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m2art – executive event in the Leopold museum

Vienna, 30.11.2005 - arranged an exclusive executive event with a private tour through the world-famous Leopold collection …

Themed „m2art“, hosted a top-class executive event this year. On November 30, 2005 the Leopold museum was kept open especially for this event, in order to enable business partners and friends to enjoy a few hours in a classy atmosphere far away from bustling pre - Christmas Internet business. Dr. Diethard Leopold, son of the famous collector as well as author of his biography, conducted the tour through the Leopold collection in a way that was also appealing to non art-historians, offering an extraordinary, personal account on the history of this enormously valuable collection.

With m2art@leopoldmuseum, providing not an everyday experience of art in Austria and creating space and time for personal chats in a deliberately quiet atmosphere, wants to thank their business partners for successful cooperation in 2005. A great number of guests from all different areas of the telecommunications business attended this event and enjoyed this special evening, which can certainly also be attributed to the excellent catering provided by “Pöhl am Naschmarkt”.

At you can find some impressions of this successful evening!