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System optimisation for

Vienna, 02.11.2004 -

In order to simplify the use of their Video on Demand offering, Telekom Austria offers specific software for convenient system configuration of…

If customers want to benefit from the comprehensive range of services at, specific settings need to be adjusted on the customer’s PC. Thus, was commissioned to design fully automatic configuration software that includes comprehensive support ranging from system checks and analysis, to automatic configuration of the customers system and download or installation of missing components. In order to carry out any required configuration activities, an initial collection of system data is required. Based on that information, all settings relevant for Video on Demand are configured automatically. One the one hand this change in settings affects Media Player (rendering functions, updates, streaming protocols, proxy settings), on the other hand Microsoft® Internet Explorer is being configured according to Telekom Austria`s requirements. In case certain components are missing all together on the user`s PC, configuration software takes care of automatic download and installation support. configuration software is offered to customers at and within the setup routine for aonSpeed, designed by