004 -

For a decade the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber has nominated successful junior entrepreneurs…

Every year, Vienna’s most successful junior entrepreneurs are elected and awarded the Walter Nettig prize worth € 15.000. Entrepreneurs with newly established businesses can thus have their share in Vienna’s market place and present their brilliant commercial ideas and innovative spirit. One overall winner as well as winners of five different branches of trade emerged victorious and were awarded the desired prize in the Oval Hall of the city’s museums quarters. For the first time, decided to take part in this year’s contest. After all relevant papers had been evaluated by members of the Federal Economic Chamber and leading journalists specialised in national economy, achieved an excellent third rank in the overall company ranking. Strengthened by this outstanding result as well as the accompanying commentary of the 1995 winner, founder of Vienna Art Auctions, will continue to boost its position as a young, successful, innovative Viennese company and maintain its focus on delivering cutting-edge services and solutions.