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Vienna, 05.04.2006 - develops an innovative support application for Salzburg AG …

With the compilation of “CableLink InfoCenter” for Salzburg AG provides the leading Salzburg cable provider with an Internet setup and administration tool that has completely been adapted to their requirements. Based on a combination of two products, namely m2webalizer light and m2webcenter light, “CableLink InfoCenter” takes care of the initial installation of any cable Internet account and functions as a high-performing support tool. The fully automated setup procedure for Salzburg AG Internet access including the configuration of all required settings as well as all the special support features implemented within this application (e.g. a wizard for restoring Internet access, browser, E-Mail and network interface card settings, a comprehensive status report and special test functions such as Ping, ipconfig to name but a few) help Salzburg AG reduce the number of calls and decrease support expenses.

Salzburg AG counts on “CableLink InfoCenter” to offer their customers an even better level of service!