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Kabel Deutschland Installer

Vienna, 21.11.2007 -

For Kabel Deutschland, designed a dedicated Internet setup routine, which was completely adapted to the needs of German’s largest cable network provider. This Kabel Deutschland Installer is based on´s m2webalizer.

Basically, it is an easy to use installation tool which can be used for all Kabel Deutschland cable Internet access products – incl. wireless LAN and supports all modems/routers (and wireless hardware): these are automatically configured within the installation process.

The most important features of this user-friendly application are:

  • extensive security check (according to the Internet access)
  • Automatic configuration of D-Link WLAN router
  • Integration of a dedicated WLAN configuration
  • Automatic WLAN protection (encryption, WEP, WAP, pre-shared key, etc.) and simultaneously configuration of WLAN router and wireless network connection
  • Adding of additional computers to an existing WLAN at a mouse click
  • Automatic configuration of wireless network interface cards
  • Automatic setup of the complete client system incl. WLAN configuration
  • Integration of a dedicated status report, which can be generated anytime during installation process (in case of a problem, this information, will help the customer care agent to detect the error faster)
  • Integration of online registration and the possibility to order special security packages
  • Integration of graphic-animations for supported hardware: animated step-by-step instructions how to connect the entire internet-hardware accurate.

This Kabel Deuschland Installer is also equipped with the m2reporting functionality, which allows to view up to date statistics about the software-usage: e.g.: number of installations, distribution of operating systems, which browser and/or E-mail clients are in use etc.

This Windows Vista ready software will be delivered via CD-ROM. For further information and details on this exciting new project, please see our reference list!