designs software for Creatos!

Vienna, 02.07.2006 - designs automatic configuration software for online configuration of Dial-up Internet access for the German Internet by call provider Creatos...

Due to the modularity of our service portfolio, was once again able consider all our customer’s requirements in designing a Dial-up Internet configurator for Creatos. On the basis of m2webchecker, our versatile application for online configuration, setup and analysis of any Internet access, a special Creatos Internet configurator was developed: with its simple design the software helps users to quickly and easily access the Internet via the Creatos portal. Within the user’s browser software, the complete installation and configuration of any Creatos Dial-up Internet access is carried out. As usual our application does not require any special technical skills, but sets up the user’s system automatically in perfect alignment with Creatos’ requirements. With m2webchecker prospective customers can effortlessly switch to Creatos – the ISP on the other hand can save enormous costs with this special customer service.

With the help of m2webchecker, Creatos is able to win new customers in a very easy and efficient manner. The users on the other hand can go online with their Creatos Dial-up Internet access within a few seconds and without having to configure any settings manually!

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