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Vienna, 17.06.2007 - presents: m2webalizer ™ Cable, a new custom-made solution for cable Internet providers

More and more cable Internet service providers are looking for solutions, which allow their customers to set up their cable Internet connection by themselves. now offers ISPs an enhanced version of m2webalizer™, with features matching the special needs of cable Internet providers.

Here are some features of this brand new product:

  • Extensive and advanced security checks for your computer, including exact configuration of network settings in order to prevent system intrusion from the outside, as well as inspection and -if necessary- installation of important security patches und fixes.
  • Standard check-up of network configurations, in order to adapt these to the requirements of the respective cable service provider.
  • Enhanced automatic installation of Wireless LAN Access. This includes the installation and configuration of an integrated or additionally installed access-point or WLAN-router (which must be delivered by the ISP) and WLAN adapters including high level security checks: depending on the availability of automatic high level encryption, the respective WEP / WPA / WPA2 key will be generated automatically. Additionally a bulletin with this key will be automatically created for archive purposes and the implementation of additional wireless devices works quickly and simply.
  • Enhanced connection check including extensive modem- and wire testing.
  • Since the installation of cable-connections is a little catchier than that of standard-modems, m2webalizer ™ Cable will be delivered with a detailed and easy to understand hardware-installation-animation. For the first time this feature allows users to carry out a complete do-it-yourself installation (for existing cable connections only).
  • Automatic and complete E-mail setup for all required mail clients on the user’s system and the respective E-Mail server.
  • Optionally m2webalizer ™ Cable can be delivered in a multilingual version

m2webalizer ™ Cable can easily be bundled with other products, like brand new m2selfrepair™ or equipped with live update functions to ensure a high safety standard on the one hand and enable quick and easy implementation of new products or features on the other hand.