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aonInstaller for aonSpeed by Telekom Austria

Vienna, 01.09.2005 -

As from now, aonInstaller for aonSpeed is available on the market…

After the Internet setup software for aonFlash had been launched last spring, was commissioned to completely redesign aonInstaller for Telekom Austria’s broadband product portfolio aonSpeed. As far as application design is concerned, aonInstaller was completely revised and now supports - with a series of new, innovative features - the installation of all types of aonSpeed Internet access. One of the most impressive features within aonInstaller is the newly integrated aonSpeed online registration: during Internet access setup, users can now register their aonSpeed Internet account online and use the assigned access data for a temporary aonFlash Dial-in connection until the broadband infrastructure has been fully established. During user-defined setup, a wide range of software extras is offered to the user: next to aonFotobuch or aonDialerControl, also Mozilla Firefox can be automatically installed and specifically configured alternatively to Microsoft® Internet Explorer. In addition to this, aonSpeed customers have the opportunity to choose between single and multi user installation, including fully automatic modem configuration via aonModemkonfigurator. Due to the introduction of a new modem generation, various new features were added to aonModemkonfigurator, such as an extremely user-friendly, illustrative modem selection or easy rerun of modem configuration with just a single mouse click.