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Intelligent installation: the Deutsche Telekom 'Internet-Software-Package'

Vienna, 28.04.2011 -

In close collaboration with the German market leader in telecommunications and internet services, has developed an intelligent software routine allowing consumers to install a useful internet software bundle without any difficulties.

The software bundle includes the following Deutsche Telekom services/products:

  • Netzmanager (Net Manager): Setup of both home network and internet access, including hot spot profile management
  • Meine Dienste (My Services): Simple and efficient administration of all relevant internet services
  • Telekom Toolbar: For Microsoft® Internet Explorer® and Mozilla Firefox

During the installation process the software not only monitors the consumer’s operating system, but also detects automatically whether and to which extent the Internet Software Package is already installed on the consumer PC. In addition to this, it checks for possible updates to ensure that consumers always have the current version(s) of the Internet Software Package and of its components available.
On user’s approval, the installation starts in silent mode. It is also fully dynamic which means that only programs will be installed that are not yet present on the client system – any older versions of already installed software will be replaced automatically. In addition, all components that are necessary for the operability of Deutsche Telekom software (like .NET or Microsoft® Silverlight™) are downloaded without requiring user interaction.

The installer is optimised for all current Microsoft® Windows® operating systems (XP, Vista, 7). It offers the same look & feel as the successful 'Schnellstart-DVD' and is also characterised by the same usability, reducing consumer interaction to the absolute minimum.

The 'Internet-Software-Paket' is now available for download on the Deutsche Telekom’s service portal.

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