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easy config for eTel Austria AG

Vienna, 01.08.2005 -

As from now this fully automated Internet configuration software supports eTel users with setting up their Internet account…

Once again, the comprehensive features and functionalities of m2webalizer were used as basis for the development of the new Internet setup software for eTel Austria AG: on the one hand, eTel customers can now easily configure their Dial-in Internet account, during which the actual customer registration is processed within the well-tested eTel registration form online, which has completely been integrated within the easy config application. On the other hand, any eTel ADSL Internet account can be setup with the help of easy config. Taking various different access technologies under consideration (USB, Ethernet, Wireless), also configuration of single or multi user Internet access can be carried out. In addition to this, m2modemconfig is employed within the Internet setup routine during Ethernet and Wireless installation: users can easily select the modem connected to their PC - modem configuration itself is started automatically and completed without customer’s interaction. easy config was completely adapted to eTel’s design requirements and enables users quick and user-friendly installation and configuration of their Internet access including configuration of browser and E-Mail account. As from now, eTel easy config is available to all customers on CD-Rom!