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Vienna, 27.08.2007 - has delivered a dedicated 1&1 Microsoft® Internet Explorer Version 7.0 and developed a corresponding browser add-on for the German ISP 1&1 Internet AG.

This Browser Add-On converts in-use Internet Explorer Versions to 1&1. From the user's perspective this eliminates the need of manually reinstalling the browser: easy to use and at the push of a button updating to 1&1 Internet AG.

These 1&1 custom-made products (1&1 Internet Explorer 7.0 and 1&1 specific browser add-on) were designed to meet 1&1 Internet AG special needs:

  • customization of browser title bar
  • integration of 1&1 start page
  • integration of special tracing services (1&1 search, etc.)
  • integration of additional bookmarks (1&1 specific files and link lists)
  • integration of requested links and icons in the navigation bar
  • and much more

This application also allows 1&1 to maintain changes independently via XML and it is prepared for future enhancements (e.g.: to add additional links or further start pages).

This really exciting project is just the beginning of a long-term commercial partnership between 1&1 Internet AG and For technical details und further information about this project please visit: