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Vienna, 20.01.2011 -

To further improve their famously good customer service, Swisscom, the Swiss market leader in the internet provision sector, asked to develop 'Swisscom PC Care'. This tool allows Swisscom customers to 'clean' and 'tidy' their PC, boosting its performance, with just a few clicks and without any special computer expertise.

While the program is running, customers are informed about the success of each stage before the next step is initiated - as is standard with applications.

'Swisscom PC Care' includes the following core functions:

  • PC Cleaning:
    • removal of .temp files and trash/recycle bin files with a single click
    • option to delete Internet history via check box
  • Windows® Update:
    • checking for availability of relevant Windows® updates
    • option to install the Windows® Update Service via a check box
  • Defragmentation:
    • analysis of the hard drive, with graphics showing if defragmentation is required
    • information about how long it could take
    • option to initiate defragmentation

The software can be downloaded from the Swisscom customer portal and is also integrated via hyperlink in the new release of the self-care application 'Quick Help 3.2', which is based on the intelligent diagnosis and self-repair solution m2selfrepair.
It is available in four languages and is optimised for the current leading browsers, Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, live update functionality is integrated that runs automatically in the background and ensures that the customer always has the latest version of 'Swisscom PC Care'.

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