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Telekom Austria launch new aonFlash Installer

Vienna, 12.04.2005 -

Themed “Grüner wird’s nicht”, Telekom Austria launch their newly designed aonFlash installation software with a series of new features…

Not only has adjusted the existing Telekom Austria narrowband installer to new design requirements, but we were also responsible for restyling individual user interfaces and implementing new functionalities. In close co-operation with Telekom Austria, aonFlash Installer was devised in such a way that users are guided through the installation in a clearly-arranged and self-explanatory manner, support information can be accessed quickly and user-specific requirements are accounted for. Next to well-tried online registration, aonInstaller offers standard type configuration as well as user-defined setup, which enables Telekom Austria customers to choose from various software options. At customer’s request, a wide range of additional software, such as aonDialerControl, newly developed aonInformer, our concise administration software aonController and aonToolbar can be installed during Internet setup. In addition to their aonFlash Internet account, customers are thus provided with an extensive turnkey solution of services that is specially adjusted to the wants and needs of Telekom Austria’s narrowband customers.