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Going east – for the first time, will be present at the Broadband Russia Forum

Vienna, 13.10.2011 -

This autumn, will attend the Broadband Russia Forum for the first time.

The Broadband Russia Forum is an important broadband event in Russia. It will be held from November 22th to 24th in Moscow, focusing on the development of broadband internet in Russia and in the CIS area with special emphasis on mobile access technologies. will take this opportunity to demonstrate their solutions to leading East European internet service providers and mobile operators, and to prove again their technological leadership in the area of internet application software.
This relates mainly to the new premium software m2suite that gained a great deal of attention at the Broadband World Forum in Paris earlier this year. m2suite is currently the only application software worldwide that truly covers all aspects of broadband internet. With the introduction of a freely customisable client desktop, it’s also the only internet client solution that uses the latest interface technology.

Detailed information on the Broadband Russia Forum can be found at

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