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e-controller becomes aonController

Vienna, 12.04.2005 -

As per now, Telekom Austria offer their customers the new Internet manager aonController…

Simultaneously to the completion of aonFlash Installer, Telekom Austria launch their newly developed software aonController. As substitute for our well-known e-controller (Internet command center), aonController is installed automatically on the customer’s system during setup of an aonFlash Internet account. Designed in a completely new, concise form, aonController offers a series of functions for administering essential information and tasks associated with aonFlash. The application includes details on the user’s system, ranging from the device manager, to the software manager and existing Internet connections, as well as specially designed wizards for restoring aonFlash standard configuration. Links to aonKundenbereich facilitate webspace setup, enable customers quick switch-over to different Telekom Austria products and the creation of new E-Mail accounts. For local setup of E-Mail accounts, a special wizard is integrated within the Mailbox Manager, which quickly saves new data within the relevant E-Mail Client. In a dedicated area, various software bundles are offered for download, like for example aonInformer, which -together with the statistics provided online- provides comprehensive information on the remaining online time quota of the respective aonFlash Internet account.

Effective from today, aonController is also equipped with the new live update functionality, which takes care of permanent up-to-dateness of aonController: as a result, Telekom Austria can guarantee home delivery of any improvements and changes made to aonInformer.