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Zyxel modem configuration for inode Config

Vienna, 12.10.2005 -

Inode xDSL customers benefit from fully-automated Zyxel modem configuration…

As from now all Zyxel 660x modems offered with inode xDSL products are automatically configured by the Internet setup software inode Config. Before the actual, user-specific configuration of Internet access including browser and E-Mail account takes place, the network interface card is prepared accordingly in order to access the respective Zyxel 660x modem. Consequently, inode Config checks the modem configuration, imports the relevant firmware if required and establishes a connection to the inode portal. Alltogether, it only takes a few moments for inode customers to reach the inode configuration portal, where individual file updates within the modem can be carried out with just a single mouse click. Once the hardware configuration is completed, inode Config starts the installation process automatically to complete the final client setup of the respective inode xDSL Internet access.

Due to the fact that manual configuration of Zyxel 660x modems is no longer relevant for Inode, the main benefit of this innovative solution lies in the massive reduction of expenditure.