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New Version of the “Kabel Deutschland Installer”

Vienna, 24.11.2010 -

The “Kabel Deutschland Installer” has been in operation since 2007, and was upgraded with new features when it was updated in January 2010. The current version of the installer (3.5.) will be available on CD and to download from November 2010.

New features include:

  • Integration of new generic animations. This will make it possible to display additional future hardware in the interactive user guide without additional expenditure on design or programming. This will cover the following possible installation options ("customer situations"):
    1. Modem (only)
    2. Cable modem + D-Link router (including animation for WLAN USB stick)
    3. Cable modem + Fritz!Box (including animation for WLAN USB stick)
  • Integration of a new router (D-Link DIR-652)
  • Automated WLAN set up (including automatic driver installation for supported WLAN USB sticks)
  • An important additional feature is the new update function. As soon as the customer is online, the installer automatically looks for current versions of software and also does an update if necessary. This - along with the fact that customers always have the latest version of software - has the enormous advantage that production of "Kabel Deutschland Installer" CDs is easier to plan, and savings can actually be made, because customers can also use old versions of the CD.
    The update check takes place either when the software is run (as soon as the customer is online) or during first set up/configuration.

This brings the successful collaboration between and Kabel Deutschland into its fourth year.

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